Sunday, December 29, 2019

Dec 2019 final post for this year

Hello all,   

The beginning of the year was pretty great,  We were able to celebrate our Christmas in January, then return to PA, for our Grandaughters 1st birthday Party, and tied into that weekend, Braedens early 13th birthday party.    I can not believe that he is already a teenager.... 
  We were able to take our 4 wheelers out a few times.  We were going to go on a trail, in May, when my boot zipper dangles, literally got tangled up and down I went, onto some rocks,  I learned 2 days later that I broke a bone in my wrist, 1st time I've ever broken a bone.  It was nice to go over 50 years without breaking one. 
So I missed 1 day of work, and got a cast on.  I had to wear it for  4 weeks.

 I had them put a green one on me, as Dave and I were headed for Edinburg (Pronounced Edinboro by locals)   Scotland.  We had a great time with our FIRST friends.  I got to explore the land around Edinburg, took many tours, including a Harry Potter one.  JK Rowling, wrote many of her books here, and many of the names within the Harry Potter books were taken from a graveyard there. 
At every FIRST event, there is a Gala event, typically on the Wednesday that we are there,  Some dressy, some beachy, some business casual, and some just casual.     But we always have fun.   This year we got to see the Red Hot Chilli Pipers!   They signed my cast.  So I still have that. 

    We came home and went back to work as usual, 
In July we took our 4 wheelers to PA, so we could enjoy time on them with the kids.  (they own 2 of them)    unfortunatly Dave was in an accident,  He broke/bruised 11 ribs,  He had a total hip replacement, and he also has a new collar bone.      We spend some time in Altoona in physical therapy, and we were home before the first of August.   Dave has been cleared from all Doctors and all PT,  He is operating at 99%.   I'm very proud of him for doing so well. 

Again we returned to work like normal people. 
We had our Annual early Thanksgiving.  (In early October, as to avoid snow travel)   
It was a great time.  We had a great turkey, lots of laughs, desserts, and friends and family. 
Shannon, Justin, Braeden, Kyra, Deanna, Russ, Diane, Mike, Lorraine, & Sharon.    So Fun.

In Nov.  I awoke with a leg cramp.  I went to the doctors, several times, and finally to an orthopedist.   I learned that the Tendon in my foot dis attached from the bone.  it's the tendon that makes your foot go up and down. At the beginning of Dec. I had surgery, to repair it.  I now have to be off work for several weeks.   But I am praying to be back to work before the end of January.  So far the doctor says it's all going ok.. I have a pretty new blue cast.. 

This whole year, has been a teaching year,  When life gives you Lemons, you make lemonade. 

Dave and I are going to have a wonderful New Years, and a great year next year. 
We love each of you and hope your Christmas was wonderful, and that you Have a fabulous New Year;

Until Next time.. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

End of the year post

Well it's been a year.
The beginning of March we went to PA to celebrate our grandaughters 1st Birthday and our Grandsons (early)13th.  Both were fun.  Thanks to everyone who attended.

In July we were back in PA & took out ATV's with us.  We had a blast, thanks to Justin & Shannon & Braeden, who made it fun. 
  We came back to NH, and in May, I broke my wrist, I feel on some bumpy rocks.  First time I've ever broken a bone. but it ended riding season with the ATVs.  for awhile anyway.
In June, we went to Edinboro, Scotland, (Dave for work, me for fun)  I had my cast signed by the Red Hot Chilli PIPPERS Not to be confused with peppers.     Great Evening.

  Now that he's mostly better, I will tell you about Dave's accident.  He went up a hill, basically without any momentum to get him to the top.  He did jump off the ATV but it decided to chase him down the hill.   This all happened on a Saturday prevning. 5ish.  He was taken by helicopter to Altoona Trama Hospital.  When I arrived, he was already thru x-rays and such.  His list is a little long of the things that were wrong.   so here goes. 
a Hematoma, that dissipated after 2 days.
a C1 Fracture that apparently wasn't there after 2 days
an L3 in his lower back (which is totally healed)
Eleven broken or fractured ribs
A broken Left CollarBone
A Shattered Right Hip
and other bumps & bruises
On the 20th of July was his accident.  He had a total right hip replacement on Sunday the 21st. We were up and walking on Monday the 22nd, On wednesday the 24th, we were in the Rehabilitation Hospital.   His goals were to walk up stairs, and get into our truck.  I was so greatful to this group of people. They worked with him 3 hours every day, he worked everyday with my help. (I was so proud every day) By the 31st, we were able to drive to pick up the ATV's and drive home.
On the 5th of Aug, he got his staples out of his hip, and was then told that on the following friday the 9th of Aug, that he was to have surgery for his collar bone.
      He now has a new Titanium Hip and a new Stainless steel collarbone.  (He thinks he's Bionic)
  It was alot of in home PT and alot of outpatient PT, but he is almost 100%.  We have our great, and not so great days. His ribs are still healing.  those take time.  He has been working from home. 
I went back to work,  part time of my part time. I missed my residents.

