Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well Deanna's favorite holiday is coming. She has decorated outside, the graveyard is up, the walkway is lined with skulls, there are things that scream when you pass them, bats flying around, people in cages shaking and screeching, this year she even got the graveyard attendant to stand guard all night so the skeletons don't get out of the graveyard. David had to help, he is our technician, this year we add Thunder and lightning, with many many scary sounds. Can't wait to see reactions.

Deanna is also having a halloween party this coming sat. she has our formal living room all decked out. A 30 inch spider on the wall over the fireplace, a huge web for this spider, that goes from ceiling to floor. Bats hanging from the ceiling, a strobe light that makes everything like WOW. Bloody hand prints on my mirror and balcony doors. Skeletons lights. A row of bats will be hanging from the ceiling as you come up the stairs. She will even have Rat gummy candy. It is totally amazing what people will come up with. I will have to post pics of this stuff after the party.

Until the next post. Happy Halloween.
and take care