Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Grandson

Yippee, Our Grandson is coming to visit. All the way from PA. We are soooo very excited, He just turned 2 years old. Wow he is growing up very quickly, I love it when he tells mommy "Talk to gramma" An our daughter calls up and he says "Hi Gamma" Hey he's only 2 he can't pronounce those "r's" yet. He will get there. He loves to talk, I ask him where mommy is and he tells me in that very determined voice "No ME TALK" and then "Hi Gamma" and then comes the "I wuv you gamma" and of course my heart melts, I just let him continue on, catching a few words here and there. I thought motherhood was a wonderful thing, trust me stressful at times, (teens seem to do that to us), but none the less wonderful, when they give you a kiss or say those immortal words, I love you. However, being a grandparent is even better. You can spoil them and never really have to go through the stress. It's pretty cool. So for now this is our new blog. I can't wait until after the weekend, I'm sure we'll have more pics on our gallery then or soon after. He is growing up so very very quickly. He is our little man.
Stay tuned for the next portion of "Our Lives"

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