Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cali day 2..

Hello followers of our blogs,
I mentioned on the last blog that I did not want to bore you with a long blog, so here is another to tell you about the rest of our week in Ca.
Tuesday was a fun day for me also, I started the day with Dave & I having a nice hot breakfast, I was off to the Winchester Mystery House today. I waited until around 1pm ish, to go to the House. I learned a lot on this trip. I'm sure that all 4 of my brothers would appreciate this house. (or the history behind it)
This house started out as an unfinished 8 room home, when Mrs. Winchester bought it in 1884. The "story" goes that she moved to San Jose, because a Psychic told her that if she moved west (from CT) and continued to build a home there (never stopping), she might escape the "troubled" souls of the men that had been killed by her husbands Winchester rifles. Also that she might live a long life. ( She lived to be 82, when in those days people passed on in their 40's at best. )

The tour started out in a room that the carriage she rode in, would come into the home through beautiful large sliding doors. We walked up stairs that were only an inch in height, as Ms Sarah W. had developed arthritis in her knees and could only lift her legs one inch high. she had some of the regular stairs removed and replaced with ones she could walk up.
As for all of the floors in this home of 160 rooms, (106 of which I saw) there was one carpenter that for 33 years did nothing but floors, replacing them if needed, putting down new ones when it was required. (Beautiful in lay) They were made of Mahogany, rosewood, teak, maple, oak & white ash.
So to give you an idea of how large this is..
The sprawling mansion contained 160 rooms, 2,000 doors, 10,000 windows (all From Tiffany's)
47 stairways, 47 fireplaces, 13 bathrooms, 6 Kitchens, 1 grand ballroom, an aviary with exotic birds, 3 Mirrors, an absolutely gorgeous Organ (still there).
This was a magnificent place to visit. (161 acres of farmland also)

This was my 2nd day exploring a piece of CA. next blog in a few days to tell you of my other adventure.
til then. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

California trip

So after our wedding & myself spending a week with my daughters (Shannon & Deanna) my grandson, (Braeden) and with various relatives (Angela, John, Clare, Jean, & Jan) and of course with my best friend Stacy and her family (Oscar, Seth & Hannah) Dave and I were off to Sunnyvale, CA. Him for work and me well for fun.
We arrived safely in San Jose airport. We, of course, collected our luggage and went to pick up the car rental. Dave had asked for a "mid size" car, as there was 3 of us traveling in it. (Jim, Dave's co-worker was the other) No one could have ever guessed what vehicle we were given. It was the 2011 Burnt orange Challenger!! (For those of you that don't know Dave & I, we own a 2010 SRT 8 B-5 Blue Challenger) So to us this was quite funny, Dave thought his boss, Derrick, had called the car rental and asked them to give us this one, we found out later that he did not, so it was just luck.

Off we went to the hotel, we had enough time to unpack the bags before we drove over to Derrick & Heathers house. (we had Pizza) I personally had more fun visiting and talking with Heather, showing her the wedding pics & so on. Later on as we had pizza, Dave's Bosses Boss Blain also joined in the pizza party. It was nice to meet Dave's co-workers. Heather & I made plans to "hang out" on the following Wed. and we went back to the hotel.

