Monday, June 2, 2008

WHAT Were We Thinking??????

OMG !!! All we did was go to the mall....Fie

I don't know what happened.. There we were looking at the pets, having a nice time and the next thing I know we were holding those "Evil Weasels" Scratching Head 3

Yup you guessed it, Little baby Ferrets. Wow now I don't know if any of you have had Ferrets before, I've only been used to the ones that David & I have. A while ago we had to put 2 of them down because of old age, they lived 7 years, that's pretty awesome for a ferret, So we only had one left, Her name is Crystal, She is pure white with one black and one red eye.. Not quite an Albino. Well Like I was saying we went to the mall, just to window shop they told me, HAA, They Lied to me, I swear it was an ambush!!

Deanna with her cute smile, saying "Awwwww" And David saying, "Well lets make sure they aren't ill tempered" then they made me hold one, Ya know they are the cutest things, and your heart just says Awww.

So We now have 3 new Additions to our family:
  • Angel, whom is a pure albino
  • Midnight, Whom is a Black Sable (she looks like a racoon), and
  • Josie, Whom is a Brown sable.
They are all so adorable, They have introduced to Crystal, and of course Crystal has to dominate them, they are afraid of her still, but that's as it should be. I've never had "kits" before, They are very very cute, David says that's how they get ya!, They are demanding, and fun, and playful.

Each day will be such a new experience, I can't wait to post pictures on our website. Well We shall keep you posted on the New additions. Happy Reading !!!
and play with the new additions. I find I am in need of a sword, to ward off the little weasels . Take care!!

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Dave Dugal said...

Thanks for the summary of our "lapse in judgment" resulting in the addition of three new baby ferrets (kits) to our family. A great read!

We'll have to burn 100+ JPEGs trying to capture a half-dozen good photos of the new evil weasels.