Monday, October 11, 2010

B'Nai Mitzvah

Before I begin my tales of our weekend to Pittsburgh, I would like to send our heartfelt thanks to Ben, Sam, Jean & Bruce, for inviting us to share in this joyous occasion. We were truly honored.

Our trip began on Sunday morning with the rush of finishing packing and getting all those little things, (ha cards for the kids gifts, almost forgotten on the kitchen table, almost but thank goodness not forgotten) so off we go to get things into the car. David gets out his "to do" list of things not to forget on a trip, and as far as I'm concerned, thank goodness for it, "chargers, laptops, cards, directions, tickets, GPS, Kindle, gum, pens, magazines, passports, important phone numbers, all reservation #'s, Ok I believe we are ready to pack the car. We load up our back packs and of course "the Nancy bag", which for all of you wondering, is the bag which, aside from my tiny purse, carries electronics, my wonderful sony notebook, snacks, (by which David informed me that this is what moms are known for "snacks" ) So we each grab our carry on luggage. and into the car.
I now know my way to our airport, it only took 2 years, tee hee, (again for those of you that know me, I can get lost in a shoebox and need directions to get there) So we are off, we get there and park the car, It then seems like we walked a mile to get back to where most people get dropped off. (foot is still ok at this point thank god for small favors) We get in line and go thru the line quite quickly, although I thought I would get cavity searched when I forgot my cell phone in my pocket. DUH !!! We get through fine, yay again. All the planes seem to be running early, our plane is a full one and all passengers are asked if they would like to check luggage because it's a small plane. We did for the rollaways. Philly was a quick stop and off we went to the next plane, and we were off again, Awesome, so far the trip has been great, not really rushed at all. While David and Dee went to pick up the luggage I went to the rental car place to pick up our car for the weekend. Dodge Callipar I believe, and trust me Never Never again. and We are the family that likes Dodges.. (we have 4 of them) so we set up our nav, and begin the trek to our hotel, which was according to mapquest 45 min from the airport, Great plenty of time to get there and then back for the Shabbat Dinner and the evening worship service. So why didn't anyone tell us that 28 was down to one lane???? Our 45 min drive, took almost 2 hours. UGH!!! Now tired of driving, and hungry because we have not eaten since breakfast, have only 45 min to get dressed, and drive 20 min or so to the Rodef Shalom. Not knowing if we would hit the awful traffic again, and not really knowing at all where we were going, we rushed, and jumped into the car, and off we went, only being about a half hour late for the dinner. "Whew" Saying Hello to everyone, but we made it for Kiddush, and I really hope I used that word correctly. So after this, dinner is served, I honestly do not know what all was there, Chicken, and Mac & Cheese, some potatoes, salads, and many vegetables, all of which was wonderful. (We sat down to eat with some lemonade and water. 2 of my personal favorites, and then we got to visit for a few minutes, with friends, Bonnie & Brian, and With our brother & sister-in law, Suzi, & Don. While getting in line to eat, our cousin Suzan came and talked to us. Everyone has grown up so quickly as we compare notes, of how we haven't seen one another or the kids since Dee was 6ish, so in years, Erin was a baby, still in diapers. and Joe was just getting ready to deliver Chandra. I've now determined I'm getting old and time certainly does not stand still. We ate and while I went to visit with Denny, Joy,Connie, Peggy, Derek, and Little Owen David had some business with work to attend to. Altogether too soon, the dinner ended, and we headed into the service. "Rainbows" I liked that portion of the service. (I did not say so then, but the day I brought Dee home from the hospital there was a rainbow over emporium, or out that direction anyway) So service now over, and now there is ice cream. I thought I would have a nestle crunch but, Dee found a peanut butter Klondike bar, who could resist.... Peggy came to sit with us, as we both said that it has been forever since we have had one of those. Suzi came to sit with us to. I'm not exactly sure who else. But we had a nice chat if only for a few min. Then being exhausted from the day, David, Dee and I said our good nights and good byes for the evening. Departed and got to the hotel to once again change, and relax for a bit. The alarm seemed to go off just as we fell asleep. I can not imagine what Jean & Bruce were going through, they were up earlier than anyone else. and I'm sure in bed the night before, after anyone else. So we were up and had a Mickey D's breakfast, and then off to Rodef Shalom for the Shabbat service, and then the Kiddush Luncheon. This is where we were proud to be a part of Sam and Ben becoming young woman & a young man, as they read from the Tora. When Jean & Bruce stood with each of their children, they were I believe a little nervous, but in those moments when they forgot, they were in front of dozens of friends & family, and they would sneak a look at their children reading from the Torah, They were so proud, and happy, as they should be. After all of this, there was a Kiddush luncheon, and a fountain, of rainbow colored cupcakes. Everything was perfect. but the day is not over yet. Back to the hotel to change and then off to the boy scout camp for food, soda's, chips, and dessert. Games, and Glow styx.. TOTALLY Awesome idea by the way. There were glow rings, glow necklaces, glow glasses, and miniature glow styx. Fun was had by the old, and young, the young had much more fun. So well fed, and fun & games aside. Jean & Bruce decorated the hall with rainbow colored everything, from Napkins to plates to the rice Krispy treats. Flowers in the Vases that Bruce himself made. (beautiful) and of course, a bonfire to cook, what else, S'mores.
I had a wonderful day talking with My family and friends. I would like to thank Bruce, for taking a few moments to talk with me also. I know he had a million little things to do, yet he made time for that and I appreciated it very much. so at the end of the night we were getting ready to go, again tired from the day, My family, Jean, Joy, Peggy, Derek, Denny, Don, Suzi, and Susan, and friends Brian & Bonnie, and my fiance David, Sang happy birthday to me. Jeannie gave me a hug and said thanks for sharing my birthday with the twins. I almost cried. (and I am as I remember it) Thank you to all of you for that, it meant a lot. with all of our good bye's said we were off again to sleep. As this blog is getting quite long, the next day was a morning spent and Panera bread for some breakfast, and saying goodbye to people we love.
Thank you again for some beautiful memories.
Love to all of you..
and until next time.

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