Thursday, January 31, 2019

Christmas in PA (Jan 19 2019)

Hello All. 

  So we're back from PA. We had a great time. 

Ky is walking
Shannon is exhausted, chasing after Ky whom is always on the go.
Justin is getting used to being wrapped around Ky's little finger
Braeden is being a great big brother.
Deanna has a new boyfriend, (whom we like)  his name is Russ.
Dave, I believe, enjoyed his trip to the middle of nowhere PA.

Thursday evening Dinner with Braeden, then a fun visit with Shannon, Ky & Braeden.
      Braeden and I played Chess.  He got better with each game.
Friday morning was a visit with my cousin Renee for breakfast & a PB donut from DD's bakery.               (God they are so good)
Friday night dinner, (which was a bust)  then Christmas. til 1am. 
             We bought way too much stuff. 
Saturday was a Ham dinner at Shannons, ( I cooked, Deanna helped)

We then had our yearly family photo shoot. Then it was off to go swimming for a bit and have pizza.

Just laughing and visiting until 2am. 

Then the storm hit,  Sunday we made it to one restaurant that was open, had breakfast, and stayed til they were closing.  Left there and went back to Shannons, so we could wait out the storm, and the roads to get cleared.  We left, and drove to scranton, PA and stayed overnight.  We began our journey on Monday morning, waiting for the roads to clear up again.  Drove the rest of the way home and after some white knuckling it thru some of NY, & CT & MA.  we made it home just after 6pm. 

Glad to be home and safe. 

Until our next adventure!!! 
Enjoy life!