Saturday, February 6, 2010

Loving life today

Hi All is today started out kinda bad, but turned out to be a day I will treasure for years to come.
I had a long hard day at work, and then came home and we, David, Dee and I went out to eat diner at a fish place. While there we chance to hear a conversation next to us, with 2 different couples, they were both older couples. It was very nice hearing them talk of there past work history and so on.
I came home to find a package, from my Aunt Joy. It was literally a heritage book. After reading it and looking thru old pictures, I realized how lucky I am to be related to the people that I am. I am so very very proud of my heritage. I'm learning more and more about my relatives every day via Face Book and just listening to people.
Today I felt the tears well up in my heart and it made me proud to be me..
Thank You Aunt Joy for giving me a beautiful and wonderful day.
Until Next time,
Love to any of my family that reads this.

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