Monday, Dave & I had breakfast and then I sent him off to walk to work, (5 min walk from the hotel)Then I gathered my "Nancie bag" (all the things I would need for the day, Maps, camera, purse, addresses, water) and off I went to see the Pacific Ocean. The Boardwalk in Santa Cruz here I come. The boardwalk, itself, was closed, but I did not mind at all. My whole reason to go there was to walk in the Pacific water, and with luck on my side, the beach was 98% deserted, I was totally ok with that. I sat on the boardwalk, taking pictures, breathing in the air, as I took off my shoes & socks, put them in my little bag to carry them, and down to the water I walked, slowly and taking in the beauty that lay before me. I wanted to call Dave just to tell him how beautiful it was, but I knew he was at work in meetings at the time, so I could not. I tried to call my youngest daughter Dee, but no answer, so I called Shannon, my oldest, just to tell her how beautiful it was. After an hour of walking in the water and taking pictures of the boardwalk, I slowly walked back to where I could sit to put on my socks & shoes.
I walked back to the car, and was talking to Shannon, when a couple of workers drove by and parked by my window, I rolled down the window and they began to say what a nice car I had and were impressed with it, they had no idea it was a rental, and I didn't let on. I asked them for directions to get to the Pacific coast highway, (they were easy directions) I thanked them and told them to have a wonderful day as they did to me, and we were both off.
This next road I took is I believe called the Pacific coast highway, Getting to this road is tricky with a wide car like the challenger, the roads are narrow in CA, so driving was indeed an experience. I set the nav to go to Half Moon bay, and just took my time. It was 48 miles to my destination, I want to go on record to say I usually can do a drive like this in less than an 50 min, so I thought no big deal. I have no words to describe what I saw on along that highway, (I will try) but I can tell you that it took me 6 hours to drive that 48 miles.
I saw the ocean from a cliff of at least 2000 feet straight down. (Awesome) I rove a little further down the road, only to pull off again and again, walking down some pathways just to find myself enveloped in yet another picturesque setting. As I walk in the ocean once more, I find myself running away from the water as a swell comes too quickly toward me, my pant legs were rolled up but I still got them wet. It was wonderful, Cold, but wonderful.
I found a shell at one of my many many stops along this road, It was one where there were large rocks in the middle of the beach, I could sit on the rocks to take my shoes & socks off once again to walk in the water, this shell was quite unique, It reminded me of a horse hoof, how they angle and curve just perfectly, and they almost look like they have layers to them, however this shell had a dark greyish layer, then on top of that a beautiful, gorgeous, deep Blue, then like a pearlized White, another light blue then white again, It is quite pretty, the whole inside looks and feels like a pearl. I brought it home with me. (awesome)
I sat on another set of rocks for over an hour, taking pictures and again just watching the ocean, the swells I saw were at least 10 feet high at this point, I would watch them beginning to grow far out in the water then build and build and come crashing down, as I sat on these rocks you could tell the water would eventually cover them as they had pools of water all through them and were encrusted with small sea shells. The water would come within a few feet of me only to reseed back into the enormous ocean in front of me. Foam, from the waves, the only reminiscence that it was even there.
A little girl and her grandfather also were exploring among the rocks, I asked her how old she was and she said she was 4, a year younger than our grandson, she asked me if I wanted to see a sea anemone, I said sure, and she showed me on in a pool of water, she proceeded to ask me if I wanted to touch it, I decided against that, and just said no it was fine, of course I had to take a picture of it. She was adorable, telling me as much as she could about the rocks, and water. It was so adorable, it made me want Dave & our grandson with me (my daughters too)
I stopped at a light house along this route also, It was beautiful, I watched at the waves just crashing into the rock, and again was in awe of the raw power of the ocean as it smashed into those rocks.
I called my daughter at least 10 times as I sat by the ocean watching the swells, and pikes, surfers, and dolphins ( I saw dolphins) I had her listen to the water, it was so loud, with the crashing of the waves. I was in Awe of that scene before my eyes. Some of you may think I'm nuts, but the Pacific ocean and the Atlantic ocean seem like 2 totally separate entities to me, meaning, they are just so different, we don't get the swells here by the Hamptons, of NH.
As I drove back to the hotel, I talked to my cousin, and apparently I was so excited, that I was talking very fast and forgot to breath... HA.. imagine..
I arrived back to the hotel in time for Dave to get back a few min after me and we went out to dinner, to the macaroni grill, I talked the whole time about the ocean. If any of you reading this can ever go to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and drive down to half moon bay, for goodness sake, do so, I truly believe it is the only way you can appreciate all that I saw in those 6 hours.
I do not want to make this too long, I would like to share the rest of my week with all of you, but I will await until the next blog to tell you of my other adventures in CA.
*hugs* to you all. Until my next blog.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So I guess I will have to do 2 posts, I have been a little busy. So here goes.
Back in Nov of 2011, Dave & I finally tied the knot. here is a quick account of our wedding week..
One week before our wedding, they couldn't find my dress that I had shipped out before hand, mind you that the matron of honor's dress was also in here. However problem solved they found it.. WHEW!!
next, On the 10th of Nov. I drove to Scranton, PA (5 hours 1 way) to pick up the matron of honor (Stacy), then drove back, we arrived here around 6 or 7pm, I finished packing, (what i could pack for our weekend) This was Stacy's first time flying so I helped her pack a little bit, but she did well on her own.
I stayed up way to late, fell asleep and was back up at 4am ish..on the 11th so about 4 hours of sleep, got the car packed and off we began around 5am ish to drive into Boston (Logan airport) Car parked, now we are off on the race to get us & Stacy through security. Stacy had many questions, we just told her that the less you say the better, if they have a question, they will ask. We went through just fine. We got to the gate & sat down to wait.
Flew straight through to Vegas, now begins the very very long day. Off the plane, to the hotel, zip, zip, Dave checks in, while I go to get my dress, and have it sent out for an express De-wrinkling, along with Stacy's to be steamed, they told us they would be back by 7pm.. ok that was fine. I think we went then to find some lunch.
Next, off Dave & I went to get our marriage license, this was the most grotesque cab I have ever been in, dirty, dirty, dirty. The meter would not work in the cab, and he tried to charge us $40 for a $20 cab ride, we gave him $20 (we knew it would only cost $21.50, at most)
Moving forward, We were told the line would be very long, as this was 11-11-11, so we prepared for the worst. We were in and out in, honestly 3 minutes, awesome. We got another cab, very nice one this time, it was so nice we were going to go back to the hotel, I would jump out, Dan, the best man, would jump in and him and Dave could go pick up their tuxes.
Well next problem, Neither Stacy or Dan could hear or feel their phones ringing, which led us to setting both their phones up to vibrate and the loudest ring their phones would make. Off Dan & Dave went. Stacy & I went to our hotel rooms, I just wanted to stop and sit down for 5 min, alone.
About this time we were going to eat, as Stacy and I had a hair appointment at 4pm. We ate quickly and left. Got our hair done, I honestly do not remember what we did from this point on, until it was time to get our dresses, and they were not back yet. it was past 8pm when they finally got there, I had an hour to get ready. (I was not happy) however the hotel paid the whole bill for the dresses because they were so late.
Now dressed and back in Dave's & My hotel room, by 10pm awaiting the Limo driver to call us, to let us know to come downstairs.
Call came in, down we go.. into the Limo, off we go, only to realize we forgot the paperwork...AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH... Driving around a block in Vegas in a stretch Limo is like almost impossible, but we did, Dave ran in grabbed paperwork, & we were off to the chapel.
We arrive and are rushed through all the "talks" papers signed & ready, the music starts. I see the doors open and Stacy walking down the isle. What is wrong with me, my legs and whole body begin to just shake.. No idea why. It was crazy, I've been with Dave for over 5 years, why am I shaking. I walk down the isle, Ferlayna, our wedding coordinator, hands me a tissue. I walk with shaking legs. I can see my flowers shaking, thank goodness Stacy took them shortly after I was in front of the minister.
We began our vows, Dave never faltered, me, well I began to cry, I was so very happy, & the emotional roller coaster I had been on finally hit me. I was finally going to marry my true love, all those fairy tales I watched as a child, all those happily ever afters, mine was finally here. I could not even comprehend, how much love my heart felt at that moment, how proud I was to be marrying Dave.
I believe I said one sentence and began to cry. Dave made me laugh to help me compose myself, I got through several more words and the tears came again, he again made me laugh, believe me this was a good thing, I made through the rest of our vows.
From that point forward, all was great.
The photographer was very very nice, and did a great job.
We had a great Sat. evening. Dan had gotten tickets to
With LOVE, Cirque du Soleil celebrates the musical legacy of The Beatles.
It was, well to use a west coast phrase, TOTALLY AWESOME. If you find yourself in Vegas GO!!..
We walked the strip, the Mirage with her volcano,to Caesars Palace with the moving statues, to the Bellagio Fountains, all were beautiful, and the fountains ended the night with Celine Dion singing, Your heart will go on..
We all went our separate ways and went to sleep.
Next morning, was breakfast and then off to the airport and back to NH. we arrived home around 10ish, went to sleep, got up again and left at 10am to take Stacy back to the middle of nowhere PA. (9 hour drive) stayed there til Friday to visit with my daughters and grandson, also with other family (cousins) and came home on Friday and I believe passed out for a couple of days.
whew & now I will close, and in a couple days tell you about our awesome trip to California.