We just went on a Business Trip for Dave to California. He had to work,but I got to see a few things I haven't seen yet, by san francisco.   
We had our Early Thanksgiving on the 12th of Oct.   It was fun.   Diane, Mike, Lorraine, Sharon, Deanna, Russ, Shannon, Justin, Braeden & Kyra.    It was a nice time,  fireworks ended our evening.

I think all things considered, it's been a busy busy busy summer.   It was fun, and Dave and I are looking forward to going on a Toys for Tots run with the NH ATV club.   We ar excited to return to our fun runs with our new 4 wheelers. 

Until next time.  Enjoy life to it's fullest. 


Thursday, January 31, 2019

Christmas in PA (Jan 19 2019)

Hello All. 

  So we're back from PA. We had a great time. 

Ky is walking
Shannon is exhausted, chasing after Ky whom is always on the go.
Justin is getting used to being wrapped around Ky's little finger
Braeden is being a great big brother.
Deanna has a new boyfriend, (whom we like)  his name is Russ.
Dave, I believe, enjoyed his trip to the middle of nowhere PA.

Thursday evening Dinner with Braeden, then a fun visit with Shannon, Ky & Braeden.
      Braeden and I played Chess.  He got better with each game.
Friday morning was a visit with my cousin Renee for breakfast & a PB donut from DD's bakery.               (God they are so good)
Friday night dinner, (which was a bust)  then Christmas. til 1am. 
             We bought way too much stuff. 
Saturday was a Ham dinner at Shannons, ( I cooked, Deanna helped)

We then had our yearly family photo shoot. Then it was off to go swimming for a bit and have pizza.

Just laughing and visiting until 2am. 

Then the storm hit,  Sunday we made it to one restaurant that was open, had breakfast, and stayed til they were closing.  Left there and went back to Shannons, so we could wait out the storm, and the roads to get cleared.  We left, and drove to scranton, PA and stayed overnight.  We began our journey on Monday morning, waiting for the roads to clear up again.  Drove the rest of the way home and after some white knuckling it thru some of NY, & CT & MA.  we made it home just after 6pm. 

Glad to be home and safe. 

Until our next adventure!!! 
Enjoy life!


Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Our Wonderful year

Hello to everyone.   We have had a Busy year, but a great one.

it actually began in Dec. of 2017 with a trip to Disney World. We gave our oldest daughter, her boyfriend, our grandson, and yet to then be born granddaughter, an early Christmas gift.  It was a wonderful week.

We then spent a weekend with Diane and Mike for our Christmas with them. It was also a great day.

We then had another Christmas in January in St. Marys, PA, with Shannon, & family along with Deanna,  2 of my brothers Ron & Don, along with Susie, also came up for a visit.  We got to see my Nephew and his family for a few min. 

Dave & I stayed home in Feb, celebrated Valentines day, it was a relaxing month.  this is when Dave said we could go ahead and take a trip this year together.  A cruise.

Right at the end of Feb.  I went to PA alone, our granddaughter was on her way to being delivered into this big wide world, & just like with Braeden, this gramma, wasn't going to miss it.
I spent my time between spending time with Braeden, visiting my niece, and her 4 daughters.  Then it was off to the hospital to be with Shannon,  I only left her side after Kyra was born.  March 3,  2018 it had been a long night. But my girl was a trooper,  Kyra Nicole was/is  healthy and beautiful.
  She had a little bit of a rough start for the first week,  but I let my husband & work know that I would be staying in PA for a couple of weeks, to help get Kyra, Shannon & Justin, get thru a little hiccup with her health.     I loved Kyras Doctor,  He said, if he could prescribe any medicine for Kyra, to help her thru what she went thru, it would be a dose of gramma, every day. 
Shannon & I lived at the hospital for 7 days, Leaving only for showers and food, when Justin was able to come down.  Well we did it. Kyra came home Healthy and Happy,  so crisis averted.  I think I slept for a couple of days straight...  :-) 

