Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Let me mention that when someone loves you, the way David loves me, they will do anything for you. He must have spent 2 hours or so, between laptops, and our big pc, trying to install some new smileys for me.
They do so much!!!
It seems that I can put these anywhere! In e-mails or on "my space" or well like I said anywhere.
I personally could not have done this. When it comes to the computer I'm blind as a bat.
I just look at David and say please. He is a very wonderful man.

So next on our lives, We got to use our new deck!!!
We had a cook out on Saturday with Deanna & her boyfriend
Hamburgers & Hot dogs, from our infamous butcher shop! and chips & such, of course, who has a BBQ outside and doesn't have chips??? No one should. Anyway we did have a very nice time. The weather was just perfect & best of all No bugs!!

Lets see what else happened?? O Yes, now I remember, David & Deanna did, what they call, an Impulse buy!! (which is something they do a lot)
She blames him he blames heras they try to explain it to me
Ah no biggie! So anyway they brought home, "Super Soakers" They thought I would get mad, I just rolled my eyes and later got them wet instead. Well Deanna & her boyfriend anyway.

Then Monday rolled around and it's back to work We'll get through it, we're tough But the weekend goes so very fast.
So now we're back to the old grindstone, David at his job and myself at mine. Take care to our on lookers remember to let us know when you stop & visit. Leave comments or just say hello.
Take care until next time.

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Dave Dugal said...

Loved the new Smileys post!!! Great -- not to mention hilarious -- use of all the smileys in PostSmile. Thanks for the chuckle.