Friday, July 4, 2008


We have sad days also. Yesterday we lost a very nice woman in our lives. Her name is Lavonne, I say is, because in the hearts of those that loved her, or have even met her, she will always be alive.

She made a tremendous impact on my live. I never knew how much her passing would effect me. She was so much like my own mother. Happy, Carefree, Wise. She always wanted to make people happy. She did everything for her children & grandchildren.

Her daughter is my very best friend in the world. Stacy if you read this, I'm right here with you in prayers and thoughts. To your whole family, I can't even begin to express the sympathy that I give to each of you. One thought, She will now be with your dad, as she always loved to be, and someday, we shall all see her again.

To Lavonne, if for some reason you can read this, It is to you that I give much thanks, you gave me back a motherly presence in my life again. It seems like it wasn't much, but it was more than I ever dreamed I would have again. To God I give thanks for letting me have known such a wonderful, caring, loving woman.

God Speed


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