Sunday, May 16, 2021

2021 May. Our lives are great

 Well here we are again, months & months later.  

    We have many things planned for this year.  But let sus recap from 2019.  
Around april of 2019 I broke a bone is my left wrist.  In July Dave was in an ATV accident, and has since recovered.  In Dec. I had surgery on my foot, I have recovered and here we are.  

I was going to go back to work in Jan, however my bosses boss, told me that my position had been replaced and I could come back per diam or resign.   As I knew my position had not been replaced, and felt I had been lied to, I opted to resign.  I waited a couple of weeks to tell them, making sure I was assured of a new job. ( 15 offers in the first 3 days of puttin my resume out there)  I made sure I was allowed to visit, as I love my residents,  I got to go visit them several times. (Most every Friday evening) until our wonderful pandemic hit.  
In March 2020, Dave and I were in North Carolina, for his work. I got to visit some long lost relatives, (whom I've never met, but it was so very nice) Kati, our niece, drove over to have dinner & a visit with us, She is in College down there.  We arrived home on a Friday, and I was off again on the following Monday morning to drive to St. Marys, PA, I spend a week, with Shannon & her family.  I went to the historical society there (my brother Ron volenteers there.)  I spent countless hours, combing thru paperwork, using my portable scanner, that dave had gotten me, to scan several 100's of pages & pictures, for the Geneology, on Legacy that I'm doing for my moms side of the family.  
I had gotten a call on the Thursday of that week, from a place offering me a job.  I accepted the position, it was the one I was excited for to begin with.  I left for home the next morning the following Monday I was to go in for orientation.  I recieved a phone call quite early to tell me that Covid had been found in the building & they could not bring me into work until it was contained.  I told them that was perfectly ok.  I would wait.  
 Braeden Came out in June of 2020 to visit with us for 5 weeks.  It was fun. Only 1 argument the whole time. YAY.    We had fun.  It was Braedens first time indoor SkyDiving.  he had fun.  We had done other things that week, as well as gaming time, visiting, talking, watching new movies, shopping.  In general lots of fun.  We took Braeden home at the end of July.. While there we got to visit with some family & saw some friends.  Went to a car show.  

2 weeks after we returned from PA, I was called and my new job began.   I now work at Holy Cross Health Center. Each of our residents are nuns, or women, that are related to nuns. No men can reside here.  This to this day has been wonderful.. My boss is great, the director is great. Most of the co-workers are great.  Like everywhere your going to have your good & bad days, but so far, I really haven't had a really bad day.  If I begin to,  1 or more of the residents, notice, and say, hey what's up, and would you like to talk.  This in itself is great.  I never tell them what is wrong, as it would be unprofessional, so I just ask them to say a prayer for me, and things will get better.   

  In Dec, 2020,  I ended up getting Covid at work, & giving it to Dave. (he told me it wasn't a nice gift to give him)   For me it was 5 horrible weeks before I was able to go back to work.  Dave & I have both been vacinnated.  We're very happy about that.  We've had visitors for Easter, Friends from my old job have visited, soon we'll be riding up Mt. Washington on the 4 wheelers, a scavenger hunt for our Challenger friends, a quick trip to PA to pick up Braeden for a month long visit along with a fun trip planned with him.  Then our Annual 4th of July fireworks. In Aug, we'll take Braeden home.  So many more things.  This has already been a pretty good year.  I'm looking forward to the rest of it.  

Hugs & Love to all.  

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