Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well more time has flown by. Fall is almost over, and winter is quickly on it's heals. Loving this cool weather, I'm taking advantage, and opening windows for pretty much the last few times in this season.
Deanna is almost done decorating our house for Halloween. The skeletons are crawling out of their graves, and the graveyard is set up. I notice that one of the skull's eye's blink in the dark, and then all of a sudden, LIGHTS, this is a first, we have skeleton lights strung along the driveway, very cool. I believe I might break down and add an outside decoration or 2, (shhhh no one tell David :-) ) But it will be fun. David and I have picked out our Costumes, wait revise that, I have picked out, and picked up mine, David has his picked out, we just have to find one to fit him.
I'm still not sure what Deanna is going be, we'll see.

My birthday was very nice, Roses, from David, were just beautiful. (Thank you again David) David & Dee also got me the 70th Anniversary of the Wizard of OZ on DVD. Yes I totally loved it, and totally did not expect it. I love the wizard of Oz, and all of it's books after, 13 in all, I will be looking at, reading, inspecting, each and every aspect of this gift. It also came with a watch. Yes it's in, wait for it, wait for it, would you believe, just like the magical Emerald city itself, Emerald Green. Sooo Cool.

Well I'm off to do some "homework" on the computer. so you all have a wonderful halloween, I will see you all soon.
Until next time

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Viper Event

Imagine the sound of 15 Vipers snaking their way up the highway, feeling the camaraderie as you drive along. Proud to be a part of all of this for the first time, I, of course, get out my camera and begin to take snap shots of the fall foliage, which, by the way, is why there were 15 Vipers gathered in the first place. David & I met up with the "snakes" at a road side rest area. and off we went, David pushing the pedal and throwing me back into my seat, as always. (Awesome) There were only 9 Vipers at that point so away we went, notice coming over the radios that 2 more were to join us a few exits ahead, and we didn't need to pull over they would just "slither" in. Well Imagine our surprise, not really, when Joe and Jerry were late. We kept going, figuring they would catch up. They did eventually. Jerry made his "presidential" appearance, by going 120mph past all of us!!! (David was very tempted to follow him)
We all know that Viper owners like to drive fast, so 120mph was a bit much. We finally had everyone in tow and we we're off. I learned much about my camera that day, so I also got some great moving shots of the Vipers going up hills, all but 3 of them in one shot up hill is pretty impressive, also very hard to do. I got a shot of one of the members cars in the side mirror, Glenn's car. (Nice car) We came up to a scenic view. It was beautiful to look out over the gorge, with mountains on all sides.
It was amusing that all the tourists were taking pictures of the Vipers, with their colors shining bright in the new sunshine that just arrived, instead of the foliage. We were honored. We also have our reds, greens, blues, yellows, blacks, & whites, that we're all proud of.
When you have that many Vipers you have to park in a large parking lot, so we parked where the buses parked. Oops. A bus driver came and was joking with us, asking us what the sign said. Joe & Rick were there to save the day. After a quick picture, (well it would have been quicker had Joe just got in line), we were all on our way again.
We finally got to the restaurant, and we all parked next to one another, trust me, a feat in itself. Time to eat. Pot roast was great, and, in my humble opinion, great peanut butter pie.
Having great conversation with friends was, I believe, the best part. It was the first time that I had actually gotten to talk at length with Glenn & Maria.
So soon it was time to part ways. We said our good bye's, I asked Joe if I was going to see "my Car" with a bow on it for Christmas. He said he didn't think so. But someday, maybe, I'll have the inverse of David's Blue Thunder. (For those that don't know David has a blue with white stripes, and Joe has the white with blue stripes.)
But I digress, I did want to say that on the way home, David and I got to see one more Viper. Who knew? It was black with silver stripes, with a plate of MOOV, very very nice looking car, Gen 3.
Another great day, so now I'm off to do some shopping, and relaxing before I go to work in the morning.
Everyone have a great day. Feel free to comment.
Until Next time.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

America's stonehenge

Hello again all,
Well today we went on an adventure. Nothing major, we stayed right here in NH, It was quite a beautiful day today, perfect for the 1/2 mile walk up trails and exploring, America's Stonehenge. Personally I thought it needed a tour guide, but when we got there, there was no one else about, except the cashier, So we watched a movie and off we went on a tour, to explore ourselves. It was different, I believe there was some group of people that built this, many years ago, and some of the artifacts were quite interesting, but again more knowledge of the place needs to be found. Maybe if they un bury more of the rocks, and get a tour guide it would be a little more interesting.
But none the less it was a trip with David and Dee, and we had fun, that is until we were headed home and my Nav, just flipped her lid, She could not find 2 restaurants in a row, tried to send us in some ungodly way to a road we could see the signs for, we actually followed the signs instead of the gps, and found our way home, Once back on the highway things were great. a quick stop at the Greek Pizza place and home we came.
All in all just a fun Day.
Until next time...


