Monday, June 30, 2008


All right so, Wall-E this is a must see movie, surprise ending!! If you have younger kids or if your a kid at heart, go go go to see this. Funny yet exciting in places, sometimes you wanted to cry! But over-all a wonderful movie. For a G rating it was great.
So make it something to do for the weekend, family event.

Have a nice day.
Until Next time

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Movie Time

Hey!! We're off to see a movie!!!! I, personally, can't wait.
I think I might drive David & Deanna nuts. As this is a fun movie. I think David told me WALL-E is an awesome movie, at least according to Just click on the little Wall-E and it will show you. I think it said 96 or 97 %. Ahh I just double checked, 96%. I am still very excited to go see it, I can't set still.

Oh Hey all of you should try this new Smiley collection, We just got some new smileys,
however they don't quite work on blogger yet, However, David is on the case!
Where or where would we be without our David? I pray we will never know. I do know that we will never know. To you David
Oh yes I forgot we did watch a movie last night, here at home. It was called Sweeny Todd.
Little icky if you ask me, but most people like that stuff. It's a musical, I couldn't believe it, but there it was, a gory musical. It was pretty good with a surprise ending, so if you want to rent it, it is at least worth watching, not for little kids, but for adults and teens, it's fine.
So for now it's off again. and onto the movies. I will re visit again and let you know about the movie Wall-E.

Have a wonderful night,
until next time.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Let me mention that when someone loves you, the way David loves me, they will do anything for you. He must have spent 2 hours or so, between laptops, and our big pc, trying to install some new smileys for me.
They do so much!!!
It seems that I can put these anywhere! In e-mails or on "my space" or well like I said anywhere.
I personally could not have done this. When it comes to the computer I'm blind as a bat.
I just look at David and say please. He is a very wonderful man.

So next on our lives, We got to use our new deck!!!
We had a cook out on Saturday with Deanna & her boyfriend
Hamburgers & Hot dogs, from our infamous butcher shop! and chips & such, of course, who has a BBQ outside and doesn't have chips??? No one should. Anyway we did have a very nice time. The weather was just perfect & best of all No bugs!!

Lets see what else happened?? O Yes, now I remember, David & Deanna did, what they call, an Impulse buy!! (which is something they do a lot)
She blames him he blames heras they try to explain it to me
Ah no biggie! So anyway they brought home, "Super Soakers" They thought I would get mad, I just rolled my eyes and later got them wet instead. Well Deanna & her boyfriend anyway.

Then Monday rolled around and it's back to work We'll get through it, we're tough But the weekend goes so very fast.
So now we're back to the old grindstone, David at his job and myself at mine. Take care to our on lookers remember to let us know when you stop & visit. Leave comments or just say hello.
Take care until next time.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Well It's been about a week, and the other 2 ferrets went to the vet this past wed. That was fun, Midnight was literally an angel, she didn't bite or fidget at all, the vet was amazed, and said that she couldn't be a ferret, well then he examined Josie.

She was nothing like her sister. She was biting, and scratching, and when they took her temperature, guess what?, she truly did not like that. They couldn't get her temperature as well you guessed it she pushed it out, and decided to go to the bathroom right then and there. She surprised all of us! And me I just sat there apologizing for the ferret. wow!!!

How many people do that??? I'm learning! If there are people out there that do this, for the first time, I am now one of you.

Other than this our ferrets are growing up healthy, we have not figured out which one is going to be the "Alpha" yet. Seems to still be up for grabs. So we shall keep you posted on their progress.

Soon we shall be barbecuing on our "New" back deck, the old one was smashed up by this past wonderful winter weather we had out here in our neck of the woods., However we are looking forward to evenings of stars and relaxation. We can't wait!!

So for now this is another blog, with no smiley's! Maybe I'll insert those later, right now it's time to spend mother daughter time with my youngest.

Take care and stay tuned, for "Our Lives"