Saturday, October 26, 2013

Niagara Falls

So Dave & I took a quick get away. 
    We decided to take a weekend get away to Niagara Falls in Canada.  It was beautiful, but the water didn't seem to be as powerful as it once was a decade ago.  However, at night when the sky is clear, and they illuminate the falls, both the American and Horseshoe falls..  They are breathtaking.
Dave & I had fun, helping a gentleman, he wanted his picture taken at night in front of the falls.
Well  it is a very hard thing to do,  with flash, all you can see is a face, with whited out blurry falls behind him,  with no flash, all you see is the falls, with a shadow in front of them..   My wise husband comes up with the idea for me to hold a small flashlight with just enough light streaming through my fingers to show the mans face, and with no flash takes the picture.  It was a very cool effect. 
   I was proud of my husband. ( Shhhh don't tell him)
We did a few fun things while we were there,, We of course had to visit the Hard Rock Cafe & buy yet another T-shirt.
  We of course did Journey under the falls.. it was windy, but we did get some great shots.
We did a 3D-4-D movie..  That was totally 100% LAME..Not worth our money at all.
We did a ride called FURY..   It was pretty cool..  nice effects..  even snow...
We rode the Incline, even got a few nice shots from there..
We thought about riding up to the top of the Skylon, then changed our minds.

after a long day of getting wet at everything we did.  Dave was tired.. and I was also, however, I walked across the street from our hotel and there was a miniature golf course and it was all dinosaurs.. Very cool.   I went over and spent about an hour taking pictures.

As it was going to rain all day on Saturday, Dave and I decided to surprise Shannon & Braeden with a visit, as where they live is only 3 hours from the falls.
So up on Sat. morning and across the Rainbow Bridge back into the USA..  we were sitting there, and all of a sudden it was hailing..  wow.. sun shining above us, a rainbow to the left of us, traffic all around us and  hail...  in the words of the lion from the Wizard of OZ,  "Strange weather we're having, aint it?"

Drove 3 hours to Shannon's  I-90  was a horrible bumpy road,  it was like riding on an accordion for miles.. I think any fillings our teeth once had, are now in NY..

We had a great visit with Shannon, Justin, & Braeden.  We gave Shannon a christmas present early..  2 new Futons.   She was happy.  I'm glad.

We drove home on Sunday and over all we had a great time.

Until next time..
Enjoy life to it's fullest.