Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Birthday of 2012

My Birthday, 10-09, was a perfect day!
   It began with waking up next to my husband saying good morning and happy birthday with a quick hug and kiss.  (Yes mushy, deal, ha ha) I fell back asleep for about 20 min or so, when I woke up Dave, my husband, gave me a beautiful card, (this was really all I needed), along with 2 small gag gifts,to get me ready for the Apocalypse! So Funny.  My cell phone began to ring, My cousin Jan called and sang me happy birthday. My best friend had called me the evening before. My daughters both called to sing and say Happy Birthday, a video of my grandson & oldest daughter Shannon was a perfect way to make my day even brighter and a quick call from the youngest Deanna, to sing Happy Birthday also made my day brighter.   I had breakfast with Dave, and asked him if I could give him a gift, Please understand that I do love to give people things I know they want or can use, any day of the year, but this was a special gift. Back ground story: a few weeks ago, while having dinner, I accidentally chipped a crystal wine goblet of Dave's, I felt awful, so off on an internet quest!!  I did find them, ordered them, waited patiently for them to arrive. One of the best gifts Dave gave me was letting me give him those wine Glasses.   (I've been dying to give him these)  I then checked my e-mail.  3 or 4 of them from family and friends, wishing me birthday wishes! replied to each of them, then I opened up FB and wham, 37 Happy birthdays by 10am.. lol... Awesome & after work 20+ more!  I replied to all of them also. I watched a t.v. show, and then off to work for a 2 to close shift.  It was a nice night I worked with Sara & Christie, and we had a great evening.
   Dave said he wanted to cook me dinner, now for those of you that know my husband, he doesn't really cook, (putting frozen things in the oven doesn't really count) however he did make me a homestyle baked Mac and Cheese.. It came out perfect.
   When I arrived home after work.  I looked our dining room table, and there was this beautiful bouquet of Red roses and orange, either Lilly's or orchids, a wonderful arrangement!  I gave him lots of hugs for this.  It is just beautiful! While he is cooking, I change out of work clothes, and then back down for dinner, I took lots of pictures of the flowers, a few will be posted. Dinner was great! Then Dave says are you ready for dessert, I said yes.  He then takes out a box from Frederick's pastries, I thought it was some of our frozen wedding cake.. lol  wrong, David had them make me a cake, It had a Wizard of Oz theme, Dorothy & Toto are on it, with the emerald city in the background with a yellow brick road, and Poppies...  I cried, yes it was beautiful...   and quite tasty!
What a wonderful way to end a perfect day.
I'm never sure how he does it, but Dave Always makes each and every day special for me. However it is not every day I get a wizard of oz cake.
Thank you Everyone for the birthday wishes!
   Until next time, Enjoy life!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Since last time.

Well I missed a couple of things in my last blog. I forgot to mention that while my daughters were here this past June, I had gotten to take both of them, along with my grandson, his friend, and my oldest daughters boyfriend, to the Franklin Park Zoo.  We had such a great time there. Feeding birds that landed on sticks, then hopped onto our arms.. so much fun.   Then onto the Gorilla's  I believe we were there for almost an hour.  They are beautiful animals.
~ next!
  When David and I went to PA for a 1st first cousin reunion.  We also had another special evening with both of our daughters, Shannon & Deanna.  It was Deanna's 21st birthday Aug. 25.  So at midnight we took her out, along with her sister.  I was very happy yet, so sad at the same time.  I wish I could have kept them both little for much longer.  They grow up so fast.

 I know all children grow up quickly and make mistakes as they go.  It is very hard to let them go, but we do, (cry when they are not looking)  I know that someday they will understand what a parent goes through as their children are older and begin their own lives.  It is easier when they are small, you can protect them, and you know what they are doing for the most part.  But when they are older, you can not protect them as much and you can never know what they are doing every day.
I don't believe the tears ever stop.  What I have learned is that it is the fear of them making bad decisions, that make me cry, then again I cry when they make great decisions. (Maybe I'm just too emotional)
I'm very proud of both of my girls, they may not have made great decisions, however they are learning from the mistakes, and that is what growing up is all about.
So to our daughters Shannon & Deanna, know that Dave & I love you both.
Know that we will be there for you always.
So until next time.
Enjoy life.

