Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our lives continue on.

I think we're finally getting back to a normal routine. We have friends coming up this weekend, for dinner and movies. It should be fun.
We are getting the cats used to a new liter box. It actually does the scooping for us. (yeah) We'll see how they adjust. one of them is using it now.
We are learning our family is expanding, it seems by the minute. My cousin Peggy is pregnant, due in June. My niece is also pregnant, due in Sept. Another cousin Jo, just had a little boy (Kevin) wow.
I just heard that our school here was going to lay of teachers, as the baby boom from my generation is pretty much over. they are all graduating or at least into middle school. I guess my family heard of this and decided to take it upon themselves to make sure the teachers will always have jobs. So more cousins to add to the family tree, we already have a book. We will soon have a novel.

until next time.

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