Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So I guess I will have to do 2 posts, I have been a little busy. So here goes.
Back in Nov of 2011, Dave & I finally tied the knot. here is a quick account of our wedding week..
One week before our wedding, they couldn't find my dress that I had shipped out before hand, mind you that the matron of honor's dress was also in here. However problem solved they found it.. WHEW!!
next, On the 10th of Nov. I drove to Scranton, PA (5 hours 1 way) to pick up the matron of honor (Stacy), then drove back, we arrived here around 6 or 7pm, I finished packing, (what i could pack for our weekend) This was Stacy's first time flying so I helped her pack a little bit, but she did well on her own.
I stayed up way to late, fell asleep and was back up at 4am ish..on the 11th so about 4 hours of sleep, got the car packed and off we began around 5am ish to drive into Boston (Logan airport) Car parked, now we are off on the race to get us & Stacy through security. Stacy had many questions, we just told her that the less you say the better, if they have a question, they will ask. We went through just fine. We got to the gate & sat down to wait.
Flew straight through to Vegas, now begins the very very long day. Off the plane, to the hotel, zip, zip, Dave checks in, while I go to get my dress, and have it sent out for an express De-wrinkling, along with Stacy's to be steamed, they told us they would be back by 7pm.. ok that was fine. I think we went then to find some lunch.
Next, off Dave & I went to get our marriage license, this was the most grotesque cab I have ever been in, dirty, dirty, dirty. The meter would not work in the cab, and he tried to charge us $40 for a $20 cab ride, we gave him $20 (we knew it would only cost $21.50, at most)
Moving forward, We were told the line would be very long, as this was 11-11-11, so we prepared for the worst. We were in and out in, honestly 3 minutes, awesome. We got another cab, very nice one this time, it was so nice we were going to go back to the hotel, I would jump out, Dan, the best man, would jump in and him and Dave could go pick up their tuxes.
Well next problem, Neither Stacy or Dan could hear or feel their phones ringing, which led us to setting both their phones up to vibrate and the loudest ring their phones would make. Off Dan & Dave went. Stacy & I went to our hotel rooms, I just wanted to stop and sit down for 5 min, alone.
About this time we were going to eat, as Stacy and I had a hair appointment at 4pm. We ate quickly and left. Got our hair done, I honestly do not remember what we did from this point on, until it was time to get our dresses, and they were not back yet. it was past 8pm when they finally got there, I had an hour to get ready. (I was not happy) however the hotel paid the whole bill for the dresses because they were so late.
Now dressed and back in Dave's & My hotel room, by 10pm awaiting the Limo driver to call us, to let us know to come downstairs.
Call came in, down we go.. into the Limo, off we go, only to realize we forgot the paperwork...AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH... Driving around a block in Vegas in a stretch Limo is like almost impossible, but we did, Dave ran in grabbed paperwork, & we were off to the chapel.
We arrive and are rushed through all the "talks" papers signed & ready, the music starts. I see the doors open and Stacy walking down the isle. What is wrong with me, my legs and whole body begin to just shake.. No idea why. It was crazy, I've been with Dave for over 5 years, why am I shaking. I walk down the isle, Ferlayna, our wedding coordinator, hands me a tissue. I walk with shaking legs. I can see my flowers shaking, thank goodness Stacy took them shortly after I was in front of the minister.
We began our vows, Dave never faltered, me, well I began to cry, I was so very happy, & the emotional roller coaster I had been on finally hit me. I was finally going to marry my true love, all those fairy tales I watched as a child, all those happily ever afters, mine was finally here. I could not even comprehend, how much love my heart felt at that moment, how proud I was to be marrying Dave.
I believe I said one sentence and began to cry. Dave made me laugh to help me compose myself, I got through several more words and the tears came again, he again made me laugh, believe me this was a good thing, I made through the rest of our vows.
From that point forward, all was great.
The photographer was very very nice, and did a great job.
We had a great Sat. evening. Dan had gotten tickets to
With LOVE, Cirque du Soleil celebrates the musical legacy of The Beatles.
It was, well to use a west coast phrase, TOTALLY AWESOME. If you find yourself in Vegas GO!!..
We walked the strip, the Mirage with her volcano,to Caesars Palace with the moving statues, to the Bellagio Fountains, all were beautiful, and the fountains ended the night with Celine Dion singing, Your heart will go on..
We all went our separate ways and went to sleep.
Next morning, was breakfast and then off to the airport and back to NH. we arrived home around 10ish, went to sleep, got up again and left at 10am to take Stacy back to the middle of nowhere PA. (9 hour drive) stayed there til Friday to visit with my daughters and grandson, also with other family (cousins) and came home on Friday and I believe passed out for a couple of days.
whew & now I will close, and in a couple days tell you about our awesome trip to California.

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