Saturday, December 20, 2008

What Again

All right if this is any indication of what's to come, I don't want it.. We had an ice storm which we lost power for almost a week, and now we just had a snow storm, and it's still snowing, and no Jokes, I swear we have like at the very least a foot of snow. probably more. I seriously have to go measure it. and we are scheduled to get more snow tomorrow. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO No more snow. Wish us luck on our drives to work. fun fun fun

Love & miss ya,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Winter storm

So This is Wed. We Finally have power, We lost power sometime last Thursday, for a few hours, they actually did get it back on, but we lost it again in the middle of the night, We woke up Friday freezing.
We are one of the fortunate people, we had a generator (from many years ago) so we at least had the bare essentials, heat, water, and some lights. We had a lot of mess to clean up. The gas stations, we're of course, raising up the prices "again" But they have us conditioned now to accept anything less than $4.00 a gallon. We went to buy a couple extra gas cans, and couldn't find them anywhere. By chance, we found a couple of "Blue" ones. Well again we we're just using them in this emergency crises. But for a 5 gallon container, 18.00. I mean seriously, why do people have to make a profit on the unfortunate. But I digress.
What have I learned over the last 6 days?, Well I learned that there are many people less fortunate than I, I felt bad for anyone that didn't have at least a small generator. It was very cold some nights, and pipes, I'm sure, we're freezing and breaking. The temperature finally got above freezing, thank god, or many more people would have went to the hospitals.
So My life lesson, Never take for granted, what you do have, it could, by some means, be taken away from you in an instant.
In any crises, be thankful for everyone that is working to make things correct. Know that they are doing the best they can do. Get to really know your neighbors, so in case they need you or you need them, they can, maybe, at least be there to help, and vise/versa.
On the up side of things,
We finally have full power back and cable and internet, and what happens, We now have the first "real snow" of the season. But that's cool, for the first time this year, David, Deanna & I will take or first walk in the new fallen snow tonight, "our tradition. (moon light on new fallen snow is beautiful & priceless)
So to everyone we will say bye for now,
Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to all.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


From our family to yours.
We hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving. We hope to hear from all of you soon.
As always,

~Nancie & David, Dee & our pets Brownie, Crystal, Oweo, Angel, Midnight, & Josie.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Party

Well Deanna's halloween party went off pretty much without a hitch. We all know that when you invite 20 people only 1/2 show up for some reason.
They had pizza and the whole front yard lit up, with the strobe light going off inside, I am positive the neighbors were thinking, what the heck?. All in all it was a fun party. Everyone dressed up, including David and I. No pics guys sorry. (My camera battery was dead)
Deanna had picked up a trophy for the winner with the best costume. She tied with her friend Crystal. I picked the Crystal as the winner. (The hostess can't win.)
So Halloween is this coming Friday evening, so I will have another blog then, and after that, Well it's David's Birthday, still another blog.
Take care and until next time.
~Happy Haunting~

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well Deanna's favorite holiday is coming. She has decorated outside, the graveyard is up, the walkway is lined with skulls, there are things that scream when you pass them, bats flying around, people in cages shaking and screeching, this year she even got the graveyard attendant to stand guard all night so the skeletons don't get out of the graveyard. David had to help, he is our technician, this year we add Thunder and lightning, with many many scary sounds. Can't wait to see reactions.

Deanna is also having a halloween party this coming sat. she has our formal living room all decked out. A 30 inch spider on the wall over the fireplace, a huge web for this spider, that goes from ceiling to floor. Bats hanging from the ceiling, a strobe light that makes everything like WOW. Bloody hand prints on my mirror and balcony doors. Skeletons lights. A row of bats will be hanging from the ceiling as you come up the stairs. She will even have Rat gummy candy. It is totally amazing what people will come up with. I will have to post pics of this stuff after the party.

