Sunday, February 12, 2017

Another year gone by.

I really should write in this more often.
It's been a busy year In April of 2016, I had Surgery on my hand, it ended up requiring 6 different surgeries at the same time,  They needed to take a bone out of my wrist, nothing to do with carpel tunnel.
2 weeks after this, the 30 stitches came out, and a cast put on. a week later we were off to a wedding,
1 week after that, I got my cast off, a brace put on, in the morning of a Thrus,& that afternoon, I was in physical Therapy for my hand, (ouch) then, Th, Fri, Mon, & Wed.  Before the following Thursday jetting off to Seoul Korea, David for work, and me for fun. We were there about 10 days in total with travel. Great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Week after that, Braeden & Shannon came to visit, for 2 weeks,  That was a great time.
We did a lot in those 2 weeks,  After that, we took it easy for a little while,

In Sept, I changed my career path,  I left the food service industry, and entered the world of enjoying my job.  I have become a Program Assistant, or a better term, Activities director.  I literally get to go to work every day and have fun with our elderly.  In my case, I work with Residents that have some degree of dementia.  Some days can be difficult, but none the less rewarding, when you see them smile, or laugh, or remember a great day, it makes it all worth it.    Dave says that I need to get a more depressing job, because I have entirely too much fun.   5 months have gone by and I still love it.

At the beginning of Nov. We had an early Thanksgiving, we had many here, both girls, their S/O's and Braeden, Diane & Mike, 2 of our dear friends, Sharon, and Lorraine. I believe a great time was had by all.     We had a 2nd thanksgiving down in RI.

Christmas was celebrated on Christmas eve with a lunch in RI with Mike & Diane and Aunt Virginia, then we came home, to celebrate our own small Christmas, exchanging cute gifts, Dave got a Sloth for Christmas. (almost like a time share),  I worked on Christmas day, and had a great time,
New years eve was also fun, The only time we ever drink Champagne.

We celebrated Christmas on the last week of January 2017, with Shannon, Justin, Braeden, and Deanna.  I have to learn to control my gift giving.  20 + gifts each was just too many.  Next year,  gift certificates.  It just means I spend more time with the girls, talking and visiting, instead of opening gifts.

For now that about sums it up.  Valentines is in 2 days, although Dave and I will celebrate it Saturday.

Until next time, which will hopefully not be another year.  Have a wonderful time,
Hugs and Love  ~N~

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