Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dedication to my Daddy

Today is my Dads birthday. 25 years ago (this coming Jan) We (my 4 brothers, Don, Tom, Ron, Russ & I) lost our Dad. Today for the first time in my life I will let the people in my world read what I wrote for him just after he passed away.
Some of the things I remember are stories he told me growing up. They were about a Pink elephant (as I had a stuffed one), and she was a school teacher in the land of never never land. (yes this was long before peter pan came along) in most of the stories the pink elephant teacher would just teach all the little animals of the forest, although daddy told me that I was the baby giraffe, when I asked him why a giraffe, he said that even though it was just a baby, it stood tall among all the other animals (except it's parents) and would therefore survive anything life would bring. At the time I never realized he was teaching me a life lesson. (Tearing up from so many memories)
My father taught us many many lessons as we grew up, and I know the one that stuck with all 4 of my siblings and I, was the golden rule, above and beyond anything else in this life, "Treat all people the way want to be treated" I have always tried to live by that rule in my life, I believe my brothers have also.
Thank you Daddy for everything you have taught me, even though I did not realize it at the time.
For those of you that have parents left, treat them with much respect, they will not be here forever, for those of you that have lost one or both parents, keep them in your heart, they will live on through you.
and now for a poem, very very few people have read.

"I love my Daddy"

There were so many things,
I wanted to say.
So many things,
I should have done.

Maybe if I always,
wouldn't have said Nae(no),
a few of our battles,
Might have been won.

I just wish that,
I would have said,
All the things then,
That are now going through my head.

I guess the most important thought,
that really should have been said,
was that I really love you Daddy,
and I wish you weren't dead.

I want you here,
to help me,
to lend an ear,
in my times of need.

I guess the only thing
left to say is,
With you daddy,
God's Speed.

By:Nancy Jo Siegel
Jan. 1988

I do hope you all enjoyed the post.
until next time.
enjoy life, and love all your loved ones each day.

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