Monday, November 14, 2022

Vacation 11-11-22 Las Vegas Baby

 So here it is 11-09-22  We're off to our 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year that we've been married and we're headed back to the scene of the crime.   

Up & adem, Pack, all those last minute things,  Cameras & Chargers, Off to the airport.  Flight is on time,   We landed in Las Vegas about 1030pm PST. so like 130am est. Just a little exhaused from the flights, but still in good spirts,  Going up the elevator to the 26th floor, well just so you know I don't believe I like having my ears pop that many times..  :-) But I digress,   I unpacked toilitries, and clothing,  Dave does the electronic part of things.   It works for us.  I run down to get waters for us, (and of course a couple of snacks. ( $8.00 a bottle) Yikes  Needless to say we hit Walgreens the next day for a case of water to drink.  We were getting used to our time zone Thursday but we went to a musical,  "Bat out of Hell" for those of us who remember that music,  It was a very nice show.  We also walked up and down the vegas strip, getting our bearings, made reservtions for Friday night for dinner for our Anniversary.   

Friday we got up and went to pick up our rental car,  Off to see Hoover Dam.  It was quite cool & Interesting  to hear the history of how the dam came to be.  Lots of pictures. if you go, purchase your tickets ahead of time. nest of to red rock canyon, which we didn't purchase tickets for & it was a bust.  We had poenty of time to look at Art work, we saw some beautiful things.   Then back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.   

We splurged, we went to the Eiffel Tower, now when I say it was elegant, it was elegant, dress code, awesome food, Great wait staff.  we were stuffed when we left.  They gave us a free dessert for our anniversary, Our waiter went to a college in Maine, He was from Belarus, Very cool. small world.

Saturday was another up & adem day,  Breakfast was a muffin and water/coffee.   Off we went to the Grand Canyon.   4 hours later, we arrived.  Phew...  I have no words for how beautiful this was,  we only saw the southern rim,  we had a private tour via our car.  That was nice, no one telling us when to leave or what to see, we kinda did it on our own.  It was a sight to behold,  Our pictures can not even begin to show the beauty or the depth 6000 vertical feet. (we never saw the bottom)  7 miles if you were hiking down.   Rim is between 10 & 18 miles,  again hard to capture that is Photos.  Amazing, Magestic, Awe-inspiring Incredible, Breathtaking, Magnificent, are a few words to describe this canyon.  Stopped at a Dennys some where on the way back to Vegas,  I believe we were still in AZ, It was very good.  The wait staff incredible.  

We went back to the hotel, and gambled a little bit,  Didn't win anythng. But we didn't expect to.  

Sunday was our, lets just go look at things,  We walked to the Aria, they had artwork on display.  Went over to the Bellagio, saw the fountains, walked to Hard Rock cafe, (I had to get a keychain)  We went to a place called Earl of Sandwiches ( I think)  it had some weird things, but I had a Roast beef & Mac & Cheese Sandwich.  it was different, but good.  

Dave & I sat down to have a drink,  I had a Bahama Momma, & Dave had Rum & Coke.   We rarely drink, so this was a treat,  oh yes,  I also had Gelato.  yummy.   

Our trip home was pleasant.  It is very good to be home.  Until next time.. Enjoy life.