Monday, October 10, 2011


This was a great birthday for me. Dave began my birthday celebration this past Friday with a surprise of a bouquet of Roses,carnations, daisy's (some light purple and a couple red ones) I was so happy I cried.
On Saturday, a visit form Dave's sister and brother in law, with a gift for him, for his upcoming birthday. (A candelabra for on the piano) We then went out to eat at Florence's, a wonderful Italian restaurant. Dave again surprised me with a charm for the Pandora bracelet he had gotten me earlier this year. It is a square one with "I" "love" "you" on each of 3 sides and a gold heart on the last. Beautiful. On Sunday (my b-day) We woke up when we wanted to, I made David pancakes, and made corn fritters for myself. (anyone in my family reading this knows what those are) for those that do not know what it is, it is pancake mix with cream corn, great anytime of the day.. breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or a late night snack. I had had a text message being sent to my phone when people would say anything to me on my face book page, and my phone was constantly jingling the whole day. 4 phone calls for happy birthdays, it was nice.
After this we showered, and off we went on an adventure, We drove up to Lincoln, NH, to see and take pictures of natural waterfalls. I wanted to do 3, but we could not find one of them. We saw the Basin trail cascades, about a mile easy walk with lots of small cascades and a couple small waterfalls. Beautiful in their natural habitat. Rocks so smooth from the water running over them, and water so clear you can see to the bottom where the pools of water would gather for a few single solitary moments, swirling around, before it would rush on to the next cascade. We then moved on to Flume Gorge. this was our approximately 4 mile walk, which is awesome, when your in shape, this hike was all uphill on the way up and I swear part of it was uphill on the way back.. I had to take a few breaks, but in general it was awesome. The coolness when you could pause and take a look at the water rushing down below you is neat. When there was a breeze, you were again rewarded with a soft mist of vapor. Close to the top, There was the flume, I was in luck to see a rainbow in the mist and caught it in a picture. (yay) We rested at the top for a little while, sitting on a rock. Once my heart stopped beating in my head, we continued on. Going down we did get a few pictures. Our legs used more muscles than going up, at least that's what 4 of my toes are telling me this morning. (gotta get some walking shoes)On the way down Dave kept saying, I remember this tree, or we're almost there, he lied!!!!!!!!!! (just kidding) It felt as if it would never end, and then finally.. Whew. I was proud and happy! I had walked the Flume and live to tell the tale. ha ha. I do believe this is something I would like Dave and I to keep doing together. It was fun & adventurous, and from a photographers point of few,(or a panda's)Pure AWESOMENESS! It gives us both needed exercise, and gets us out of the house, and taking pictures, which is something we both like to do.
On the way home, we stopped at Carrabbas, another Italian restaurant, that we both love. (my favorite) and had a nice birthday dinner.
Thank you David for a great and wonderful birthday weekend.
*Hugs* to all til our next post,

~Nancie & Dave Dugal

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