As soon as I was home and got situated, I began planning the trip of my dreams, a trip to Alaska, our cruise.
This happened at the end of May, thru the beginning of June,  It was a wonderful trip.  Dave and I began our adventure in Fairbanks, where we experienced 24 hours of daylight.Saw the beautiful Ididarod Dogs. We also were able to experience the Alyeska pipeline, pan for gold.
 The next day was a bus trip into Denali, the next day was a trip on a train, thru many towns, to Whitaker, on this train, we were very fortunate, to see the top of Denali, our tour guide said we were some of the 20% of the people that get to see this, as it is covered with clouds most of the time.
We were then on a ship, for a 7 day cruise.
Day 1.  Hubbard Glacier was absolutely breathtaking.
all of the Fjords were just beautiful.
Day 2. Glacier Bay was also beautiful, we experience Calving of the glacier.. absolutely incredible.
Day 3 we were in Skagway
Day 4 Junuae
Day 5 Ketchican
then home a couple day cruise to reach Vancover, and then home.

Back to work for us,
In August, we went to PA, for Dave to meet our new gran-daughter,  Yes folks,  he loves her.

In September, Dave & I bought new toys,
    for Dave,  a 2018 Renegade 4 Wheeler (Gorgeous)
   for myself,  a 2018 Outlander, Limited edition.  (Blue and beautiful)
We have been out every other weekend riding them in one place or another,  having a great time.
Neither of us can wait until spring to get on them again.

In October, we celebrated our Thanksgiving. Here in NH,  as the weather is a crap shoot in Nov.
Shannon and her family came out, Deanna flew in from Pittsburgh,

It's now Dec,  we had a Wunschel family Christmas in RI, it was much fun.  and here it is New Years eve.  so Until Next year!!!!!
 Happy New year everyone!!!!  Have a safe and wonderful year.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Another year gone by.

I really should write in this more often.
It's been a busy year In April of 2016, I had Surgery on my hand, it ended up requiring 6 different surgeries at the same time,  They needed to take a bone out of my wrist, nothing to do with carpel tunnel.
2 weeks after this, the 30 stitches came out, and a cast put on. a week later we were off to a wedding,
1 week after that, I got my cast off, a brace put on, in the morning of a Thrus,& that afternoon, I was in physical Therapy for my hand, (ouch) then, Th, Fri, Mon, & Wed.  Before the following Thursday jetting off to Seoul Korea, David for work, and me for fun. We were there about 10 days in total with travel. Great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Week after that, Braeden & Shannon came to visit, for 2 weeks,  That was a great time.
We did a lot in those 2 weeks,  After that, we took it easy for a little while,

In Sept, I changed my career path,  I left the food service industry, and entered the world of enjoying my job.  I have become a Program Assistant, or a better term, Activities director.  I literally get to go to work every day and have fun with our elderly.  In my case, I work with Residents that have some degree of dementia.  Some days can be difficult, but none the less rewarding, when you see them smile, or laugh, or remember a great day, it makes it all worth it.    Dave says that I need to get a more depressing job, because I have entirely too much fun.   5 months have gone by and I still love it.

At the beginning of Nov. We had an early Thanksgiving, we had many here, both girls, their S/O's and Braeden, Diane & Mike, 2 of our dear friends, Sharon, and Lorraine. I believe a great time was had by all.     We had a 2nd thanksgiving down in RI.

Christmas was celebrated on Christmas eve with a lunch in RI with Mike & Diane and Aunt Virginia, then we came home, to celebrate our own small Christmas, exchanging cute gifts, Dave got a Sloth for Christmas. (almost like a time share),  I worked on Christmas day, and had a great time,
New years eve was also fun, The only time we ever drink Champagne.

We celebrated Christmas on the last week of January 2017, with Shannon, Justin, Braeden, and Deanna.  I have to learn to control my gift giving.  20 + gifts each was just too many.  Next year,  gift certificates.  It just means I spend more time with the girls, talking and visiting, instead of opening gifts.

For now that about sums it up.  Valentines is in 2 days, although Dave and I will celebrate it Saturday.

Until next time, which will hopefully not be another year.  Have a wonderful time,
Hugs and Love  ~N~

Monday, December 14, 2015

2015 wow Christmas around the corner

Hello All,
  As always it's been awhile since I've posted on here.. Life just seems to get in the way of blogging.
So we began the year with having to get a new roof and lots of repairs to our bed room and master bath.   Water damage was not our friend this year.   Aside from that.  Dave and I didn't do too much this year.  We had Christmas in Jan with our daughters, and grandson and their S.O.'s
We also had Christmas in Dec with Dave's sister and Brother in Law in RI.

