Thursday, January 29, 2009

once again

We regret to inform everyone of yet another moment of sorrow.
Mom, Dorothy, Dot, Dugal, passed away this past Sunday the 25th.
(per David's e-mail I post the following)
I was expecting this latest update to be filled with good news. After my last visit on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Mom was in high spirits and we talked (one way), laughed, and watched TV. Then on Friday, Diane heard from the rehab nurses that Mom was able to start eating on her own and was able to repeat short phrases like, "I love you." We were delighted! Visitors all this week were saying she looked great and had a great outlook.

Unfortunately, cruel fate had a different plan. This morning, Sunday, January 25th, Mom passed peacefully in her sleep. The nurses said she passed sometime between 3am and 6am, when they couldn't find a pulse. I'm still trying to collect my thoughts and emotions, but am grateful at least that she didn't suffer and was able to move onto Heaven in the most serene way possible.

I have only known my mother in law, for 3 years. These were a wonderful 3 years. She was a woman I just began to call mom. I personally had lost my own mother many years ago, back then, I thought i would never have another mom, Well Dot proved this wrong. She accepted me into David's life, and welcomed me into her family and treated me as if I we're her own.
One of the things I will miss the most was how she could make you laugh at a moments notice. She could begin to tell a story, and in the middle of a story, she would begin to laugh, her laughter was so contagious that soon anyone in the room listening was laughing with her, although none of us knew what we we're laughing at, as she hadn't even finished the story yet.
She was a woman that looked after her children, each and every day of her life.
She was a wonderful person, to each and all that she met. She, I believe, lived by the golden rule, "treat all people, the way you want to be treated"
She will be truly missed.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wow again

All Right, All Right, All Right, enough already with the white stuff.
Well Merry Christmas to all, late, and Happy New Year. We had an ok year, or so I thought. Last night we we're talking and I learned that 08 wasn't all that great of a year. Although, being the optimistic person, that I am, I have to try to find all the good in everything that effects my life.

So lets recap. Last Christmas. meaning the one in 07 We had an ice dam on our roof which Caused a leak in Deanna's ceiling, which ran down the wall, which came into our sitting room, Which made us move all the furniture and rugs, keeping pans everywhere, as we all know water is not a friend to hardwood floors. We thought we had it contained. well NO, it spread. So we lived with a crappy ceiling for a bit.. No biggie, it finally dried up. Called the repair guy. $$$$ later, (Optimistically) we have a new ceiling.
However, also in this process, All that snow and ice last year, Also made layers of ice on the roof, One night while sitting eating a nice meal, I swear a 747 crashed in our back yard, it was about 1,000,000,000 pounds of ice and snow, it slid off the roof and crushed the back deck. So next, We call the repair guy, $$$$$ of $$$$$ later, (Optimistically) we have a New deck, bigger and better. But because you have a new deck, you know what comes next right??? You guessed it New deck furniture. & of course with new furniture, comes, are you ready for it, Ha New dishes to match, as you can't really use glass or china for outdoor use. So high quality plastic. (I swear to you, If we we're not cooking on the grill, I cooked inside and took everything outside to eat.) I figured we paid all the $$$ we were going to use it.
Next. Well I could keep going. but, well who needs to hear all that.
Our latest venture, was on Christmas day, Mom has had a Stroke. She is Much better now. She can't speak yet, but it able to communicate with Yes and no, and she is a darn good Crazy eight player as well. She is finally in a rehab center. So we're off to a great year in 09.

So other than that, I guess the lesson I have learned from 08. Was that no matter what, You have to look at life and take the good with the bad, and try to change the bad into as much good as possible.

For now all of you take care.
see you next time.