Sunday, December 29, 2019

Dec 2019 final post for this year

Hello all,   

The beginning of the year was pretty great,  We were able to celebrate our Christmas in January, then return to PA, for our Grandaughters 1st birthday Party, and tied into that weekend, Braedens early 13th birthday party.    I can not believe that he is already a teenager.... 
  We were able to take our 4 wheelers out a few times.  We were going to go on a trail, in May, when my boot zipper dangles, literally got tangled up and down I went, onto some rocks,  I learned 2 days later that I broke a bone in my wrist, 1st time I've ever broken a bone.  It was nice to go over 50 years without breaking one. 
So I missed 1 day of work, and got a cast on.  I had to wear it for  4 weeks.

 I had them put a green one on me, as Dave and I were headed for Edinburg (Pronounced Edinboro by locals)   Scotland.  We had a great time with our FIRST friends.  I got to explore the land around Edinburg, took many tours, including a Harry Potter one.  JK Rowling, wrote many of her books here, and many of the names within the Harry Potter books were taken from a graveyard there. 
At every FIRST event, there is a Gala event, typically on the Wednesday that we are there,  Some dressy, some beachy, some business casual, and some just casual.     But we always have fun.   This year we got to see the Red Hot Chilli Pipers!   They signed my cast.  So I still have that. 

    We came home and went back to work as usual, 
In July we took our 4 wheelers to PA, so we could enjoy time on them with the kids.  (they own 2 of them)    unfortunatly Dave was in an accident,  He broke/bruised 11 ribs,  He had a total hip replacement, and he also has a new collar bone.      We spend some time in Altoona in physical therapy, and we were home before the first of August.   Dave has been cleared from all Doctors and all PT,  He is operating at 99%.   I'm very proud of him for doing so well. 

Again we returned to work like normal people. 
We had our Annual early Thanksgiving.  (In early October, as to avoid snow travel)   
It was a great time.  We had a great turkey, lots of laughs, desserts, and friends and family. 
Shannon, Justin, Braeden, Kyra, Deanna, Russ, Diane, Mike, Lorraine, & Sharon.    So Fun.

In Nov.  I awoke with a leg cramp.  I went to the doctors, several times, and finally to an orthopedist.   I learned that the Tendon in my foot dis attached from the bone.  it's the tendon that makes your foot go up and down. At the beginning of Dec. I had surgery, to repair it.  I now have to be off work for several weeks.   But I am praying to be back to work before the end of January.  So far the doctor says it's all going ok.. I have a pretty new blue cast.. 

This whole year, has been a teaching year,  When life gives you Lemons, you make lemonade. 

Dave and I are going to have a wonderful New Years, and a great year next year. 
We love each of you and hope your Christmas was wonderful, and that you Have a fabulous New Year;

Until Next time.. 

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