Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vienna, Day 3

Day 3
Friday, we got up at 4:30 am to go on a Sightseeing tour to Salzburg. We were so very lucky to have a tour guide that was originally from there. We learned so much about the movie “Sound of music” saw where the Von-Trapp family sung some of the songs, saw where they escaped from in real live and in the movie. (2 very different stories) We saw the Abby where they hid. We saw a bar/pub that is the over a 1000 years old called “Stiegl” A Monastery, where anyone considering being a monk in Austria, must go here to educate themselves. We got to see the house where Mozart's mother was born, and where his birth house is today, and his fathers tomb, & his. we learned he is buried with a few other people and because he died a poor man, he was not buried with Beethoven, or Strauss. All of which came from Austria. So many things.
On the way to Salzburg we passed several lakes, All of which are filled from the Swiss Alps, no “motor” boating is allowed on any of the lakes here so as not to pollute them.
There was one beautiful lake we passed called Moon Lake and a huge mountain which was straight down on one side, Made this way not man made. This lake is the warmest of the region, 65 to 85 all year around. The story behind this, is because there used to be a dragon that lived on that mountain,& to protect the little village of Salzkammergut Virgins were to be sacrificed to him.unfortunately, eventually, he ate all the virgins, so the dragon was so hungry the people sent him to Salzburg, when upon his return on evening, he was so tired & hungry as all the virgins in Salzburg were also now, he fell into Moon Lake and heats the water to this day.
(very adorable tale)
From Salzburg you can see the mountains which are the border of Germany, only a 10 min drive to get to the German border from Salzburg.
The coldest lake in Austria is called Fuschisee. Also a beautiful lake.
We saw so many many things in Salzburg, We were able to see the Church where the Von-Trapp's were really married, learning that the one in the sound of music was used because the church they were married in would not allow the film directors to film in the church.
Learning also that, in the movie, the hills and mountains that they showed the Von-Trapp family going to, were really the German Border, in real life, they took a train to Switzerland. We were shown where the Von Trapp family really sung, and we learned that Mirabelle Von-Trapp, after they moved out of Salzburg, came eventually to the United States, and resided in a home in Vermont, which is now open to the public, and in which David and I have decided that we will be visiting, (Suzi maybe this is something we can do if you guys come in Sept.)
But I'm positive you can look most of this up in the history books.
It is a 3 hour bus drive from Vienna to Salzburg. Salzburg is the most expensive place to live in Austria. There are @ 8 Million people living in Austria, @ 2 Million in Vienna, and @ 150 thousand in Salzburg.
So it was a long drive back to Vienna, I believe everyone fell asleep for a little while. We woke up and began looking out the windows, a few more pictures were taken. Pictures to be posted soon I hope.
until next time Enjoy

Vienna, Officially day 2 (Fri)

Friday we slept late but still got on to the Hop on Hop off Bus tour (red line) of Vienna
We saw
1. State Opera house
2. Hero’s square
3. University
4. Twin city Liner
5. St. Stephens Cathedral
6. Hilton Hotel (where we stayed) apparently something famous. (still do not know

We did walk around the State Opera house, saw a huge Rolex sign, of course David had to go in. I did get to take many pictures, we walked around and looked all over, it was much fun, we had lunch at a little pizza and pub shop, I had a Margherita pizza, (for me a feat in itself), we then walked back to the "hop on" bus route, and went around the, "red line" or bus route, it was later than we had anticipated & the buses stop running at 6pm here. We enjoyed I down loaded pictures and will eventually post them also, probably on Facebook.
We came again back to the hotel, and we went to this wonderful restaurant, David had hmmm Weiner Snitzel and I am totally positive it is spelled wrong, and I had a Filet steak, (which is like a filet Mignon) Mine was to come with mashed potatoes, and green beans, I asked for no beans, as I do not like them, and jokingly said if you have peas i would eat those, our waiter said We do, I was surprised, and said yes I'll take those. Let me tell you honestly My mouth is still doing somersaults, the peas tasted fresh out of a garden and cooked perfectly, the meat was soooooooooooo tender it melted in your mouth, I tried and liked their Holindaise sauce, (again spelling), the potatoes were TOTALLY perfect.. Man I wish I could eat like that every day, well that good of food anyway.
But I digress. The food here is wonderful,
I tried their ice cream, and it is absolutely nothing like in the USA. Bananna ice cream tastes like a real bananna, strawberry ice cream tastes like real strawberrys, their vanilla and chocolate ice cream, is not made with sugar, it is more like ice milk, yet still creamy... the portions are like 3 large scoops, and you don't feel like you just ate a gallon of ice cream..
so anyway, it was a wonderful day,Only about 70 degrees here, I love it..
until next time

Vienna, getting there.

Our trip to Vienna, Austria.
Day 1 Wed. 2pm. After a not too hectic morning of packing we left @ 2 to drive into Boston to catch our Lufthansa flight. It was pretty much an uneventful flight, still have not slept. It is 1:30 am EST. however it is now 7:30am here at our stop over in Frankfurt, Germany.
Around 8:15 we will begin to boarding for our flight to our final destination, which by the title of the blog you know is Vienna.. (totally psyched.!!!)

Ok we got here, and slept on and off, but we found a great place to eat, we had Spaghetti Bolognese, (it was awesome) and I tasted Davids, then ordered my own.. first time I've had it. Loved it. We got into the hotel room and passed out...
Woke up a few hours later and went outside to just walk around, and learned that the city pretty much closes up around 6pm..
but it was just fun walking around.
luv ya all I'll post Friday's day and what we did in another post, and my friends can just follow us around Europe & I do hope I do not bore you all..
*Hugs to all of you*
enjoy til next time