Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I apologize to all of those out there that have been following. It certainly has been awhile since I've posted anything.
We definitely have been busy. We had a very fun mini vacation (just overnight). We went to upstate New York, to a place called Howes Caverns. It was a little tedious getting there, it was late when we were arriving and we had no idea where we were going.
So here we were in the middle of No where, with what seemed like shacks, I was afraid of what I had gotten us into. Then all of a sudden, a HUGE field appears, (looked like the sky when the heavens open after a rain storm, BEAUTIFUL) There was this HUGE Building, much wider than tall, it was the hotel. I might not say 5 stars but I think at least a 3 to 4. It was very nice and cozy. So after finally waking up the night guard to let us into our room and give us our key, we are all hungry. (mostly me) So as David rests, (after a sinus infection about killed him, with the elevation and up and down hills) Deanna & I run out with our trusty Nav to find a McPlastic.
Well let me tell you. The guard said it was only like 10 minutes away, our nav said 1/2 hour. Me, being me, listened to the nav. MISTAKE! We drove for a little ways, and stopped to get gas. I then asked Deanna to ask the guy standing outside if he knew where there was a McPlastic, Her response can only be matched by the cartoon "Tarzan" when the elephant, says "is this water sanitary" and then is told yes, and he says "well it looks a little questionable to me." Well Deanna's response was "No WAY He looks a little questionable to me" I smiled, had It not been awkward to laugh in front of the guy I would have laughed out-loud.
Moving forward. I asked the man myself. Finding that he was a very pleasant man, well to me a kid, which is what we learned of most of the people in that area. (typical backwoods country folk) (Awesome)
So we made a u-turn and finally found the McPlastic. Drove back to the hotel and ate, at like 11:30 at night.
We got up the next day. Got ready and went to have Breakfast and the local diner, it was quaint and really busy, but none the less, it was good food.
So all of this leads up to our day. Going down an elevator to the caverns, where we learned all about the caves and how they we're founded. And we did learn that they use the caves to age cheese, and beer, Neat. No we didn't sample any. All in all it was a very fun day. As soon as I can pick out some of the pics off of David's camera, I will post a few of them on our gallery. or a couple on here.

So until next time. Take care and feel free to leave comments We love them.

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