Monday, October 10, 2011


This was a great birthday for me. Dave began my birthday celebration this past Friday with a surprise of a bouquet of Roses,carnations, daisy's (some light purple and a couple red ones) I was so happy I cried.
On Saturday, a visit form Dave's sister and brother in law, with a gift for him, for his upcoming birthday. (A candelabra for on the piano) We then went out to eat at Florence's, a wonderful Italian restaurant. Dave again surprised me with a charm for the Pandora bracelet he had gotten me earlier this year. It is a square one with "I" "love" "you" on each of 3 sides and a gold heart on the last. Beautiful. On Sunday (my b-day) We woke up when we wanted to, I made David pancakes, and made corn fritters for myself. (anyone in my family reading this knows what those are) for those that do not know what it is, it is pancake mix with cream corn, great anytime of the day.. breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or a late night snack. I had had a text message being sent to my phone when people would say anything to me on my face book page, and my phone was constantly jingling the whole day. 4 phone calls for happy birthdays, it was nice.
After this we showered, and off we went on an adventure, We drove up to Lincoln, NH, to see and take pictures of natural waterfalls. I wanted to do 3, but we could not find one of them. We saw the Basin trail cascades, about a mile easy walk with lots of small cascades and a couple small waterfalls. Beautiful in their natural habitat. Rocks so smooth from the water running over them, and water so clear you can see to the bottom where the pools of water would gather for a few single solitary moments, swirling around, before it would rush on to the next cascade. We then moved on to Flume Gorge. this was our approximately 4 mile walk, which is awesome, when your in shape, this hike was all uphill on the way up and I swear part of it was uphill on the way back.. I had to take a few breaks, but in general it was awesome. The coolness when you could pause and take a look at the water rushing down below you is neat. When there was a breeze, you were again rewarded with a soft mist of vapor. Close to the top, There was the flume, I was in luck to see a rainbow in the mist and caught it in a picture. (yay) We rested at the top for a little while, sitting on a rock. Once my heart stopped beating in my head, we continued on. Going down we did get a few pictures. Our legs used more muscles than going up, at least that's what 4 of my toes are telling me this morning. (gotta get some walking shoes)On the way down Dave kept saying, I remember this tree, or we're almost there, he lied!!!!!!!!!! (just kidding) It felt as if it would never end, and then finally.. Whew. I was proud and happy! I had walked the Flume and live to tell the tale. ha ha. I do believe this is something I would like Dave and I to keep doing together. It was fun & adventurous, and from a photographers point of few,(or a panda's)Pure AWESOMENESS! It gives us both needed exercise, and gets us out of the house, and taking pictures, which is something we both like to do.
On the way home, we stopped at Carrabbas, another Italian restaurant, that we both love. (my favorite) and had a nice birthday dinner.
Thank you David for a great and wonderful birthday weekend.
*Hugs* to all til our next post,

~Nancie & Dave Dugal

Friday, August 26, 2011

November cold.

I have discovered that November is a very cold month. I took a look at the August Babies in Dave's and my family and friends. All but 6 days covered. If I missed any family. Please let me know.. It is still like wow.. *hugs* to you all.

