Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All I can say is, "Chipmunk!"

All right guys and girls whom is up for a laugh and a sad story at the same time????

So the brat, aka, Deanna, goes out to the car to run to the store and buy a few groceries, no big deal right?, Well she starts the car, and within like 2 minutes she comes back in the house and says, "Daddy I think there might be something wrong with my brakes" and then says "it's hard to steer" (Trust me I couldn't believe that one either) So aside from that, David goes out to look at the car, opens the hood, and you will never ever guess, A chipmunk scampered up into her engine and well, lets say the "serpentine" belt and the chipmunk had words and the chipmunk lost, but not without a fight, and it literally knocked off the whole belt, and passed away peacefully, laughing how he got the belt..ha ha.. (r.i.p. little chippy) So David and I are trying to figure out if we can fix this in the driveway, so I get a blanket and lay on the ground under the car but we didn't really have the correct tools to fix it, and gee we just let triple AAA run out because in 2 years we have never once needed it, (Joke was on us) anyway, When I went to get up, I sat up and almost stepped on this dead chipmunk, Scared the snot right out of me, (guess I won't have a runny nose for awhile), I thought the brat, aka, Dee, threw it in the woods. Oh well Live and learn.
Needless to say We made a quick call to the shop down the street and the fixed it within a 1/2 hour. (amazing how a 1/2 hour costs so much) and then on top of that, they left David ALONE in the parts department, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?????????
Sooo not only did they come home with the car fixed, David comes home with the best of the best air filter for his truck, When will I learn I can't let him go into places alone.. LOL.. like I could ever stop him.

So the car is fixed, but because Dee killed one of the chipmunks under the hood of the Neon, she lost about 5 horsepower. :-)

Enjoy. Until next time ...

all I can say is chipmunk