Sunday, August 10, 2008


OK So now that I've finally gotten some feedback on my blogging, I can promise not to use so many "smilies" in our blog. I apologize for any head spinning that I've caused.

We woke up today to a potentially dreary rainy day. We we're to go to a Viper event, but alas, because of a sinus headache, we didn't attend this one. Next week we will.
So to pass the time I cooked a nice breakfast of hash browns, sausage and Cinnamon French toast. Yummy... And we ate out on the deck. Low and behold absolutely no clouds in the sky. "go figure"
So we actually have had a very nice relaxing morning with tunes included.

We tried to let the Kitty's out on the deck with us. They did well until Brownie decided to slip through the railing and go down the stairs, which we had a gate acrossed, (didn't deter him much) So then we had to put them inside.

So today I think we're going to do a ferret photo shoot. I can't wait to post some pictures, a couple on here, and the of course an album on our gallery. I'm very excited about this. David takes beautiful pictures.

Also hopefully soon we will be posting pics of Deanna, She just had her Senior portraits done. She looked beautiful. I loved the ones done inside, the outside we're ok but not like spectacular, I'm going to have David take some of her all dressed up.
Then I'll post some of them.
For now I'm going to go and set up the room for the ferret shoot.
Take care and I'll post again soon.
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soliluna said...

Yay! no head spinning! Thank you soooo much! Cannot wait to see D's senior pix!!!