Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rhode Island

It was so fun..We flew my cousin in from PA, for a 2 week visit, for her birthday.
Today was a wonderful event with the Viper club. We went to Rhode Island to visit the Marble House, at the Vanderbilt Estates.
(So much marble.)
21 Vipers, and our new Challenger, went. The drive was nice, a little bumpy along the cobblestone streets, but none the less fun.
The ocean was beautiful as we went to eat lunch, next to the ocean, at the Atlantic Beach Club. Beautiful view of the ocean. The fish here was very good. High marks for the fish and chips.
Pictures along the way were also fun, we were all watching while the guys positioned the cars to take a picture and then of course the group shot.
We were all happy that the Canadians made the trip. their viper was beautiful also. Silver with a snake design on the stripes, very nice.
Any way, today was a great day for a drive. I believe fun was had by all.
we are doing many events the next 2 weeks, and will post again soon.