Friday, August 31, 2012


My goodness, I have not posted on here in ages.
I see I posted about our christmas, it was wonderful.
I went to PA again in May, to surprise my grandson, I drove all the way there to see his first school play. He did a great job. So very proud of him.
The 2nd week in June we went on a trip to Malta. Malta's location is... well... If you know where Italy is, and how Italy kicks Sicily, well 3 islands below Sicily is Malta, way out into the Mediterranean. We spend a week there, It was beautiful, had a great time, however 90 degrees with 90% humidity every day, it was nice to come home. We got home on a Sat. late at night, had Sunday to unpack and do laundry, and begin some minor cleaning for our reception the following weekend. Our youngest daughter Deanna, flew in from Pittsburgh, on Monday morning. On Tuesday morning her and I drove down to Cape Cod to visit with my brother, & sister in law & great niece, had a great time, then drove back home, had dinner, then went to pick up another of my brothers, from the airport, Wed, morning our oldest daughter & family got here. On Thursday My best friend and her family arrived. We had a houseful.
We had gotten married on 11-11-11, but we waited until more of our family could actually attend, and had our wedding reception. It was great. So many people came, family and friends. We had relatives from CA, MI, FL, PA, RI, NH, MA, CT. 8 different states, not too shabby & at least1 from each coast.. cool. Anyway it was a great day.
My Uncle from Ca, played our Piano, and he made it sing. I was teary eyed, he played songs from Phantom of the Opera. They were beautiful. It was so wonderful. Sat. night Dave and I had Planned a Firework show, and it was grand, 45 min of really great fireworks. I do believe everyone loved it, this was followed by sparklers, all the kids, and some adults, had fun.
The following Monday I went to work at my new job. Auntie Anne's. Pretzels, and lemonade.
So busy, and it is fun.
In Aug we had our 1st, First cousin Reunion on my mothers side. I had gotten to meet 2 cousins I had never met before, that was awesome, and I had gotten to see cousins, that I had not seen in years. It was an evening to remember.
Ok this is a long blog, but I believe I'm caught up with our lives for now.
Take care and until my next blog.. Enjoy..

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