Saturday, December 13, 2014

2014 summed up!!

Well here it is December,  Where did the year go??  

Dave and I did a little traveling this year.  Our FIRST trip was to the wonderful city of Boston.  (I know our back yard)  but I had fun each day and did something new I didn't do before, so it was pretty cool.

Deanna and her new boyfriend Gerald, came out to visit us in June.

Our 3rd annual "first" cousin reunion on my moms side of the family was in July.  along with the first extended cousin reunion.  where we met cousins we never had met before.. again very cool!!

Sometime over the summer we took a trip to Michigan, to visit with our Uncle Walter.  We had a blast!!   We took him to see things he had never seen before, and he taught and told us so many things,  I learned so much from him that weekend!!  I do love that man.

In October, We took a trip to California,  Dave to work and me to play.   Most of the experiences were great,  only 1 bad one, and 1 headache, so that was also very cool.   We got to have dinner with good friends.

Thanksgiving was a mix of great and not so great!   We had a storm, & lost power.  Yes we have a generator, that runs the whole house, but for whatever reason it would not start.  My brother, My oldest daughter, her boyfriend, and my grandson, made it for Thanksgiving, but because of no heat, no power, no water,  we had to put everyone up in a hotel for the night.  (thank goodness there was one with rooms available)   We did get power back around 11am,  so  I began cooking and we had a late Turkey,  but better late than never.    Dave's sister and brother in law also made it up, for Turkey.

Christmas is 2 weeks away.  (for most people)  for us it is 6 weeks away.  We do celebrate with each other & with Diane and Mike in Rhode Island, but our bigger one is at the end of January.

We have had a wonderful year.
Until the next post,... Enjoy and Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!!  and a wonderful New Year!!!

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