Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well more time has flown by. Fall is almost over, and winter is quickly on it's heals. Loving this cool weather, I'm taking advantage, and opening windows for pretty much the last few times in this season.
Deanna is almost done decorating our house for Halloween. The skeletons are crawling out of their graves, and the graveyard is set up. I notice that one of the skull's eye's blink in the dark, and then all of a sudden, LIGHTS, this is a first, we have skeleton lights strung along the driveway, very cool. I believe I might break down and add an outside decoration or 2, (shhhh no one tell David :-) ) But it will be fun. David and I have picked out our Costumes, wait revise that, I have picked out, and picked up mine, David has his picked out, we just have to find one to fit him.
I'm still not sure what Deanna is going be, we'll see.

My birthday was very nice, Roses, from David, were just beautiful. (Thank you again David) David & Dee also got me the 70th Anniversary of the Wizard of OZ on DVD. Yes I totally loved it, and totally did not expect it. I love the wizard of Oz, and all of it's books after, 13 in all, I will be looking at, reading, inspecting, each and every aspect of this gift. It also came with a watch. Yes it's in, wait for it, wait for it, would you believe, just like the magical Emerald city itself, Emerald Green. Sooo Cool.

Well I'm off to do some "homework" on the computer. so you all have a wonderful halloween, I will see you all soon.
Until next time

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