1. Donald Siegel
1. Aiden Chia
2. Wallie Clark Sr.
3. Glenn Selle
5. Russ Siegel
7. Stephanie Marie
8. Manual Borges
9. Mike Johnson
10. Rev. Charles Kennedy
11. Melissa Ritchie
11. Canaan Colwick
13. Tommy Siegel
13. Geraldo Damaso
14. Lisa Wunschel
14. Vicky Irving
15. Dennis Kelly
16. Bill McMillan
16. Rich Rankin
18. Carol Carr
18. Fran Carr
19. Laura Vollmer
20. Jusson Glatt
20. Jordon Siegel
22. Lori Masters
23. Susan Siegel
24. Dorthy Dugal
25. George Glatt
25. Deanna Ritchie
26. Teri Chia
27. Jake Siegel
29. T.J. Napolitano
30. Ernie Cacciapuoti

Sunday, August 7, 2011


This past weekend was just perfect. My best friend and her family came to visit for the first time since I lived here. (They live 9 hours away) We all know how it is to travel sometimes, it's hard to take the time from work and then there is school, or sports or well just everyday life that takes up our time. I will be the first to say I so very much appreciated them making that trip. (Thanks guys)
Anyway, We had a great time. Stacy, Oscar, Seth & Hannah arrived late Wed. evening. Of course there is the house tour, and unloading the car, the excited hugs, and pleasantry exchanges, and a short visit,to hear about the trip, before we all go up to bed.
Thursday Morning is a cereal breakfast, David goes to work here at home, and the rest of us go to Hampton beach. Having a wonderful visit as we drive there.
We took Kites for the kids. We walked down closer to the water. I listened to the ooohhh and aaahhhh's of Stacy and the kids. (Oscar has seen the ocean but none the less was impressed) We found a good spot, lay down a couple towels, and they all went down to the Ocean, I was on watch patrol (of our bags and such)Stacy came back up to talk with me for a bit. We talked for a little while, and then I went down to the water and took pics of the kids and Oscar in the water. Hannah squealing and smiling, for what seemed like, the whole time, Seth enjoying every moment, I believe they had perma-grin for a while. Toward the end of our 3,or so hour visit to the ocean Seth was daring enough to body surf, he did well. Hannah was busy jumping into each small wave as it came in, and some she was running and squealing to run away from. I smiled and giggled, it is still amazing to me, when I see a persons face the first time they experience something new, especially one of a child. We got back home and the kids were sent up to shower, then us adults took our turn. Thurs, evening Dave and I took our guests to the infamous Lobster Boat, Stacy tried Lobster and fish for the first time, and so did Seth. (Impressive) Guess what they liked it. (Hey Mikey, they liked it)<<<---(Old commercial) We enjoyed much conversation and great food. On the way there we took 2 cars, David had to give Oscar, Stacy, & Seth a ride in the challenger, which both adults enjoyed, but I believe at this point is when Seth had perma-grin!!!! Dave then told them, that this was just a gateway car for a ride in the Viper. Next day, (I had an appointment around 8am) I got back we all went to "Joey's or we call it "the Shiny Diner) this is an old 50's restaurant, great food with great waitresses. Then off to the Boston aquarium, then Quincy market, and cheers for lunch. All was great. We drove home, took naps or talked, and just relaxed, Seth, Hannah & I played chess.. (I love that game) I made a small pizza, as the kids were hungry, and then we watched a movie and then dessert, I made Creme Brulee. Yummy. We had a late night Friday, we all went to bed, then we had French toast on Saturday brunch, and visited until they had to leave. Everything we did, none of them had done before and I so enjoyed sharing and showing them things for their first time. I'm really glad they loved it as much as Dave and I enjoyed showing it to them. So this concludes yet another adventure for "our lives" Enjoy reading and keeping up with us.
Love you all and Until next time.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vienna, Day 3

Day 3
Friday, we got up at 4:30 am to go on a Sightseeing tour to Salzburg. We were so very lucky to have a tour guide that was originally from there. We learned so much about the movie “Sound of music” saw where the Von-Trapp family sung some of the songs, saw where they escaped from in real live and in the movie. (2 very different stories) We saw the Abby where they hid. We saw a bar/pub that is the over a 1000 years old called “Stiegl” A Monastery, where anyone considering being a monk in Austria, must go here to educate themselves. We got to see the house where Mozart's mother was born, and where his birth house is today, and his fathers tomb, & his. we learned he is buried with a few other people and because he died a poor man, he was not buried with Beethoven, or Strauss. All of which came from Austria. So many things.
On the way to Salzburg we passed several lakes, All of which are filled from the Swiss Alps, no “motor” boating is allowed on any of the lakes here so as not to pollute them.
There was one beautiful lake we passed called Moon Lake and a huge mountain which was straight down on one side, Made this way not man made. This lake is the warmest of the region, 65 to 85 all year around. The story behind this, is because there used to be a dragon that lived on that mountain,& to protect the little village of Salzkammergut Virgins were to be sacrificed to him.unfortunately, eventually, he ate all the virgins, so the dragon was so hungry the people sent him to Salzburg, when upon his return on evening, he was so tired & hungry as all the virgins in Salzburg were also now, he fell into Moon Lake and heats the water to this day.
(very adorable tale)
From Salzburg you can see the mountains which are the border of Germany, only a 10 min drive to get to the German border from Salzburg.
The coldest lake in Austria is called Fuschisee. Also a beautiful lake.
We saw so many many things in Salzburg, We were able to see the Church where the Von-Trapp's were really married, learning that the one in the sound of music was used because the church they were married in would not allow the film directors to film in the church.
Learning also that, in the movie, the hills and mountains that they showed the Von-Trapp family going to, were really the German Border, in real life, they took a train to Switzerland. We were shown where the Von Trapp family really sung, and we learned that Mirabelle Von-Trapp, after they moved out of Salzburg, came eventually to the United States, and resided in a home in Vermont, which is now open to the public, and in which David and I have decided that we will be visiting, (Suzi maybe this is something we can do if you guys come in Sept.)
But I'm positive you can look most of this up in the history books.
It is a 3 hour bus drive from Vienna to Salzburg. Salzburg is the most expensive place to live in Austria. There are @ 8 Million people living in Austria, @ 2 Million in Vienna, and @ 150 thousand in Salzburg.
So it was a long drive back to Vienna, I believe everyone fell asleep for a little while. We woke up and began looking out the windows, a few more pictures were taken. Pictures to be posted soon I hope.
until next time Enjoy

