Saturday, October 26, 2013

Niagara Falls

So Dave & I took a quick get away. 
    We decided to take a weekend get away to Niagara Falls in Canada.  It was beautiful, but the water didn't seem to be as powerful as it once was a decade ago.  However, at night when the sky is clear, and they illuminate the falls, both the American and Horseshoe falls..  They are breathtaking.
Dave & I had fun, helping a gentleman, he wanted his picture taken at night in front of the falls.
Well  it is a very hard thing to do,  with flash, all you can see is a face, with whited out blurry falls behind him,  with no flash, all you see is the falls, with a shadow in front of them..   My wise husband comes up with the idea for me to hold a small flashlight with just enough light streaming through my fingers to show the mans face, and with no flash takes the picture.  It was a very cool effect. 
   I was proud of my husband. ( Shhhh don't tell him)
We did a few fun things while we were there,, We of course had to visit the Hard Rock Cafe & buy yet another T-shirt.
  We of course did Journey under the falls.. it was windy, but we did get some great shots.
We did a 3D-4-D movie..  That was totally 100% LAME..Not worth our money at all.
We did a ride called FURY..   It was pretty cool..  nice effects..  even snow...
We rode the Incline, even got a few nice shots from there..
We thought about riding up to the top of the Skylon, then changed our minds.

after a long day of getting wet at everything we did.  Dave was tired.. and I was also, however, I walked across the street from our hotel and there was a miniature golf course and it was all dinosaurs.. Very cool.   I went over and spent about an hour taking pictures.

As it was going to rain all day on Saturday, Dave and I decided to surprise Shannon & Braeden with a visit, as where they live is only 3 hours from the falls.
So up on Sat. morning and across the Rainbow Bridge back into the USA..  we were sitting there, and all of a sudden it was hailing..  wow.. sun shining above us, a rainbow to the left of us, traffic all around us and  hail...  in the words of the lion from the Wizard of OZ,  "Strange weather we're having, aint it?"

Drove 3 hours to Shannon's  I-90  was a horrible bumpy road,  it was like riding on an accordion for miles.. I think any fillings our teeth once had, are now in NY..

We had a great visit with Shannon, Justin, & Braeden.  We gave Shannon a christmas present early..  2 new Futons.   She was happy.  I'm glad.

We drove home on Sunday and over all we had a great time.

Until next time..
Enjoy life to it's fullest.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 3
Friday, we got up at 4:30 am to go on a Sightseeing tour to Salzburg. We were so very lucky to have a tour guide that was originally from there. We learned so much about the movie “Sound of music” saw where the Von-Trapp family sung some of the songs, saw where they escaped from in real live and in the movie. (2 very different stories) We saw the Abby where they hid. We saw a bar/pub that is the over a 1000 years old called “Stiegl” A Monastery, where anyone considering being a monk in Austria, must go here to educate themselves. We got to see the house where Mozart's mother was born, and where his birth house is today, and his fathers tomb, & his. we learned he is buried with a few other people and because he died a poor man, he was not buried with Beethoven, or Strauss. All of which came from Austria. So many things.
On the way to Salzburg we passed several lakes, All of which are filled from the Swiss Alps, no “motor” boating is allowed on any of the lakes here so as not to pollute them.
There was one beautiful lake we passed called Moon Lake and a huge mountain which was straight down on one side, Made this way not man made. This lake is the warmest of the region, 65 to 85 all year around. The story behind this, is because there used to be a dragon that lived on that mountain,& to protect the little village of Salzkammergut Virgins were to be sacrificed to him.unfortunately, eventually, he ate all the virgins, so the dragon was so hungry the people sent him to Salzburg, when upon his return on evening, he was so tired & hungry as all the virgins in Salzburg were also now, he fell into Moon Lake and heats the water to this day.
(very adorable tale)
From Salzburg you can see the mountains which are the border of Germany, only a 10 min drive to get to the German border from Salzburg.
The coldest lake in Austria is called Fuschisee. Also a beautiful lake.
We saw so many many things in Salzburg, We were able to see the Church where the Von-Trapp's were really married, learning that the one in the sound of music was used because the church they were married in would not allow the film directors to film in the church.
Learning also that, in the movie, the hills and mountains that they showed the Von-Trapp family going to, were really the German Border, in real life, they took a train to Switzerland. We were shown where the Von Trapp family really sung, and we learned that Mirabelle Von-Trapp, after they moved out of Salzburg, came eventually to the United States, and resided in a home in Vermont, which is now open to the public, and in which David and I have decided that we will be visiting, (Suzi maybe this is something we can do if you guys come in Sept.)
But I'm positive you can look most of this up in the history books.
It is a 3 hour bus drive from Vienna to Salzburg. Salzburg is the most expensive place to live in Austria. There are @ 8 Million people living in Austria, @ 2 Million in Vienna, and @ 150 thousand in Salzburg.
So it was a long drive back to Vienna, I believe everyone fell asleep for a little while. We woke up and began looking out the windows, a few more pictures were taken.