Friday, August 31, 2012


My goodness, I have not posted on here in ages.
I see I posted about our christmas, it was wonderful.
I went to PA again in May, to surprise my grandson, I drove all the way there to see his first school play. He did a great job. So very proud of him.
The 2nd week in June we went on a trip to Malta. Malta's location is... well... If you know where Italy is, and how Italy kicks Sicily, well 3 islands below Sicily is Malta, way out into the Mediterranean. We spend a week there, It was beautiful, had a great time, however 90 degrees with 90% humidity every day, it was nice to come home. We got home on a Sat. late at night, had Sunday to unpack and do laundry, and begin some minor cleaning for our reception the following weekend. Our youngest daughter Deanna, flew in from Pittsburgh, on Monday morning. On Tuesday morning her and I drove down to Cape Cod to visit with my brother, & sister in law & great niece, had a great time, then drove back home, had dinner, then went to pick up another of my brothers, from the airport, Wed, morning our oldest daughter & family got here. On Thursday My best friend and her family arrived. We had a houseful.
We had gotten married on 11-11-11, but we waited until more of our family could actually attend, and had our wedding reception. It was great. So many people came, family and friends. We had relatives from CA, MI, FL, PA, RI, NH, MA, CT. 8 different states, not too shabby & at least1 from each coast.. cool. Anyway it was a great day.
My Uncle from Ca, played our Piano, and he made it sing. I was teary eyed, he played songs from Phantom of the Opera. They were beautiful. It was so wonderful. Sat. night Dave and I had Planned a Firework show, and it was grand, 45 min of really great fireworks. I do believe everyone loved it, this was followed by sparklers, all the kids, and some adults, had fun.
The following Monday I went to work at my new job. Auntie Anne's. Pretzels, and lemonade.
So busy, and it is fun.
In Aug we had our 1st, First cousin Reunion on my mothers side. I had gotten to meet 2 cousins I had never met before, that was awesome, and I had gotten to see cousins, that I had not seen in years. It was an evening to remember.
Ok this is a long blog, but I believe I'm caught up with our lives for now.
Take care and until my next blog.. Enjoy..

Monday, February 27, 2012

Christmas In Jan

Here it is almost March and I'm only now getting caught up with Jan. We had Christmas with the kids in Jan. They live 9 hours from us so it is a bit of a drive. We drive half way there on a Wed. night and get a hotel and drive the rest of the way on Thur. It gives us an extra day to visit. This year I believe I was insane, way too many gifts, but I had such fun. I have a matrix, so with the seats down there is lots of space. It was filled from behind the back seats all the way to the back and all the way to the top. I could not have fit one more thing in the car.
We, of course, waited until we got to our final destination to wrap all these gifts, we have learned from past experience, that most wrapped gifts get ripped and torn on the trip there.
On Thursday evening we had a great home cooked roast dinner that Shannon & Deanna prepared. yummy!!! Friday Morning we were up and got ready for our "wedding" Luncheon with some of my aunts that we knew could not make the trip for our reception. It was very nice. On Friday afternoon we visited one of my best friends for a few hours and then we were off to our daughters home.
We watched as each of the gifts were unwrapped and enjoyed. The gifts that were just for fun, and gifts we knew they needed or wanted. I think the best gift was when Braeden opened the remote controlled dump truck with it's buddy the remote controlled bucket. In the video he just opened part of it, saw the picture, and lay his head on the side of the box, no movement, until we hear, "I love you Gramma, I love you Dave" Tears threatened to spill over, just then laughter, as Dave & Braeden had to take all the tape off, because, as Braeden quotes, "Gramma loves tape" (Well I can't make it easy for them, it takes out all the fun!) We played with the toys, had fun and just talked. It was a great evening. Saturday we just visited. It was a very nice trip.

Well that is all for now. Enjoy life while you can! Until next time.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

time just flies

Time will just fly by when you are not looking.
ok to pick up where I left off, this blog might be a little longer than it should be. Our 3rd day in CA. I had phone interview for a job, (no I did not accept it), moving forward, Heather and I were going to hang out, but she ended up having a yucky bug, and stayed home to get better. I stayed at the hotel and had dinner with Dave that night. Thursday I decided to take a trip to San Francisco. Yes readers I went to Alcatraz!!! I had a great time. I saw so many things. I spent 10 seconds in solitary! That seriously felt like it was a full minute. Can you imagine people that had to be in there for days and days at a time. I met an actual inmate. (bought his book for heather and had him sign it for her birthday gift.) I spent almost 3 hours on the rock taking in the view and the history. If you have the chance, go visit the rock.
I got back in the Challenger and off I went, I took advantage and drove across the SF bridge and the Bay bridge. I had fun but was so ready to be off the streets of San Francisco, and began my trek back to Sunnyvale.
Friday was packing for our trip home on Sat. morning. However we had a surprise birthday party to go to for Heather. Yes everyone she was TOTALLY surprised. Derrick had the theme from the 80's we all wore sunglasses and had pop rocks, movie posters all over the walls, and of course what is a party without "nerds" We had a great time.

Off again and onto our next adventure. We will keep you posted.