Sunday, August 7, 2011


This past weekend was just perfect. My best friend and her family came to visit for the first time since I lived here. (They live 9 hours away) We all know how it is to travel sometimes, it's hard to take the time from work and then there is school, or sports or well just everyday life that takes up our time. I will be the first to say I so very much appreciated them making that trip. (Thanks guys)
Anyway, We had a great time. Stacy, Oscar, Seth & Hannah arrived late Wed. evening. Of course there is the house tour, and unloading the car, the excited hugs, and pleasantry exchanges, and a short visit,to hear about the trip, before we all go up to bed.
Thursday Morning is a cereal breakfast, David goes to work here at home, and the rest of us go to Hampton beach. Having a wonderful visit as we drive there.
We took Kites for the kids. We walked down closer to the water. I listened to the ooohhh and aaahhhh's of Stacy and the kids. (Oscar has seen the ocean but none the less was impressed) We found a good spot, lay down a couple towels, and they all went down to the Ocean, I was on watch patrol (of our bags and such)Stacy came back up to talk with me for a bit. We talked for a little while, and then I went down to the water and took pics of the kids and Oscar in the water. Hannah squealing and smiling, for what seemed like, the whole time, Seth enjoying every moment, I believe they had perma-grin for a while. Toward the end of our 3,or so hour visit to the ocean Seth was daring enough to body surf, he did well. Hannah was busy jumping into each small wave as it came in, and some she was running and squealing to run away from. I smiled and giggled, it is still amazing to me, when I see a persons face the first time they experience something new, especially one of a child. We got back home and the kids were sent up to shower, then us adults took our turn. Thurs, evening Dave and I took our guests to the infamous Lobster Boat, Stacy tried Lobster and fish for the first time, and so did Seth. (Impressive) Guess what they liked it. (Hey Mikey, they liked it)<<<---(Old commercial) We enjoyed much conversation and great food. On the way there we took 2 cars, David had to give Oscar, Stacy, & Seth a ride in the challenger, which both adults enjoyed, but I believe at this point is when Seth had perma-grin!!!! Dave then told them, that this was just a gateway car for a ride in the Viper. Next day, (I had an appointment around 8am) I got back we all went to "Joey's or we call it "the Shiny Diner) this is an old 50's restaurant, great food with great waitresses. Then off to the Boston aquarium, then Quincy market, and cheers for lunch. All was great. We drove home, took naps or talked, and just relaxed, Seth, Hannah & I played chess.. (I love that game) I made a small pizza, as the kids were hungry, and then we watched a movie and then dessert, I made Creme Brulee. Yummy. We had a late night Friday, we all went to bed, then we had French toast on Saturday brunch, and visited until they had to leave. Everything we did, none of them had done before and I so enjoyed sharing and showing them things for their first time. I'm really glad they loved it as much as Dave and I enjoyed showing it to them. So this concludes yet another adventure for "our lives" Enjoy reading and keeping up with us.
Love you all and Until next time.


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