Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our lives continue on.

I think we're finally getting back to a normal routine. We have friends coming up this weekend, for dinner and movies. It should be fun.
We are getting the cats used to a new liter box. It actually does the scooping for us. (yeah) We'll see how they adjust. one of them is using it now.
We are learning our family is expanding, it seems by the minute. My cousin Peggy is pregnant, due in June. My niece is also pregnant, due in Sept. Another cousin Jo, just had a little boy (Kevin) wow.
I just heard that our school here was going to lay of teachers, as the baby boom from my generation is pretty much over. they are all graduating or at least into middle school. I guess my family heard of this and decided to take it upon themselves to make sure the teachers will always have jobs. So more cousins to add to the family tree, we already have a book. We will soon have a novel.

until next time.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

back to New England weather

What the heck, 49 degrees today. This is only Feb. Hmmmmm I do believe that a birth could happen on a day like today. We accomplished a lot today. It's amazing that you can make a list and finish it. We got the balcony's clear of ice. (My arms and hands now may fall off) We of course just ran to staples to get turbo tax, and we walk out with a Laser Jet printer. (This instantly became David's Valentines present) We went into Lowes to get some rugs for the steps in the ferret cage and walk out with a Laser level. (must be a laser day) Finally after a very good meal at lobster boat, we came home, and away I went on the ferret cage, meaning I cleaned it. It takes about an hour to do this. We lost Crystal this past Wed. So we gave all the babies everything new in their home. You should have seen them exploring everything. It was just too cute. I do have to sign off for now, because the 2 "children", David and Deanna, want to watch Lie to Me, It is a very very good show, if anyone has the opportunity to watch it, then you must.
Take care until next time.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NO more

We are to announce yet another passing, actually 2 more, Rudy the dog. On January 26th, had to put down, as he was filling up with fluid. Today Feb. 4th, we had to put down our oldest Ferret, Crystal. She was a beautiful black eyed White. She had just turned 6 years old. I believe she knew it was time to go be with her brothers, Vincent & Julius. She just looked at me with those eyes, did her little munchy crunchy look and went to sleep in my arms. It was peaceful.

Today we know that Rudy is protecting Dot (Mom) just like he always has. And Crystal is frolicking with her 2 brothers, no more pain. They will both be missed very much.

Until next time