Wow well I did forget to post about our trip to Kyoto, Japan. Let me first start by saying, It was AWESOME !!! The food was quite good, and definitely pushed my tasting to the limit, at least for me, NO I did not try sushi..(Raw fish...not yet) However, David tasted the Sushi and said it was fine. I have tons of pictures, None of which are up yet yes I'm slow at this :-) I met up with some of the Wives from the FIRST meeting that our significant others were in Japan to attend, (we were known as the first wives club from that moment on) June, Jane, Nadia and I Had a wonderful time exploring Kyoto, while the guys worked. Feeling a good exhausted each evening, sleeping peacefully every night.
Monday Night, Jane her husband, June and her husband, David and I tried a Japanese type of Pancake, It was only the shape of a pancake, the similarities ended there, It was cabbage, and vegetables all chopped up nice and tiny, and a type of sauce on top, There were different sauces, David and I tried beef and spaghetti, they were just about an inch thick. Very very different but not bad at all. We ate this is a real Japanese style restaurant, where you take your shoes off, and sit in rooms with only paper thin walls between you and the next party of people. Noisy at times, but fun, and the conversation was very nice.
Tues, was more exploring with the girls, Wed, was also another exploration day, With Wed night being the big Gala dinner, with all the First members, It was so much fun. The meal was eloquent and very tasty, the Entertainment was to die for.
Thursday night and Friday were fun for David and I, we went to a market, and I mean market, rows and rows of food, and more rows of stuff, anything you could possibly imagine, yes we spent way too much money, but Hey you live only once.
Friday was a relaxation day, We explored a little, had ice cream in the "city mall" that is totally underground, under the city, Amazing to say the least, You could get lost quite easily, but the people that live there are very nice, they will help you with anything, I don't believe I have ever met a whole culture that was so helpful and nice. Sat., before we left, David and I got to explore just a little bit more, before heading back to the hotel to finish packing and be on our way to the airport.
The flight was long and tiring, with a 12 hour layover in San Francisco, finally getting us home Sunday evening. it was about 20 hours in all. But were home safe and happy and enriched from the experience. Until next time.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Well We are finally home from out 7 day vacation. We had so much fun, Seeing Micky, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto, & many many other characters, at Disney. (only 2 days) And Other days were spent Meandering through Universal Studios. We had such fun. We "rode" more 3-D rides in one day than most people see all year. Everything was great fun, Eventually I will get some pictures posted on our Photo gallery, If you don't know the link, just ask David or myself and we'll send it to you.
I gotta go back to work now, to help pay for the vacation.
Take care all.

til next time
~Nancie, David, & Dee~

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Time Flies

Wow where did March go???? Anyway lets see what's new. We got new furniture for the "Family room" and new chairs for the Dining room. A new rug for the Stairwell. Oh yes Most important. We are going on a vacation. We're going to Universal Studios, with a couple days at Disney World. The end of April will be here before we know it. But we'll have fun. We've literally just been very busy with work and cleaning up after the storm. Hope all are doing well. take care til next time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hey I'm using Stumble upon and Facebook. You have to check out the pics of Braeden. Love and miss you all.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our lives continue on.

I think we're finally getting back to a normal routine. We have friends coming up this weekend, for dinner and movies. It should be fun.
We are getting the cats used to a new liter box. It actually does the scooping for us. (yeah) We'll see how they adjust. one of them is using it now.
We are learning our family is expanding, it seems by the minute. My cousin Peggy is pregnant, due in June. My niece is also pregnant, due in Sept. Another cousin Jo, just had a little boy (Kevin) wow.
I just heard that our school here was going to lay of teachers, as the baby boom from my generation is pretty much over. they are all graduating or at least into middle school. I guess my family heard of this and decided to take it upon themselves to make sure the teachers will always have jobs. So more cousins to add to the family tree, we already have a book. We will soon have a novel.

until next time.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

back to New England weather

What the heck, 49 degrees today. This is only Feb. Hmmmmm I do believe that a birth could happen on a day like today. We accomplished a lot today. It's amazing that you can make a list and finish it. We got the balcony's clear of ice. (My arms and hands now may fall off) We of course just ran to staples to get turbo tax, and we walk out with a Laser Jet printer. (This instantly became David's Valentines present) We went into Lowes to get some rugs for the steps in the ferret cage and walk out with a Laser level. (must be a laser day) Finally after a very good meal at lobster boat, we came home, and away I went on the ferret cage, meaning I cleaned it. It takes about an hour to do this. We lost Crystal this past Wed. So we gave all the babies everything new in their home. You should have seen them exploring everything. It was just too cute. I do have to sign off for now, because the 2 "children", David and Deanna, want to watch Lie to Me, It is a very very good show, if anyone has the opportunity to watch it, then you must.
Take care until next time.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NO more

