Saturday, October 6, 2012

Since last time.

Well I missed a couple of things in my last blog. I forgot to mention that while my daughters were here this past June, I had gotten to take both of them, along with my grandson, his friend, and my oldest daughters boyfriend, to the Franklin Park Zoo.  We had such a great time there. Feeding birds that landed on sticks, then hopped onto our arms.. so much fun.   Then onto the Gorilla's  I believe we were there for almost an hour.  They are beautiful animals.
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  When David and I went to PA for a 1st first cousin reunion.  We also had another special evening with both of our daughters, Shannon & Deanna.  It was Deanna's 21st birthday Aug. 25.  So at midnight we took her out, along with her sister.  I was very happy yet, so sad at the same time.  I wish I could have kept them both little for much longer.  They grow up so fast.

 I know all children grow up quickly and make mistakes as they go.  It is very hard to let them go, but we do, (cry when they are not looking)  I know that someday they will understand what a parent goes through as their children are older and begin their own lives.  It is easier when they are small, you can protect them, and you know what they are doing for the most part.  But when they are older, you can not protect them as much and you can never know what they are doing every day.
I don't believe the tears ever stop.  What I have learned is that it is the fear of them making bad decisions, that make me cry, then again I cry when they make great decisions. (Maybe I'm just too emotional)
I'm very proud of both of my girls, they may not have made great decisions, however they are learning from the mistakes, and that is what growing up is all about.
So to our daughters Shannon & Deanna, know that Dave & I love you both.
Know that we will be there for you always.
So until next time.
Enjoy life.

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