Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Our Wonderful year

Hello to everyone.   We have had a Busy year, but a great one.

it actually began in Dec. of 2017 with a trip to Disney World. We gave our oldest daughter, her boyfriend, our grandson, and yet to then be born granddaughter, an early Christmas gift.  It was a wonderful week.

We then spent a weekend with Diane and Mike for our Christmas with them. It was also a great day.

We then had another Christmas in January in St. Marys, PA, with Shannon, & family along with Deanna,  2 of my brothers Ron & Don, along with Susie, also came up for a visit.  We got to see my Nephew and his family for a few min. 

Dave & I stayed home in Feb, celebrated Valentines day, it was a relaxing month.  this is when Dave said we could go ahead and take a trip this year together.  A cruise.

Right at the end of Feb.  I went to PA alone, our granddaughter was on her way to being delivered into this big wide world, & just like with Braeden, this gramma, wasn't going to miss it.
I spent my time between spending time with Braeden, visiting my niece, and her 4 daughters.  Then it was off to the hospital to be with Shannon,  I only left her side after Kyra was born.  March 3,  2018 it had been a long night. But my girl was a trooper,  Kyra Nicole was/is  healthy and beautiful.
  She had a little bit of a rough start for the first week,  but I let my husband & work know that I would be staying in PA for a couple of weeks, to help get Kyra, Shannon & Justin, get thru a little hiccup with her health.     I loved Kyras Doctor,  He said, if he could prescribe any medicine for Kyra, to help her thru what she went thru, it would be a dose of gramma, every day. 
Shannon & I lived at the hospital for 7 days, Leaving only for showers and food, when Justin was able to come down.  Well we did it. Kyra came home Healthy and Happy,  so crisis averted.  I think I slept for a couple of days straight...  :-) 

As soon as I was home and got situated, I began planning the trip of my dreams, a trip to Alaska, our cruise.
This happened at the end of May, thru the beginning of June,  It was a wonderful trip.  Dave and I began our adventure in Fairbanks, where we experienced 24 hours of daylight.Saw the beautiful Ididarod Dogs. We also were able to experience the Alyeska pipeline, pan for gold.
 The next day was a bus trip into Denali, the next day was a trip on a train, thru many towns, to Whitaker, on this train, we were very fortunate, to see the top of Denali, our tour guide said we were some of the 20% of the people that get to see this, as it is covered with clouds most of the time.
We were then on a ship, for a 7 day cruise.
Day 1.  Hubbard Glacier was absolutely breathtaking.
all of the Fjords were just beautiful.
Day 2. Glacier Bay was also beautiful, we experience Calving of the glacier.. absolutely incredible.
Day 3 we were in Skagway
Day 4 Junuae
Day 5 Ketchican
then home a couple day cruise to reach Vancover, and then home.

Back to work for us,
In August, we went to PA, for Dave to meet our new gran-daughter,  Yes folks,  he loves her.

In September, Dave & I bought new toys,
    for Dave,  a 2018 Renegade 4 Wheeler (Gorgeous)
   for myself,  a 2018 Outlander, Limited edition.  (Blue and beautiful)
We have been out every other weekend riding them in one place or another,  having a great time.
Neither of us can wait until spring to get on them again.

In October, we celebrated our Thanksgiving. Here in NH,  as the weather is a crap shoot in Nov.
Shannon and her family came out, Deanna flew in from Pittsburgh,

It's now Dec,  we had a Wunschel family Christmas in RI, it was much fun.  and here it is New Years eve.  so Until Next year!!!!!
 Happy New year everyone!!!!  Have a safe and wonderful year.

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