Easter 2013

Easter 2013

Hello All,
   Again I let time slip and so many things have happened since my birthday post.
Lets see,  November,  Thanksgiving, well the weekend before thanksgiving, We drove to St. Marys, Pa to visit with our daughters, Shannon and Deanna & of course Braeden, our grandson, My job doesn't really permit me to have holidays off, so we make our own holidays.  To those of you from Pittsburgh, this is why we typically can't visit on Thanksgiving, although you have no idea how much I would love to be around all of you.
Moving forward
  As I mentioned we went to PA, for an early thanksgiving,  Shannon cooked her very first bird... It was very very very good.. I was proud of her.  (I think Deanna helped a little, but I'm not sure) Anyway that Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We came home and off to work I went.  Thanksgiving day we drove down to RI to Dave's sister's house and had thanksgiving there also..  This was also a nice meal, and great company.
   Next we skip ahead to Christmas.  Well Christmas with Dave's sister & brother in law, was good.. We have decided to give gifts or rather donations to our favorite charities.  It was a nice.
   Our next Christmas in PA was in later January.  We had a great time,  I believe I spoil the girls every year, but as per usual, with things they needed. ie. clothing, sneakers, coats, scarfs, dishes.    The only gift I have ever asked for is that they cook Dave and I a home cooked meal.  This time it was a roast, It was really good also,  My daughter can cook, (guess I taught her a little bit)  We had a wonderful visit.  We also visited my best friend,  We had a wonderful time talking with her and her husband.  (Hi Stacy & Oscar)  & of course as always, we enjoyed visiting with her kids also.. (Hello Hannah & Seth)
   We made our way home, and we went about our daily lives.

Valentines day came and went.  I remember Dave giving me some a dozen chocolate hearts with a dozen truffles. a beautiful card.
Now we come to Easter..  So Easter was to be, same ol, same ol,  Diane and Mike coming up, me making up baskets for Kati & Dillon, and enjoying company for the day..  Well  it was nothing of the sort.. LOL..
   Thursday, prior to Easter, I had to work til 10pm.  Somewhere around 10:30pm our doorbell rang.  I could not figure out who it was.  I was looking out through the side windows, and could see something sitting on the porch step.  Curious and Cautions, I slowly open the door, Seeing it was a plant with bunny ears and a bunny face, I looked up to the top of the first floor stairs, where I said to my husband, "aww who in the world did you get to deliver this to me this late at night:  he just smiled. I turned and bent down to pick it up and all of a sudden, someone jumps out of the shadows and screams, HAPPY EASTER!,  I was so shocked I almost slammed the door in their face, then realized that it was my grandson, Picked him up hugging him, seeing my oldest daughter come around the corner, crying because I was so happy to see them. Trying to figure out how, when , why and where,  SO many emotions in such a short time span,  I was exhausted, by the time we walked up the stairs and sat down.
Needless to say it was a great Easter present from my husband.
 As I have said many times. Just when I thought he could surprise me no more, he goes and does something like this..
Thanks to Shannon, Justin and Braeden for making the trip.
Thanks to My husband Dave who is the most wonderful man in the world.
Thanks to Diane, Mike, Debbie, Carlo, Kati, & Dillon for making my easter just that much more special with the visits.

*hugs* to all of you.
Until the next blog.
Enjoy and live life to its fullest each and every day.