Vienna, Officially day 2 (Fri)

Friday we slept late but still got on to the Hop on Hop off Bus tour (red line) of Vienna
We saw
1. State Opera house
2. Hero’s square
3. University
4. Twin city Liner
5. St. Stephens Cathedral
6. Hilton Hotel (where we stayed) apparently something famous. (still do not know

We did walk around the State Opera house, saw a huge Rolex sign, of course David had to go in. I did get to take many pictures, we walked around and looked all over, it was much fun, we had lunch at a little pizza and pub shop, I had a Margherita pizza, (for me a feat in itself), we then walked back to the "hop on" bus route, and went around the, "red line" or bus route, it was later than we had anticipated & the buses stop running at 6pm here. We enjoyed I down loaded pictures and will eventually post them also, probably on Facebook.
We came again back to the hotel, and we went to this wonderful restaurant, David had hmmm Weiner Snitzel and I am totally positive it is spelled wrong, and I had a Filet steak, (which is like a filet Mignon) Mine was to come with mashed potatoes, and green beans, I asked for no beans, as I do not like them, and jokingly said if you have peas i would eat those, our waiter said We do, I was surprised, and said yes I'll take those. Let me tell you honestly My mouth is still doing somersaults, the peas tasted fresh out of a garden and cooked perfectly, the meat was soooooooooooo tender it melted in your mouth, I tried and liked their Holindaise sauce, (again spelling), the potatoes were TOTALLY perfect.. Man I wish I could eat like that every day, well that good of food anyway.
But I digress. The food here is wonderful,
I tried their ice cream, and it is absolutely nothing like in the USA. Bananna ice cream tastes like a real bananna, strawberry ice cream tastes like real strawberrys, their vanilla and chocolate ice cream, is not made with sugar, it is more like ice milk, yet still creamy... the portions are like 3 large scoops, and you don't feel like you just ate a gallon of ice cream..
so anyway, it was a wonderful day,Only about 70 degrees here, I love it..
until next time

Vienna, getting there.

Our trip to Vienna, Austria.
Day 1 Wed. 2pm. After a not too hectic morning of packing we left @ 2 to drive into Boston to catch our Lufthansa flight. It was pretty much an uneventful flight, still have not slept. It is 1:30 am EST. however it is now 7:30am here at our stop over in Frankfurt, Germany.
Around 8:15 we will begin to boarding for our flight to our final destination, which by the title of the blog you know is Vienna.. (totally psyched.!!!)

Ok we got here, and slept on and off, but we found a great place to eat, we had Spaghetti Bolognese, (it was awesome) and I tasted Davids, then ordered my own.. first time I've had it. Loved it. We got into the hotel room and passed out...
Woke up a few hours later and went outside to just walk around, and learned that the city pretty much closes up around 6pm..
but it was just fun walking around.
luv ya all I'll post Friday's day and what we did in another post, and my friends can just follow us around Europe & I do hope I do not bore you all..
*Hugs to all of you*
enjoy til next time

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dedication to my Daddy

Today is my Dads birthday. 25 years ago (this coming Jan) We (my 4 brothers, Don, Tom, Ron, Russ & I) lost our Dad. Today for the first time in my life I will let the people in my world read what I wrote for him just after he passed away.
Some of the things I remember are stories he told me growing up. They were about a Pink elephant (as I had a stuffed one), and she was a school teacher in the land of never never land. (yes this was long before peter pan came along) in most of the stories the pink elephant teacher would just teach all the little animals of the forest, although daddy told me that I was the baby giraffe, when I asked him why a giraffe, he said that even though it was just a baby, it stood tall among all the other animals (except it's parents) and would therefore survive anything life would bring. At the time I never realized he was teaching me a life lesson. (Tearing up from so many memories)
My father taught us many many lessons as we grew up, and I know the one that stuck with all 4 of my siblings and I, was the golden rule, above and beyond anything else in this life, "Treat all people the way want to be treated" I have always tried to live by that rule in my life, I believe my brothers have also.
Thank you Daddy for everything you have taught me, even though I did not realize it at the time.
For those of you that have parents left, treat them with much respect, they will not be here forever, for those of you that have lost one or both parents, keep them in your heart, they will live on through you.
and now for a poem, very very few people have read.

