Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well hello again, we just took a trip to St. Marys, the place where our grandson lives. We did get to see him but the trip was about my best friend Stacy.
Her & I went to her parents grave and I said my goodbye's. I picked up a gift for David's mom.
We also went to my parents grave & put up a white picket fence with flowers. Well I supervised, Shannon & Deanna did all the work. They did a beautiful job. After I upload the pics off my camera I'll put a couple on here.
We then proceeded over to my best friend Stacy's house. We Grilled out on their deck,
We stayed until almost midnight and had a small campfire and had smore's well I think we just roasted marshmallows and ate them, and then ate the chocolate bars. It was very very nice to spend time with her and her family.

On Sunday we made our way home. 8 hours of driving. David did the first stretch, I did the 2nd.
We found the ferrets in good shape when we got home. The kitty's were anxious to see us, they wanted petted and payed attention to. We did but we also had to let the ferrets out. So it was a very long day. Other than that, things are going great.
Until next time. Take care.


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Dave Dugal said...

Nice summary, Nancie. It's nice to read about all the positive things that happened over our weekend together. I especially liked sitting around the fire ring! We'll have to invite Stacy's family up and get a fire ring of our own.