Thursday, September 10, 2009


Wow well I did forget to post about our trip to Kyoto, Japan. Let me first start by saying, It was AWESOME !!! The food was quite good, and definitely pushed my tasting to the limit, at least for me, NO I did not try sushi..(Raw fish...not yet) However, David tasted the Sushi and said it was fine. I have tons of pictures, None of which are up yet yes I'm slow at this :-) I met up with some of the Wives from the FIRST meeting that our significant others were in Japan to attend, (we were known as the first wives club from that moment on) June, Jane, Nadia and I Had a wonderful time exploring Kyoto, while the guys worked. Feeling a good exhausted each evening, sleeping peacefully every night.
Monday Night, Jane her husband, June and her husband, David and I tried a Japanese type of Pancake, It was only the shape of a pancake, the similarities ended there, It was cabbage, and vegetables all chopped up nice and tiny, and a type of sauce on top, There were different sauces, David and I tried beef and spaghetti, they were just about an inch thick. Very very different but not bad at all. We ate this is a real Japanese style restaurant, where you take your shoes off, and sit in rooms with only paper thin walls between you and the next party of people. Noisy at times, but fun, and the conversation was very nice.
Tues, was more exploring with the girls, Wed, was also another exploration day, With Wed night being the big Gala dinner, with all the First members, It was so much fun. The meal was eloquent and very tasty, the Entertainment was to die for.
Thursday night and Friday were fun for David and I, we went to a market, and I mean market, rows and rows of food, and more rows of stuff, anything you could possibly imagine, yes we spent way too much money, but Hey you live only once.
Friday was a relaxation day, We explored a little, had ice cream in the "city mall" that is totally underground, under the city, Amazing to say the least, You could get lost quite easily, but the people that live there are very nice, they will help you with anything, I don't believe I have ever met a whole culture that was so helpful and nice. Sat., before we left, David and I got to explore just a little bit more, before heading back to the hotel to finish packing and be on our way to the airport.
The flight was long and tiring, with a 12 hour layover in San Francisco, finally getting us home Sunday evening. it was about 20 hours in all. But were home safe and happy and enriched from the experience. Until next time.

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