"I love my Daddy"

There were so many things,
I wanted to say.
So many things,
I should have done.

Maybe if I always,
wouldn't have said Nae(no),
a few of our battles,
Might have been won.

I just wish that,
I would have said,
All the things then,
That are now going through my head.

I guess the most important thought,
that really should have been said,
was that I really love you Daddy,
and I wish you weren't dead.

I want you here,
to help me,
to lend an ear,
in my times of need.

I guess the only thing
left to say is,
With you daddy,
God's Speed.

By:Nancy Jo Siegel
Jan. 1988

I do hope you all enjoyed the post.
until next time.
enjoy life, and love all your loved ones each day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Well it is almost mothers day. For most of the moms out there it will be a day of breakfast in bed or a dinner out, cards that make you cry or laugh and lots of hugs and kisses.
While watching a show this evening, with David, about mothers day, I have realized this year for the first time, how many emotions mothers go through with their children. I've gone through the happy breakfast in bed days, and the hand drawn cards, which are tucked safely away, hand made presents some still on display.
I've gone through the proud stages of watching the girls make up a dance in our old living room, the song not making any sense, but loving every moment of it, and bragging to all my friends and family about it.
Watching them grow and make mistakes, praying they learn to fly on their own, wanting to help them, knowing I can't.
Now they have both flown the coop, so to speak, I can only pray they will make it.
Aside from all of these feelings, I have feelings of missing my own mom.
It has been almost 21 years since she has passed away. I occasionally find myself picking up the phone to call her to tell her about something exciting happening in my life, only to realize she wont be on the other end of the phone. I was in St. Marys PA this past weekend to celebrate our grandsons birthday, and visit with some family, My cousin, Jan, gave me some books that she has in a trunk at her house. they were wrapped in a plastic bag, when I opened the bag, I almost cried, I could smell my mom..... I know that sounds funny to many people, but, most people associate smells with things or events in their lives. 1 of the smells that remind me of my childhood is dust. You see I was raised back in the woods, and the roads that were traveled to get to my childhood home were 2 miles from any paved roads. (our road did not have a name) So when it was driven, you could smell the dust. The other smell is, ummmm musty would be the only word I could say to have you imagine the smell. Well the books, smelled musty. Hence why I almost cried. The books were my moms, had her name in them, with her hand writing, it was a good way for my heart to hurt that day. The show David and I watched, made a comment about how you only get 1 mom.
So true. You can have mom like people, or mother in laws, and can love them as much as your own. but you only have one mom, for those of my friends and family that still have their moms, give them the biggest hug and kiss, and let them know how much they mean to you. For those of you that your mothers have passed away, remember all the good and fun times, and know that they are watching over you, as you go through this life.
I love you mom!!!
Love, Your little girl.
Until next blog. Enjoy your day!!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family and friends reunion !

I can not wait to tell you all about our weekend getaway to the middle of nowhere PA.

