Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Well it is almost mothers day. For most of the moms out there it will be a day of breakfast in bed or a dinner out, cards that make you cry or laugh and lots of hugs and kisses.
While watching a show this evening, with David, about mothers day, I have realized this year for the first time, how many emotions mothers go through with their children. I've gone through the happy breakfast in bed days, and the hand drawn cards, which are tucked safely away, hand made presents some still on display.
I've gone through the proud stages of watching the girls make up a dance in our old living room, the song not making any sense, but loving every moment of it, and bragging to all my friends and family about it.
Watching them grow and make mistakes, praying they learn to fly on their own, wanting to help them, knowing I can't.
Now they have both flown the coop, so to speak, I can only pray they will make it.
Aside from all of these feelings, I have feelings of missing my own mom.
It has been almost 21 years since she has passed away. I occasionally find myself picking up the phone to call her to tell her about something exciting happening in my life, only to realize she wont be on the other end of the phone. I was in St. Marys PA this past weekend to celebrate our grandsons birthday, and visit with some family, My cousin, Jan, gave me some books that she has in a trunk at her house. they were wrapped in a plastic bag, when I opened the bag, I almost cried, I could smell my mom..... I know that sounds funny to many people, but, most people associate smells with things or events in their lives. 1 of the smells that remind me of my childhood is dust. You see I was raised back in the woods, and the roads that were traveled to get to my childhood home were 2 miles from any paved roads. (our road did not have a name) So when it was driven, you could smell the dust. The other smell is, ummmm musty would be the only word I could say to have you imagine the smell. Well the books, smelled musty. Hence why I almost cried. The books were my moms, had her name in them, with her hand writing, it was a good way for my heart to hurt that day. The show David and I watched, made a comment about how you only get 1 mom.
So true. You can have mom like people, or mother in laws, and can love them as much as your own. but you only have one mom, for those of my friends and family that still have their moms, give them the biggest hug and kiss, and let them know how much they mean to you. For those of you that your mothers have passed away, remember all the good and fun times, and know that they are watching over you, as you go through this life.
I love you mom!!!
Love, Your little girl.
Until next blog. Enjoy your day!!

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