Sunday, December 29, 2019

Dec 2019 final post for this year

Hello all,   

The beginning of the year was pretty great,  We were able to celebrate our Christmas in January, then return to PA, for our Grandaughters 1st birthday Party, and tied into that weekend, Braedens early 13th birthday party.    I can not believe that he is already a teenager.... 
  We were able to take our 4 wheelers out a few times.  We were going to go on a trail, in May, when my boot zipper dangles, literally got tangled up and down I went, onto some rocks,  I learned 2 days later that I broke a bone in my wrist, 1st time I've ever broken a bone.  It was nice to go over 50 years without breaking one. 
So I missed 1 day of work, and got a cast on.  I had to wear it for  4 weeks.

 I had them put a green one on me, as Dave and I were headed for Edinburg (Pronounced Edinboro by locals)   Scotland.  We had a great time with our FIRST friends.  I got to explore the land around Edinburg, took many tours, including a Harry Potter one.  JK Rowling, wrote many of her books here, and many of the names within the Harry Potter books were taken from a graveyard there. 
At every FIRST event, there is a Gala event, typically on the Wednesday that we are there,  Some dressy, some beachy, some business casual, and some just casual.     But we always have fun.   This year we got to see the Red Hot Chilli Pipers!   They signed my cast.  So I still have that. 

    We came home and went back to work as usual, 
In July we took our 4 wheelers to PA, so we could enjoy time on them with the kids.  (they own 2 of them)    unfortunatly Dave was in an accident,  He broke/bruised 11 ribs,  He had a total hip replacement, and he also has a new collar bone.      We spend some time in Altoona in physical therapy, and we were home before the first of August.   Dave has been cleared from all Doctors and all PT,  He is operating at 99%.   I'm very proud of him for doing so well. 

Again we returned to work like normal people. 
We had our Annual early Thanksgiving.  (In early October, as to avoid snow travel)   
It was a great time.  We had a great turkey, lots of laughs, desserts, and friends and family. 
Shannon, Justin, Braeden, Kyra, Deanna, Russ, Diane, Mike, Lorraine, & Sharon.    So Fun.

In Nov.  I awoke with a leg cramp.  I went to the doctors, several times, and finally to an orthopedist.   I learned that the Tendon in my foot dis attached from the bone.  it's the tendon that makes your foot go up and down. At the beginning of Dec. I had surgery, to repair it.  I now have to be off work for several weeks.   But I am praying to be back to work before the end of January.  So far the doctor says it's all going ok.. I have a pretty new blue cast.. 

This whole year, has been a teaching year,  When life gives you Lemons, you make lemonade. 

Dave and I are going to have a wonderful New Years, and a great year next year. 
We love each of you and hope your Christmas was wonderful, and that you Have a fabulous New Year;

Until Next time.. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

End of the year post

Well it's been a year.
The beginning of March we went to PA to celebrate our grandaughters 1st Birthday and our Grandsons (early)13th.  Both were fun.  Thanks to everyone who attended.

In July we were back in PA & took out ATV's with us.  We had a blast, thanks to Justin & Shannon & Braeden, who made it fun. 
  We came back to NH, and in May, I broke my wrist, I feel on some bumpy rocks.  First time I've ever broken a bone. but it ended riding season with the ATVs.  for awhile anyway.
In June, we went to Edinboro, Scotland, (Dave for work, me for fun)  I had my cast signed by the Red Hot Chilli PIPPERS Not to be confused with peppers.     Great Evening.

  Now that he's mostly better, I will tell you about Dave's accident.  He went up a hill, basically without any momentum to get him to the top.  He did jump off the ATV but it decided to chase him down the hill.   This all happened on a Saturday prevning. 5ish.  He was taken by helicopter to Altoona Trama Hospital.  When I arrived, he was already thru x-rays and such.  His list is a little long of the things that were wrong.   so here goes. 
a Hematoma, that dissipated after 2 days.
a C1 Fracture that apparently wasn't there after 2 days
an L3 in his lower back (which is totally healed)
Eleven broken or fractured ribs
A broken Left CollarBone
A Shattered Right Hip
and other bumps & bruises
On the 20th of July was his accident.  He had a total right hip replacement on Sunday the 21st. We were up and walking on Monday the 22nd, On wednesday the 24th, we were in the Rehabilitation Hospital.   His goals were to walk up stairs, and get into our truck.  I was so greatful to this group of people. They worked with him 3 hours every day, he worked everyday with my help. (I was so proud every day) By the 31st, we were able to drive to pick up the ATV's and drive home.
On the 5th of Aug, he got his staples out of his hip, and was then told that on the following friday the 9th of Aug, that he was to have surgery for his collar bone.
      He now has a new Titanium Hip and a new Stainless steel collarbone.  (He thinks he's Bionic)
  It was alot of in home PT and alot of outpatient PT, but he is almost 100%.  We have our great, and not so great days. His ribs are still healing.  those take time.  He has been working from home. 
I went back to work,  part time of my part time. I missed my residents.

We just went on a Business Trip for Dave to California. He had to work,but I got to see a few things I haven't seen yet, by san francisco.   
We had our Early Thanksgiving on the 12th of Oct.   It was fun.   Diane, Mike, Lorraine, Sharon, Deanna, Russ, Shannon, Justin, Braeden & Kyra.    It was a nice time,  fireworks ended our evening.

I think all things considered, it's been a busy busy busy summer.   It was fun, and Dave and I are looking forward to going on a Toys for Tots run with the NH ATV club.   We ar excited to return to our fun runs with our new 4 wheelers. 

Until next time.  Enjoy life to it's fullest. 


Thursday, January 31, 2019

Christmas in PA (Jan 19 2019)

Hello All. 

  So we're back from PA. We had a great time. 

Ky is walking
Shannon is exhausted, chasing after Ky whom is always on the go.
Justin is getting used to being wrapped around Ky's little finger
Braeden is being a great big brother.
Deanna has a new boyfriend, (whom we like)  his name is Russ.
Dave, I believe, enjoyed his trip to the middle of nowhere PA.

Thursday evening Dinner with Braeden, then a fun visit with Shannon, Ky & Braeden.
      Braeden and I played Chess.  He got better with each game.
Friday morning was a visit with my cousin Renee for breakfast & a PB donut from DD's bakery.               (God they are so good)
Friday night dinner, (which was a bust)  then Christmas. til 1am. 
             We bought way too much stuff. 
Saturday was a Ham dinner at Shannons, ( I cooked, Deanna helped)

We then had our yearly family photo shoot. Then it was off to go swimming for a bit and have pizza.

Just laughing and visiting until 2am. 

Then the storm hit,  Sunday we made it to one restaurant that was open, had breakfast, and stayed til they were closing.  Left there and went back to Shannons, so we could wait out the storm, and the roads to get cleared.  We left, and drove to scranton, PA and stayed overnight.  We began our journey on Monday morning, waiting for the roads to clear up again.  Drove the rest of the way home and after some white knuckling it thru some of NY, & CT & MA.  we made it home just after 6pm. 

Glad to be home and safe. 

Until our next adventure!!! 
Enjoy life!