Sunday, June 29, 2008

Movie Time

Hey!! We're off to see a movie!!!! I, personally, can't wait.
I think I might drive David & Deanna nuts. As this is a fun movie. I think David told me WALL-E is an awesome movie, at least according to Just click on the little Wall-E and it will show you. I think it said 96 or 97 %. Ahh I just double checked, 96%. I am still very excited to go see it, I can't set still.

Oh Hey all of you should try this new Smiley collection, We just got some new smileys,
however they don't quite work on blogger yet, However, David is on the case!
Where or where would we be without our David? I pray we will never know. I do know that we will never know. To you David
Oh yes I forgot we did watch a movie last night, here at home. It was called Sweeny Todd.
Little icky if you ask me, but most people like that stuff. It's a musical, I couldn't believe it, but there it was, a gory musical. It was pretty good with a surprise ending, so if you want to rent it, it is at least worth watching, not for little kids, but for adults and teens, it's fine.
So for now it's off again. and onto the movies. I will re visit again and let you know about the movie Wall-E.

Have a wonderful night,
until next time.

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