Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Wow! Well again it has been a long time since I have blogged.. We have had a few busy months..
To catch everyone up since last time.
We have been busy people.. Viper Events, and car shows, and just everyday work and play.

Deanna has a new job of which she really enjoys and it seems like she is almost full time. She is also finally doing well in school.. ( Threats of her life may have had something to do with this.. ha ha)

On her birthday she was on her way to class, and she totaled her car. Luckily we found another neon, it's red instead of blue, and an 05 instead of an 04 but at least she is familiar with it. She was bruised on both eyes, looked a little like a raccoon. Just a week before this she had all 4 of her wisdom teeth taken out. so her lower cheeks were also bruised.. She looked like she got beat up..
'But she was fine.. sore but fine.

David surprised me for our anniversary, and rented a stretch Limo. I was totally shocked, I only knew that we were going out for dinner, I had no idea about anything else. He also surprised me with tickets to see, Joseph and his brothers. It was so very wonderful. On our way there we got to have champagne, another surprise. Now somewhere between where New Hampshire ends and Massachusetts begins, David was on bended knee and with the most beautiful and wonderful words I personally will never forget, Asked me to marry him. I have known since we have been together that someday we would get married, but even knowing this, I cried many happy tears and said yes. He made me a CD with some beautiful songs on it. Some we hummed together and others I sang to him, others we just held each other and knew our love would continue to grow through out the years.

2 weeks later David gave me another gift for my birthday, just early, He had gotten tickets for us to see Wicked. Again wonderful.. absolutely loved it. He again rented a car.. The driver had gotten lost, we missed about 10 min of the show but after we got settled in, it was wonderful.

Everything else has been wonderful.. We have more trips planned over the next couple months.. one to Pittsburgh for a b'nai mitzvah (they are twins a girl and a boy)
Another hopefully to India, and a 3rd to go see the grandson, Braeden, and some other family members if its at all possible.
So I will try to keep everyone posted.. We are living life to the fullest..

Until Next time..
Happy reading.

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