Thursday, September 10, 2009

America's stonehenge

Hello again all,
Well today we went on an adventure. Nothing major, we stayed right here in NH, It was quite a beautiful day today, perfect for the 1/2 mile walk up trails and exploring, America's Stonehenge. Personally I thought it needed a tour guide, but when we got there, there was no one else about, except the cashier, So we watched a movie and off we went on a tour, to explore ourselves. It was different, I believe there was some group of people that built this, many years ago, and some of the artifacts were quite interesting, but again more knowledge of the place needs to be found. Maybe if they un bury more of the rocks, and get a tour guide it would be a little more interesting.
But none the less it was a trip with David and Dee, and we had fun, that is until we were headed home and my Nav, just flipped her lid, She could not find 2 restaurants in a row, tried to send us in some ungodly way to a road we could see the signs for, we actually followed the signs instead of the gps, and found our way home, Once back on the highway things were great. a quick stop at the Greek Pizza place and home we came.
All in all just a fun Day.
Until next time...

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