We are to announce yet another passing, actually 2 more, Rudy the dog. On January 26th, had to put down, as he was filling up with fluid. Today Feb. 4th, we had to put down our oldest Ferret, Crystal. She was a beautiful black eyed White. She had just turned 6 years old. I believe she knew it was time to go be with her brothers, Vincent & Julius. She just looked at me with those eyes, did her little munchy crunchy look and went to sleep in my arms. It was peaceful.

Today we know that Rudy is protecting Dot (Mom) just like he always has. And Crystal is frolicking with her 2 brothers, no more pain. They will both be missed very much.

Until next time

Thursday, January 29, 2009

once again

We regret to inform everyone of yet another moment of sorrow.
Mom, Dorothy, Dot, Dugal, passed away this past Sunday the 25th.
(per David's e-mail I post the following)
I was expecting this latest update to be filled with good news. After my last visit on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Mom was in high spirits and we talked (one way), laughed, and watched TV. Then on Friday, Diane heard from the rehab nurses that Mom was able to start eating on her own and was able to repeat short phrases like, "I love you." We were delighted! Visitors all this week were saying she looked great and had a great outlook.

Unfortunately, cruel fate had a different plan. This morning, Sunday, January 25th, Mom passed peacefully in her sleep. The nurses said she passed sometime between 3am and 6am, when they couldn't find a pulse. I'm still trying to collect my thoughts and emotions, but am grateful at least that she didn't suffer and was able to move onto Heaven in the most serene way possible.

I have only known my mother in law, for 3 years. These were a wonderful 3 years. She was a woman I just began to call mom. I personally had lost my own mother many years ago, back then, I thought i would never have another mom, Well Dot proved this wrong. She accepted me into David's life, and welcomed me into her family and treated me as if I we're her own.
One of the things I will miss the most was how she could make you laugh at a moments notice. She could begin to tell a story, and in the middle of a story, she would begin to laugh, her laughter was so contagious that soon anyone in the room listening was laughing with her, although none of us knew what we we're laughing at, as she hadn't even finished the story yet.
She was a woman that looked after her children, each and every day of her life.
She was a wonderful person, to each and all that she met. She, I believe, lived by the golden rule, "treat all people, the way you want to be treated"
She will be truly missed.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wow again

All Right, All Right, All Right, enough already with the white stuff.
Well Merry Christmas to all, late, and Happy New Year. We had an ok year, or so I thought. Last night we we're talking and I learned that 08 wasn't all that great of a year. Although, being the optimistic person, that I am, I have to try to find all the good in everything that effects my life.

So lets recap. Last Christmas. meaning the one in 07 We had an ice dam on our roof which Caused a leak in Deanna's ceiling, which ran down the wall, which came into our sitting room, Which made us move all the furniture and rugs, keeping pans everywhere, as we all know water is not a friend to hardwood floors. We thought we had it contained. well NO, it spread. So we lived with a crappy ceiling for a bit.. No biggie, it finally dried up. Called the repair guy. $$$$ later, (Optimistically) we have a new ceiling.
However, also in this process, All that snow and ice last year, Also made layers of ice on the roof, One night while sitting eating a nice meal, I swear a 747 crashed in our back yard, it was about 1,000,000,000 pounds of ice and snow, it slid off the roof and crushed the back deck. So next, We call the repair guy, $$$$$ of $$$$$ later, (Optimistically) we have a New deck, bigger and better. But because you have a new deck, you know what comes next right??? You guessed it New deck furniture. & of course with new furniture, comes, are you ready for it, Ha New dishes to match, as you can't really use glass or china for outdoor use. So high quality plastic. (I swear to you, If we we're not cooking on the grill, I cooked inside and took everything outside to eat.) I figured we paid all the $$$ we were going to use it.
Next. Well I could keep going. but, well who needs to hear all that.
Our latest venture, was on Christmas day, Mom has had a Stroke. She is Much better now. She can't speak yet, but it able to communicate with Yes and no, and she is a darn good Crazy eight player as well. She is finally in a rehab center. So we're off to a great year in 09.

So other than that, I guess the lesson I have learned from 08. Was that no matter what, You have to look at life and take the good with the bad, and try to change the bad into as much good as possible.

For now all of you take care.
see you next time.