We, David & I started out on Thursday morning to finish our long trek to our final destination. We arrived at our hotel with only a few minutes to unpack and wrap some presents. Off we were again to Shannon, Justin & Braeden's house for a home cooked meal by Shannon ( I have to make her cook sometimes) She cooked a roast, which was pretty awesome. SSHHHH don't tell her I said it was good because then her head might explode.. (just kidding) Just before our meal, Braeden opened a present from us, it was a book that was read to him by me.. (awesome book) which he loved. and then we gave Justin a present for his birthday it was a wine and cheese carrier, so he can take Shannon out on a romantic evening of star gazing. :-) We then went back to our hotel and slept.
Friday came around and my brother Don was also coming into town, he was getting his truck looked at and he needed a ride up from Ridgway to his hotel. I had no problem doing this I picked him up and dropped him off, David and I then went to have breakfast at a place called Marlo's, then he told me he forgot his Wallet and he did not give the garage the key to the truck. wow, old age must be setting in D.J. (love ya bro) So then David and I both ran Don back to Ridgway, just so we don't leave anyone in suspense, the wallet was recovered with nothing missing, which is more than we can say about the owner.. (giggles..)
Because of all the rain we had to cancel Braeden's birthday party and reschedule it for Sat. (the next day) at noon. (more people could come then anyway so it worked) So our Friday night visit was with my best friend Stacy & her family. We had a lot of fun, ordered in Pizza, talked laughed, just had fun. after pizza, we totally surprised Justin. (Shannon's boyfriend) He has been wanting an AV Receiver for awhile. (so now to the story behind that. ) back in ummm December or January, David and Justin were talking about this "Receiver" David told Justin that he had a co-worker that had one, so David went to look at it and it did not work. So David let Justin know that this had happened, but he did not tell him that he went on a couple week hunt for one off the internet. David found one a guy was selling not too far from our home in NH so we went out to see it, it was in perfect condition, so David bought it. Now remember Justin still thinks we don't have one. So after pizza David got a surprise, Justin had gotten David a necklace, now David does not wear necklaces, and we all knew this, it was a gift for him from Justin, because anyone who knows David, knows he is a Simpsons NUT !!! He got him a "bling bling" necklace with Bart on a skateboard which works, HA HA.. He loved it, he said he was going to wear it to work next wed, and then it will get hung on the wall at work.
We visited with Stacy and her family for a little longer played a very quick game of mad gab and then came back to the hotel to sleep. I was sick throughout the night, but I got up around 9ish and felt much better.
I wrapped all of Braedens presents and then ran D.J. back to Ridgway to get his truck, then it was time to be at the park for Braedens party. We picked up Braeden and went to decorate the pavilion. Braeden loved putting up his 5 Blue Stars, which by the way is how old he will be on Sunday May 1st (he is just growing up to fast for me) by one everyone was at the party. Alisha and her family, Nicole and her family, Crystal, Shad, & Pyper, Tom & Tommy, Don, Jan & Jusson, Aunt Molly and her granddaughter Riley, Justins mom, Bonnie. I believe that was it. I had gotten the kids nerf dart guns to play games with and it was something they could go play with, we had 4 games with the guns, and the kids won medals. however all the kids forgot their party bags. Shannon will deliver them this week sometime.
Now party is over, we all cleaned up, and carried things to the cars.
we were off to a quick lite lunch at marlos again, just enought to tie us over til our big night with relatives I have not seen since 1985.
We went to a new restaurant in St. Marys, out by the airport, it is called Silver Wing. Very nice and very very good food. People that came.
David & I (Nancie) Shannon, Justin & Braeden, Shad, Crystal & Pyper, Don (my brother)
Dave Siegel, his wife Kate and his 2 sons Jay and Jordon. (Handsome young men) and I saved the best for last, their dad, Clarence. wow, to me David and Clarence looked the same, it is amazing. I saw them pull into the parking lot and I was up out of my seat waiting impatiently for them to walk through the door. Kate was first then Jay & Jordon and then Clarence and Dave.
I was so happy that very moment I wanted to jump up and down, I could not believe they are here standing in front of me. My fiance David, told the "Siegels" how I have been so excited for months that they were coming and I talked of nothing else but this mini reunion.
So if Kate or Dave or anyone there gets to read this, I would like you to know that I treasured every moment and every word that was said, Kate you are an awesome person to have been with Dave and raise those 2 boys. Jorden and Jay, thank you so much for coming up and making it just that much more special for you dad & granddad, Jordon if you come out to our wedding reception, I promise to make David give you a ride in the viper. Jay, I'll have to to take you to the Lobster boat to let you try this alfredo there, then you and I can look at some of the coins I have. to Clarence, I know your not my Uncle but I always remember calling you Uncle for some reason. I am so glad you could make it, Next time we have to meet closer to knox, PA and have a nice long lunch. I enjoyed talking with all of you. Last but not least, Dave, wow, your so grown up now, you chose a beautiful wife and you have 2 handsome young men that you have raised well, congrats on that. It was so so very nice to see and visit and talk with all of you.
I personally had a wonderful trip, everything was very nice, but the visit with family I have not seen in awhile was, to me, the best. We have to plan another trip and visit soon to the middle of no where PA...
To My family, I love you all. See you soon.
For all of my family that could not make it this trip, the next one will have to do, and I love all of you also. *Hugs*
We have a lot going on this year so there should be many blogs.
Join us next time for "these are the days of "OUR LIVES"

P.S. if there are any misspelled words/names, I apologize.. *Hugs*

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cruise 2011

Well another adventure for us.

A few months ago I booked us on an Eastern Caribbean Cruise.

Our ports of call were Nassau, of the Bahamas, St. Thomas, of the US Virgin Islands, and St. Martin & St. Maartin of the Antilles.(look up)

We had some great and some stressful times on the cruise.

Our first task waking up at 3am to be at the airport by 5am. We flew down to Charlotte, NC, next onto Orlando Florida, where we waited about a half hour to get a bus to the cruise ship. Finally we got on board the Norwegian Sun. This was our first time on Norwegian Cruise Lines.

We went to our rooms first and then decided to try to find something for lunch. David found rice and such, I found some French fries. HA! We walked around the corner and there was another place to eat. So I tried to eat a hot dog. I believe the bun must have been setting out for a few days. (Just kidding) but it was not fresh.

We looked around the ship for a little bit and then found our room. The first thing I did was step out onto the balcony. Just like our last cruise, breathtaking.

We were off on our journey. First stop Nassau Bahamas. We went to Atlantis. David had been here before, but I hadn’t been so we went in to see it. Spectacular, some of the artwork was absolutely beautiful. The underwater aquarium was also cool, you walked under the fish. So very cool, we almost did not make it back to the ship on time, but with David having long legs, the ship waited for us. Mind you had the ferry boat riders not taken their sweet time to smoke the wacky weed we may have gotten back on time. Moving forward, we rested for awhile, then walked around down on the ship again. We decided to get a Bahama mama as we walked around it was ok but still not as good as Applebee’s back home.

We were at sea/ocean all day Monday and Monday night

So we decided to go see a lecture on art. And then the next day we went to an art auction. We did get a small art piece, but then we decided against it, because we happened to see 2 “Pino’s”, we truly loved. So we now own 2 of these, one of them will fit beautifully in our formal dining room, the other at the top of the stairs. I can’t believe we spent that much, but I guess as the art people say, if you like it and can afford it, buy it you’ll never tire of it.