Until the next post. Happy Halloween.
and take care

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I apologize to all of those out there that have been following. It certainly has been awhile since I've posted anything.
We definitely have been busy. We had a very fun mini vacation (just overnight). We went to upstate New York, to a place called Howes Caverns. It was a little tedious getting there, it was late when we were arriving and we had no idea where we were going.
So here we were in the middle of No where, with what seemed like shacks, I was afraid of what I had gotten us into. Then all of a sudden, a HUGE field appears, (looked like the sky when the heavens open after a rain storm, BEAUTIFUL) There was this HUGE Building, much wider than tall, it was the hotel. I might not say 5 stars but I think at least a 3 to 4. It was very nice and cozy. So after finally waking up the night guard to let us into our room and give us our key, we are all hungry. (mostly me) So as David rests, (after a sinus infection about killed him, with the elevation and up and down hills) Deanna & I run out with our trusty Nav to find a McPlastic.
Well let me tell you. The guard said it was only like 10 minutes away, our nav said 1/2 hour. Me, being me, listened to the nav. MISTAKE! We drove for a little ways, and stopped to get gas. I then asked Deanna to ask the guy standing outside if he knew where there was a McPlastic, Her response can only be matched by the cartoon "Tarzan" when the elephant, says "is this water sanitary" and then is told yes, and he says "well it looks a little questionable to me." Well Deanna's response was "No WAY He looks a little questionable to me" I smiled, had It not been awkward to laugh in front of the guy I would have laughed out-loud.
Moving forward. I asked the man myself. Finding that he was a very pleasant man, well to me a kid, which is what we learned of most of the people in that area. (typical backwoods country folk) (Awesome)
So we made a u-turn and finally found the McPlastic. Drove back to the hotel and ate, at like 11:30 at night.
We got up the next day. Got ready and went to have Breakfast and the local diner, it was quaint and really busy, but none the less, it was good food.
So all of this leads up to our day. Going down an elevator to the caverns, where we learned all about the caves and how they we're founded. And we did learn that they use the caves to age cheese, and beer, Neat. No we didn't sample any. All in all it was a very fun day. As soon as I can pick out some of the pics off of David's camera, I will post a few of them on our gallery. or a couple on here.

So until next time. Take care and feel free to leave comments We love them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another moment of sorrow

Another moment of sorrow for our home.

Eulogy for Dona A. Dugal
by David G. Dugal

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, Don Dugal was a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. He was, at times, both compassionate and stern, a leader in his field and wary of new technology, patient and fun-loving as a father, and meticulously precise in his professional career. Don was many things to many people; a jack of all trades and a master of most everything he attempted.

Joe Puleo, author of “Getting Home Alive”, had this to say about his experiences working with Don at The Auto Show:

“Don and I worked in two garage bays adjacent to the body shop. On my first day, someone in the parts department warned me that no one had ever been able to get along with Don. What a way to begin a job. I quickly learned that Don’s problem, if one could call it that, was that he didn’t suffer fools lightly and was fully prepared to let them know it. He is also the best mechanic I’ve ever met and it is to him that I owe most of what I know about how cars really work. Over the time we worked together, he became a good friend and I am always pleased that our paths occasionally cross.”

While some may have considered his renowned lack of patience as a curse, I and many people learned to appreciate and accept it as a characteristic of any genius. So precise and meticulous was he in his craft, that any deviation from the right answer was clearly a waste of time and effort. Over the years, through sharing time and projects with my dad, I found the unique wisdom in removing the improbable and focusing only on the logical conclusion. I truly believe I owe all of my technical and troubleshooting abilities to his singular philosophy and quest for the truth.

As Joe said, he never suffered fools and always spoke his mind, even if it got him in trouble or alienated him. He mostly saw things as black and white, but always made his choice intelligently and stuck to it. My sister, Diane, was just commenting about how he taught her to tell how fast a car was going without looking at the speedometer and could often diagnose a problem with a car engine without even opening up the hood.

In retrospect, Don was very lucky to find his passion in cars. He was also true and fair in his dealings with others. He never took advantage of anyone, selling cars for what he put into them, and giving free advice about auto repair to anyone that happened to visit. I recall how every Saturday, Dad would be working on his current project du jour and at least a half-dozen friends would swing by to see how he was doing, then proceed to ask for consultation on their own automotive ailments. He used to quip that if he’d charge for all his advice, he’d be a millionaire by now.

On a personal front, he also gave me excellent advice about pursuing my vocation. Instead of following his lead and taking up auto mechanics, he suggested that I reach for higher technology and get into the Electronics curriculum at Davies Vocational High School. That small, but surgically accurate advice eventually lead to a degree in Electrical Engineering at URI and a series of high tech jobs. I can publicly affirm that I would not be where I am today without his guidance, and will be forever grateful.

My sister Diane really got to know him over the last year or so, as his condition progressed. He had called Diane while he was in Hospice, and in a somber tone stated how much he loved the two of us, and how proud he was that we were so successful. He said that he really thought my fiancĂ©e, Nancie was good for me, and that he was delighted I found someone to take care of me. As always, he was right on the money, and I couldn’t agree more.

