Sunday, January 17, 2010

A day off

Well it's not my first day off but it certainly feels like it. Woke up and made Cinnamon Rolls, which by the way ended up being breakfast, as because when I went to make waffles we had no eggs, so no waffles, no pancakes, or french toast, However we had Roast Beef hash and toast with the cinnamon rolls. It was sustenance. Liner, a cross between lunch and dinner, will have to be much better. It is 100% within the realm of possibility.

Not too much has been going on in our lives lately, seems like we work sleep eat and watch a movie every now and then.

We had a very very nice Christmas. One on Christmas eve, and then another the following week, with Kati & Dillon, our niece & Nephew, and their parents Deb & Carlo,
Had a great time with them. We celebrated their birthdays, and Christmas all the same day. Tough when they live 3 hours away, and the kids are in sports, I only get 1 day off work a week, so hooking up is hard sometimes. But I am hoping to resolve that this coming year and make the time to take the trip down their. We will get to see them at Easter, so that's good.

David had gotten Deanna and I both New GPS systems for our cars. (totally cool) David also had gotten me a New VIO laptop, it's so cute and little. I haven't stopped using it.

I had gotten David a Butane Zippo Lighter, Blue like the Viper, and like my laptop he hasn't stopped playing with it.

The cats and Ferrets are all alive and well for the time being, some issues with the 2 older cats, but it's all expected as they grow older.

Today we are meeting the brats, "potential" new boy friend, we'll see how that works out also.
Our oldest daughter Shannon called me to tell me that she passed her test for her permit, she passed it the first time.. Go Shannon !!!

Our grandson Braeden is getting taller and smarter every time we see him.

For now my fellow blogger s, and family and friends, take care and until I blog again.
take care

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