In April I took over as store manager where I work,  was quite tired of working a million hours, and getting paid for way less.  So at the end of June,  I talked to the COO and stepped back down to do what I luv to do..  "marketing"  However because of taking on the position,  I was sent off to Mexico in Sept. for a week for work.   It wasn't too great of a trip, but I did learn a lot, and had a nice time making connections, meeting new people.

In June, we were off to Michigan, where we had a fantastic time visiting with family from my fathers side of the family.   It was great to meet some new family and see old ones. Love them all.

In July, we were off to PA, for another family reunion, from my mothers side of the family.  Again had a great time, and was able to see people we haven't seen in awhile, and meet a few new ones.
During our extended cousin reunion, Dave & I took the challenger to PA this time, and he put it in a car show,  It was pretty cool.  He took our cousin Dave for a ride during the 1st cousin reunion, then he took our cousin Jusson, for a ride at the extended reunion,  Jusson had permagrin.. LOVED IT.

In Sept, as I mentioned was the trip to Mexico,
In Oct. We were off to CA, for Dave to have his week long Face to Face with hi co workers.,  I usually go along, he works, while I go play!   I went to a rose garden, drove along the coast, and many other things while I was there.

At the end of Oct. Shannon, Deanna, and Braeden, and Reagan, came to visit, Reagan is a little girl that Shannon had temporary custody of.
During that visit, We had gotten Deanna's wedding dress, Shannon's maid of honor dress, Braeden a new suit to be the ring bearer.  A lot accomplished in a day.
We also celebrated Thanksgiving early with the girls.

At the Beginning of Nov. We went down to CT for our nephews birthday, We took the Viper, for a change of pace, and all went well until on the way home, the serpentine belt fell off,  stuck on the side of a major road, on a Sat. night, with no tow service open, or any garage, specialized for a viper, near where you are.. is well a bad thing.   Many miles and $$ later, we arrived at home, driven by the tow truck to bring the car, over 100 miles to get it home.  (ugh)

In November we had Thanksgiving In RI, with my sister in law and brother in law, Very nice visit, as always.

I believe that's it for now.  I do hope you all have a wonderful Holiday,  and after our few christmas's I'll post again.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

End of 2014

Well another year has gone by so very quickly.  This is a year that was a good one most of the time.  Dave and I didn't really travel too much.  We had a few glitches in projects that just didn't happen, but will eventually get done.
Dave finally got his "drop down from the ceiling" 100" Screen, with state of the art projector installed.  We now have our very own movie theater in the house.  Everyone that has seen it, has enjoyed it.  (We are big movie buffs.)

In previous posts I mentioned about our trip to Boston for FIRST, our trip to Michigan to my Uncles house, & Thanksgiving held at our house this year.

In other news,  We did several events with the Challenger Club, the Viper Club & the new Dart Club. We have met new people, caught back up with old friends, I planned a few events. One was a mansion is Newport RI, another to Castle in the Clouds, Another trying to find a lighthouse that did not exist. Attended other events, with those clubs that were just as fun. Dave just asked me where to show up, and Drove whichever car was needed to attend.  :-)

A trip to CA, for Dave to work for the week, and me to run and play..  (had a blast)

Visits from friends & family through out the year.  I think Dave even used the coffee grinder and made real coffee at least 6 times this year, instead of using the espresso machine.

A 4th of July party, with many large fireworks.   (only 1 mishap and no one was seriously injured)  a firework fell over.. (not good for fireworks that shoot 100 feet in the air)  Ears were ringing, but I heard shouts of fun once everything was ok.

I have finally talked my husband into an Alaskan Cruise, but it will have to be planned into our busy lives.  so with in the next few years.  (I had to put that in writing so I don't forget and he can not deny it.  LOL)

We had a "Dippold" Reunion which is from my mothers side of the family.  44 first cousins, we had  2 different reunions, we had a 2nd one this year and extended it to the 2 and 3rd cousins. we had quite a few show up.  It was fun.

We had Christmas in RI with Diane and Mike, Daves sister and brother in law, Mike's Aunt Virginia was also there,  Very Very nice woman.
We had a Christmas in January 2014 in PA with the girls and Braeden (our grandson)

Can anyone believe we are at the end of another year???  I remember when everyone was all up in arms about Y2K,  and now.... Here we are 15 years later.

To all that read this..  I wish the best for all of you in 2015.  May all your dreams and wishes come true.  May all the good outweigh the bad..   *hugs*

Until 2015.   Happy New Year, and here is to another wonderful year.