He said recently that the last Father's Day we all spent together was the best one he ever had. Maybe he was too proud to make the first step to get closer to us, but we both thank God that we were given that chance. Every moment we spent with him was precious.

He was a good man, a kind soul, an outstanding father, and a mechanical genius. He will truly be missed.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Wonderful Man

Dona A. Dugal, 1930-2008

DUGAL, DONA A., 78, of Woonsocket and formerly of Pawtucket, passed away Saturday, September 6, 2008 at the Philip Hulitar Hospice Center, Providence. He was the husband of Pauline (Beaudry) Dugal.

Born in Pawtucket, he was the son of the late George and Jennie (Clausse) Dugal. Mr. Dugal was a mechanic for the Auto Show of Seekonk, MA for several years, retiring in 1998.

Besides his wife, he leaves his former wife, Dorothy (Wunschel) Dugal, a son, David Dugal of New Hampshire, a daughter, Diane Bynum of Cranston, three step daughters, Donna Bell of Pawtucket, Kim Marie Bell of New Hampshire, and Tammy West of Pawtucket, two sisters, Mary St. George of Pawtucket, and Frances Borges of Pawtucket, and eight step grandchildren.

Mr. Dugal was one of the first mechanic's of Leonard Ink D.B.A. Auto Show of Seekonk MA, for over 30 years, Retiring in 1998. He also did some Modeling with Mr. Leonard through the Donahue Modeling Agency. Through the years Don had a LOVE for OLD CARS, He loved breathing new life into old cars that needed him, He could not pass a JUNK YARD without bringing one home. There are maybe 500 cars he has fixed for friends and family members that are still on the road today. Don also belonged to the Rolling Rhodes Car Club, The Drifters, & the Four Seasons Rambler AMCRC Car Club.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Talk about AWESOME

All right.. So I've never really heard opera before, let alone a musical opera. David introduced me to Phantom of the Opera.
My God is was truly beautiful. Emmy Rossum (Christine Daae is her stage name) has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.

It is utterly spectacular. Her voice is like nothing I have ever heard.
She does is so effortlessly.
So if your reading this, you must, you must, YOU MUST rent, or better yet, purchase this movie. My daughter, Deanna, even watched it and liked it.
I have the CD in my car and listen to the music often. The songs are stuck in my head, I am constantly humming the tunes, as I could never hit some of the notes she hits.
The Phantom (Gerald Butler) was also a very good singer, and did a beautiful job. I have to say, of all the things we could have watched. This was by far one of the best.
Until next time
Take care, and please leave comments about the phantom of the opera if you get to watch it.


Sunday, August 10, 2008


OK So now that I've finally gotten some feedback on my blogging, I can promise not to use so many "smilies" in our blog. I apologize for any head spinning that I've caused.

We woke up today to a potentially dreary rainy day. We we're to go to a Viper event, but alas, because of a sinus headache, we didn't attend this one. Next week we will.
So to pass the time I cooked a nice breakfast of hash browns, sausage and Cinnamon French toast. Yummy... And we ate out on the deck. Low and behold absolutely no clouds in the sky. "go figure"
So we actually have had a very nice relaxing morning with tunes included.

We tried to let the Kitty's out on the deck with us. They did well until Brownie decided to slip through the railing and go down the stairs, which we had a gate acrossed, (didn't deter him much) So then we had to put them inside.

So today I think we're going to do a ferret photo shoot. I can't wait to post some pictures, a couple on here, and the of course an album on our gallery. I'm very excited about this. David takes beautiful pictures.

Also hopefully soon we will be posting pics of Deanna, She just had her Senior portraits done. She looked beautiful. I loved the ones done inside, the outside we're ok but not like spectacular, I'm going to have David take some of her all dressed up.
Then I'll post some of them.
For now I'm going to go and set up the room for the ferret shoot.
Take care and I'll post again soon.
Please leave comments.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well hello again, we just took a trip to St. Marys, the place where our grandson lives. We did get to see him but the trip was about my best friend Stacy.
Her & I went to her parents grave and I said my goodbye's. I picked up a gift for David's mom.
We also went to my parents grave & put up a white picket fence with flowers. Well I supervised, Shannon & Deanna did all the work. They did a beautiful job. After I upload the pics off my camera I'll put a couple on here.
We then proceeded over to my best friend Stacy's house. We Grilled out on their deck,
We stayed until almost midnight and had a small campfire and had smore's well I think we just roasted marshmallows and ate them, and then ate the chocolate bars. It was very very nice to spend time with her and her family.

