Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family and friends reunion !

I can not wait to tell you all about our weekend getaway to the middle of nowhere PA.

We, David & I started out on Thursday morning to finish our long trek to our final destination. We arrived at our hotel with only a few minutes to unpack and wrap some presents. Off we were again to Shannon, Justin & Braeden's house for a home cooked meal by Shannon ( I have to make her cook sometimes) She cooked a roast, which was pretty awesome. SSHHHH don't tell her I said it was good because then her head might explode.. (just kidding) Just before our meal, Braeden opened a present from us, it was a book that was read to him by me.. (awesome book) which he loved. and then we gave Justin a present for his birthday it was a wine and cheese carrier, so he can take Shannon out on a romantic evening of star gazing. :-) We then went back to our hotel and slept.
Friday came around and my brother Don was also coming into town, he was getting his truck looked at and he needed a ride up from Ridgway to his hotel. I had no problem doing this I picked him up and dropped him off, David and I then went to have breakfast at a place called Marlo's, then he told me he forgot his Wallet and he did not give the garage the key to the truck. wow, old age must be setting in D.J. (love ya bro) So then David and I both ran Don back to Ridgway, just so we don't leave anyone in suspense, the wallet was recovered with nothing missing, which is more than we can say about the owner.. (giggles..)
Because of all the rain we had to cancel Braeden's birthday party and reschedule it for Sat. (the next day) at noon. (more people could come then anyway so it worked) So our Friday night visit was with my best friend Stacy & her family. We had a lot of fun, ordered in Pizza, talked laughed, just had fun. after pizza, we totally surprised Justin. (Shannon's boyfriend) He has been wanting an AV Receiver for awhile. (so now to the story behind that. ) back in ummm December or January, David and Justin were talking about this "Receiver" David told Justin that he had a co-worker that had one, so David went to look at it and it did not work. So David let Justin know that this had happened, but he did not tell him that he went on a couple week hunt for one off the internet. David found one a guy was selling not too far from our home in NH so we went out to see it, it was in perfect condition, so David bought it. Now remember Justin still thinks we don't have one. So after pizza David got a surprise, Justin had gotten David a necklace, now David does not wear necklaces, and we all knew this, it was a gift for him from Justin, because anyone who knows David, knows he is a Simpsons NUT !!! He got him a "bling bling" necklace with Bart on a skateboard which works, HA HA.. He loved it, he said he was going to wear it to work next wed, and then it will get hung on the wall at work.
We visited with Stacy and her family for a little longer played a very quick game of mad gab and then came back to the hotel to sleep. I was sick throughout the night, but I got up around 9ish and felt much better.
I wrapped all of Braedens presents and then ran D.J. back to Ridgway to get his truck, then it was time to be at the park for Braedens party. We picked up Braeden and went to decorate the pavilion. Braeden loved putting up his 5 Blue Stars, which by the way is how old he will be on Sunday May 1st (he is just growing up to fast for me) by one everyone was at the party. Alisha and her family, Nicole and her family, Crystal, Shad, & Pyper, Tom & Tommy, Don, Jan & Jusson, Aunt Molly and her granddaughter Riley, Justins mom, Bonnie. I believe that was it. I had gotten the kids nerf dart guns to play games with and it was something they could go play with, we had 4 games with the guns, and the kids won medals. however all the kids forgot their party bags. Shannon will deliver them this week sometime.
Now party is over, we all cleaned up, and carried things to the cars.
we were off to a quick lite lunch at marlos again, just enought to tie us over til our big night with relatives I have not seen since 1985.
We went to a new restaurant in St. Marys, out by the airport, it is called Silver Wing. Very nice and very very good food. People that came.
David & I (Nancie) Shannon, Justin & Braeden, Shad, Crystal & Pyper, Don (my brother)
Dave Siegel, his wife Kate and his 2 sons Jay and Jordon. (Handsome young men) and I saved the best for last, their dad, Clarence. wow, to me David and Clarence looked the same, it is amazing. I saw them pull into the parking lot and I was up out of my seat waiting impatiently for them to walk through the door. Kate was first then Jay & Jordon and then Clarence and Dave.
I was so happy that very moment I wanted to jump up and down, I could not believe they are here standing in front of me. My fiance David, told the "Siegels" how I have been so excited for months that they were coming and I talked of nothing else but this mini reunion.
So if Kate or Dave or anyone there gets to read this, I would like you to know that I treasured every moment and every word that was said, Kate you are an awesome person to have been with Dave and raise those 2 boys. Jorden and Jay, thank you so much for coming up and making it just that much more special for you dad & granddad, Jordon if you come out to our wedding reception, I promise to make David give you a ride in the viper. Jay, I'll have to to take you to the Lobster boat to let you try this alfredo there, then you and I can look at some of the coins I have. to Clarence, I know your not my Uncle but I always remember calling you Uncle for some reason. I am so glad you could make it, Next time we have to meet closer to knox, PA and have a nice long lunch. I enjoyed talking with all of you. Last but not least, Dave, wow, your so grown up now, you chose a beautiful wife and you have 2 handsome young men that you have raised well, congrats on that. It was so so very nice to see and visit and talk with all of you.
I personally had a wonderful trip, everything was very nice, but the visit with family I have not seen in awhile was, to me, the best. We have to plan another trip and visit soon to the middle of no where PA...
To My family, I love you all. See you soon.
For all of my family that could not make it this trip, the next one will have to do, and I love all of you also. *Hugs*
We have a lot going on this year so there should be many blogs.
Join us next time for "these are the days of "OUR LIVES"

P.S. if there are any misspelled words/names, I apologize.. *Hugs*

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