Sunday, October 4, 2009

Viper Event

Imagine the sound of 15 Vipers snaking their way up the highway, feeling the camaraderie as you drive along. Proud to be a part of all of this for the first time, I, of course, get out my camera and begin to take snap shots of the fall foliage, which, by the way, is why there were 15 Vipers gathered in the first place. David & I met up with the "snakes" at a road side rest area. and off we went, David pushing the pedal and throwing me back into my seat, as always. (Awesome) There were only 9 Vipers at that point so away we went, notice coming over the radios that 2 more were to join us a few exits ahead, and we didn't need to pull over they would just "slither" in. Well Imagine our surprise, not really, when Joe and Jerry were late. We kept going, figuring they would catch up. They did eventually. Jerry made his "presidential" appearance, by going 120mph past all of us!!! (David was very tempted to follow him)
We all know that Viper owners like to drive fast, so 120mph was a bit much. We finally had everyone in tow and we we're off. I learned much about my camera that day, so I also got some great moving shots of the Vipers going up hills, all but 3 of them in one shot up hill is pretty impressive, also very hard to do. I got a shot of one of the members cars in the side mirror, Glenn's car. (Nice car) We came up to a scenic view. It was beautiful to look out over the gorge, with mountains on all sides.
It was amusing that all the tourists were taking pictures of the Vipers, with their colors shining bright in the new sunshine that just arrived, instead of the foliage. We were honored. We also have our reds, greens, blues, yellows, blacks, & whites, that we're all proud of.
When you have that many Vipers you have to park in a large parking lot, so we parked where the buses parked. Oops. A bus driver came and was joking with us, asking us what the sign said. Joe & Rick were there to save the day. After a quick picture, (well it would have been quicker had Joe just got in line), we were all on our way again.
We finally got to the restaurant, and we all parked next to one another, trust me, a feat in itself. Time to eat. Pot roast was great, and, in my humble opinion, great peanut butter pie.
Having great conversation with friends was, I believe, the best part. It was the first time that I had actually gotten to talk at length with Glenn & Maria.
So soon it was time to part ways. We said our good bye's, I asked Joe if I was going to see "my Car" with a bow on it for Christmas. He said he didn't think so. But someday, maybe, I'll have the inverse of David's Blue Thunder. (For those that don't know David has a blue with white stripes, and Joe has the white with blue stripes.)
But I digress, I did want to say that on the way home, David and I got to see one more Viper. Who knew? It was black with silver stripes, with a plate of MOOV, very very nice looking car, Gen 3.
Another great day, so now I'm off to do some shopping, and relaxing before I go to work in the morning.
Everyone have a great day. Feel free to comment.
Until Next time.

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