On Sunday we made our way home. 8 hours of driving. David did the first stretch, I did the 2nd.
We found the ferrets in good shape when we got home. The kitty's were anxious to see us, they wanted petted and payed attention to. We did but we also had to let the ferrets out. So it was a very long day. Other than that, things are going great.
Until next time. Take care.


Monday, July 14, 2008


So I talk about our grandson, well finally I can insert pictures so, here he is.
This is Feb. of 2008, 3 months short of him being 2 years old.
Isn't he just adorable?
He is a tall boy, already 35 inches.
This is at the pool where we stayed. His Godmother, Deanna is behind him. (I apologize for the red eye) As time goes on we'll have more pictures posted.

So a little about Mr. Braeden. He is very smart. He already can count to 15 by himself, and is now learning to say his numbers in Spanish He can also say his ABC's.
Here is another picture of David & Braeden, We were in NY.

They were both worn out when they got done. But they had fun, Braeden now loves chain link fences, so he can run a stick across them. Ahh the innocence of youth. They remind us of this each time you see their eyes light up at the sight of a butterfly, or the taste of something new. Or when they look into your eyes and say "I'm sorry" for something they really didn't do wrong. Enjoy them when they are little because time just keep marching on and they grow up quickly as we all do.

So until next time, Enjoy.


Saturday, July 12, 2008


We saw another movie, another must see.
WANTED, it was like totally awesome, little more blood than I care to see, but none the less, awesome.

Our Ferrets are doing well, and growing up fast. They absolutely love to Tunnel through everything and anything they can fit through.
Angel (the albino) is still as "evil" as ever, Josie (beige one) still looks like popcorn when she plays. Jumping out of boxes and she is so cute. Midnight, (black sable) still is a biter, she may look all innocent behind that mask, but don't let her fool you, she can be more evil than Angel.

It's amazing, one moment they are right beside you playing, the next they are gone, vanished, they all of a sudden, you feel yourself getting jumped on by those razor sharp claws of theirs. Then to top it off they just look at you, as if to say, "what did I do?" Then you just laugh.

Then when they gang up on you, why it's like "WHAT??"
So this is another day in our lives. Take care and we'll keep you posted.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Friday, July 4, 2008


We have sad days also. Yesterday we lost a very nice woman in our lives. Her name is Lavonne, I say is, because in the hearts of those that loved her, or have even met her, she will always be alive.

She made a tremendous impact on my live. I never knew how much her passing would effect me. She was so much like my own mother. Happy, Carefree, Wise. She always wanted to make people happy. She did everything for her children & grandchildren.

Her daughter is my very best friend in the world. Stacy if you read this, I'm right here with you in prayers and thoughts. To your whole family, I can't even begin to express the sympathy that I give to each of you. One thought, She will now be with your dad, as she always loved to be, and someday, we shall all see her again.

To Lavonne, if for some reason you can read this, It is to you that I give much thanks, you gave me back a motherly presence in my life again. It seems like it wasn't much, but it was more than I ever dreamed I would have again. To God I give thanks for letting me have known such a wonderful, caring, loving woman.

God Speed


Monday, June 30, 2008


All right so, Wall-E this is a must see movie, surprise ending!! If you have younger kids or if your a kid at heart, go go go to see this. Funny yet exciting in places, sometimes you wanted to cry! But over-all a wonderful movie. For a G rating it was great.
So make it something to do for the weekend, family event.

Have a nice day.
Until Next time

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Movie Time

Hey!! We're off to see a movie!!!! I, personally, can't wait.
I think I might drive David & Deanna nuts. As this is a fun movie. I think David told me WALL-E is an awesome movie, at least according to Just click on the little Wall-E and it will show you. I think it said 96 or 97 %. Ahh I just double checked, 96%. I am still very excited to go see it, I can't set still.

Oh Hey all of you should try this new Smiley collection, We just got some new smileys,
however they don't quite work on blogger yet, However, David is on the case!
Where or where would we be without our David? I pray we will never know. I do know that we will never know. To you David
Oh yes I forgot we did watch a movie last night, here at home. It was called Sweeny Todd.
Little icky if you ask me, but most people like that stuff. It's a musical, I couldn't believe it, but there it was, a gory musical. It was pretty good with a surprise ending, so if you want to rent it, it is at least worth watching, not for little kids, but for adults and teens, it's fine.
So for now it's off again. and onto the movies. I will re visit again and let you know about the movie Wall-E.

Have a wonderful night,
until next time.