Our new art pieces are called “Diva” and “Mysterious woman” The way the artist uses the appearance of light without light being shown onto the picture is amazing and it’s all hand done.

Beautiful, spectacular, breathtaking, you name it these pictures are, in a word, “Priceless”

We are now on our way to St. Thomas. We are scheduled to do a Sky ride to Paradise Point. This is where you go up in a tram 8 people per car 6 cars. 3 go up and 3 come down at the same time. The view is totally worth the ride to go to the top. We watched a man dance around on stilts, there were also many young girls dressed up and dancing with him, they were not on stilts. David had rum & coke & I had a drink called the Bushwhacker After drinking almost all of it, I felt tipsy, I’m a total light weight, however they do say if you want to forget the day just drink 2 of those drinks, so maybe it wasn’t me. We ate a little bit, a taco salad and some fries and cheese sticks. About an hour later we were headed back down the mountain. We ended up in a car with 5 women & a man and they had all been drinking since early morning, they were on a different cruise ship, although they were funny. So it was a good trip back down in the tram. We then needed to find our way back to the ship. We could see the ship, we just had no idea where in the world to get a taxi to get back there, I believe we were shell shocked from almost missing the boat in Nassau, so we rushed back to see the Iguana’s sitting on the rocks in front of the ships. It didn’t seem like much of an industry was there, mostly tourism. We puttered around the ship for a bit and then got all dressed up to go to dinner, where our waiter, Alfrefo, no that is not a typo, was absolutely great, we waited for absolutely nothing. Tonight I believe we will request to be seated at his table.

Off to our next port of call, St. Martin & St. Maartin. Yes these are the same island but they are owned by the French and the Dutch, the northern part is French and the southern half is Dutch, it’s split about 60/40. People there learn to speak 3 to 4 languages, French, Dutch, English and another I can’t remember but it’s a broken French language. We got a land tour and we also took an underwater tour, in a mini submarine. It was cool to see a diver get in the water and see the fish swarm around him. He also picked up a sea urchin to show us, it was black with very long spikes. David or I got pictures, which I hope to attach to this, although I always say that and never quite seem to get them on here. I must do better at that.

Once we were finally on our way back to the ship it seemed to take forever. We looked at jewelry and many other things in the shops, we saw a pair of blue diamond ear rings, but they just didn’t look right on me. We went to another shop and found a beautiful pair of blue Topaz ear rings, set in diamonds. They are beautiful in the light. I have only taken them off to sleep.

We are on our way home, it’s a 2 day cruise. There are many activities aboard the ship. David and I attended a comedy show, listened to a Jazz band, listened to a guitar player/singer and listened to a man of 22, play a grand piano, one of many on this ship. I have listened to many people play the piano in my life time, my grandmother toyed with it, my uncle plays wonderfully, my aunt also plays, David and I “Plunk” and try our best to play, but this man was like, wow, chills went down my spine, as they always do when I hear someone play the piano. We heard a group called Sol “Play” they were very good. We also heard some Karaoke singers, 3 of the 4 that we heard were nice. (One was Awful, but we gave him credit for getting up there.) Then we got to see the comedian again. Funny man, he’s been on HBO and MTV’s comedy hour. Buzz Sutherland. Our last day aboard, clothes are packed and ready to go. We tried to enjoy sitting on the deck a few times, unfortunately the people beside us were chimney smokers and it was awful.

We got off the ship first thing in the morning and we headed toward the busses as that’s what we were told would take us to the airport. Well we’re we wrong!!!!!!!!! 10 min of walking quickly to catch a bus that was not even ours. Then somehow no one really knew where we should go. David finally found someone that was pretty sure where to go. We rushed to the other bus, and finally got the correct one. We were both quite warm by this time. Finally a driver got on board, and off we went, only to be pulled back into another parking lot, awaiting people that missed the bus, which would have been fine, except that we sat there another almost half hour and we had a plane to catch. Getting quite frustrated, I called the transfer people and asked them what was up, and why were we sitting in a parking lot when many of the people had planes to catch. The woman was nice and said there was some security issue so the busses were grounded, but that she would call her dispatch and let him know people were in rushes to get to the airport. Within a few minutes she called me back and said the busses were released and we would be on our way. (we were) We got to the airport & what do you know, the bus driver like doesn’t even know where he is going. (have I mentioned my patience level was totally gone at this point) We arrive at the place where we began a week ago. We went into the airport and because of a Major screw up on NCL’s part they checked us in and they screwed up our seats. It was ridiculous. So off we rushed in search of a human. Found one!! Most of the time, that I have had to deal with humans at any airport, they have been well not so very nice. However we must have hit gold, this woman was great, not only did she change our seats to exit rows (best seats on the plane, other than business class) she let us know our plane to Philly was delayed by 15 min and she pre-booked us on a 9pm flight just in case we missed our connection home. Got to our gate, and now we are sitting in Philly and this flight is also delayed by a ½ hour. We hope our limo driver is watching our arrival times.

Our limo driver Rich was watching our arrival and he was right there as we walked out the door. (We love this limo company)

We are home and the kitty and ferrets are happy, now for our next ordeal we have another leak in the roof.. wonderful…. So another story for another day.

Until next time.