Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vienna, Officially day 2 (Fri)

Friday we slept late but still got on to the Hop on Hop off Bus tour (red line) of Vienna
We saw
1. State Opera house
2. Hero’s square
3. University
4. Twin city Liner
5. St. Stephens Cathedral
6. Hilton Hotel (where we stayed) apparently something famous. (still do not know

We did walk around the State Opera house, saw a huge Rolex sign, of course David had to go in. I did get to take many pictures, we walked around and looked all over, it was much fun, we had lunch at a little pizza and pub shop, I had a Margherita pizza, (for me a feat in itself), we then walked back to the "hop on" bus route, and went around the, "red line" or bus route, it was later than we had anticipated & the buses stop running at 6pm here. We enjoyed I down loaded pictures and will eventually post them also, probably on Facebook.
We came again back to the hotel, and we went to this wonderful restaurant, David had hmmm Weiner Snitzel and I am totally positive it is spelled wrong, and I had a Filet steak, (which is like a filet Mignon) Mine was to come with mashed potatoes, and green beans, I asked for no beans, as I do not like them, and jokingly said if you have peas i would eat those, our waiter said We do, I was surprised, and said yes I'll take those. Let me tell you honestly My mouth is still doing somersaults, the peas tasted fresh out of a garden and cooked perfectly, the meat was soooooooooooo tender it melted in your mouth, I tried and liked their Holindaise sauce, (again spelling), the potatoes were TOTALLY perfect.. Man I wish I could eat like that every day, well that good of food anyway.
But I digress. The food here is wonderful,
I tried their ice cream, and it is absolutely nothing like in the USA. Bananna ice cream tastes like a real bananna, strawberry ice cream tastes like real strawberrys, their vanilla and chocolate ice cream, is not made with sugar, it is more like ice milk, yet still creamy... the portions are like 3 large scoops, and you don't feel like you just ate a gallon of ice cream..
so anyway, it was a wonderful day,Only about 70 degrees here, I love it..
until next time

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