Monday, April 28, 2014

Time is still flying by!!! so quickly!!

Hello again all.  Goodness,  Well it is already almost May,  I don't believe I've even written in here since, Oct.. or so..  The holidays were a blur..
But to quickly catch you all up. 
January Dave and I had Christmas with the girls their boyfriends and Braeden.

Leggo's were great!!!!

In March I took a quick trip to PA, to see Braeden in his spring play.
Awesome Job Braeden!!  so proud of my grandson.

Then Easter has been here and went.. Dave's sister and brother in law came for dinner.

The girls couldn't make it this year, car trouble, :-( 

So 7 Easter Baskets upstairs, with no one to go to.  sooooo well  I guess they will get them in July when we go back to pa for a reunion. :-)

Nothing too major,  a little home remodeling, is being done between now and the end of the year,  I shall take pics along the way, I'm sure some of you will be surprised, I know I am excited and nervous at the same time!!

July will be a busy busy month, as well as June! Goodness, it shall be a busy summer.
Luv you all and will post again soon.. Pics to follow of my first attempt to plant Easter flowers..

*hugs*   Until Next Time,  Have a great time!!!
~Nancie & Dave

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