Monday, February 27, 2012

Christmas In Jan

Here it is almost March and I'm only now getting caught up with Jan. We had Christmas with the kids in Jan. They live 9 hours from us so it is a bit of a drive. We drive half way there on a Wed. night and get a hotel and drive the rest of the way on Thur. It gives us an extra day to visit. This year I believe I was insane, way too many gifts, but I had such fun. I have a matrix, so with the seats down there is lots of space. It was filled from behind the back seats all the way to the back and all the way to the top. I could not have fit one more thing in the car.
We, of course, waited until we got to our final destination to wrap all these gifts, we have learned from past experience, that most wrapped gifts get ripped and torn on the trip there.
On Thursday evening we had a great home cooked roast dinner that Shannon & Deanna prepared. yummy!!! Friday Morning we were up and got ready for our "wedding" Luncheon with some of my aunts that we knew could not make the trip for our reception. It was very nice. On Friday afternoon we visited one of my best friends for a few hours and then we were off to our daughters home.
We watched as each of the gifts were unwrapped and enjoyed. The gifts that were just for fun, and gifts we knew they needed or wanted. I think the best gift was when Braeden opened the remote controlled dump truck with it's buddy the remote controlled bucket. In the video he just opened part of it, saw the picture, and lay his head on the side of the box, no movement, until we hear, "I love you Gramma, I love you Dave" Tears threatened to spill over, just then laughter, as Dave & Braeden had to take all the tape off, because, as Braeden quotes, "Gramma loves tape" (Well I can't make it easy for them, it takes out all the fun!) We played with the toys, had fun and just talked. It was a great evening. Saturday we just visited. It was a very nice trip.

Well that is all for now. Enjoy life while you can! Until next time.

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